Prep medication, reversing pfs?


It’s nice to hear something positive, do you think your improvement will be maintainable when you eventually cease to use it?


I won’t be ceasing it. Prep is designed for hiv negative gay men to stay on for the rest of their lives, as that was the original reason I started taking it. I will continue to take it fir the rest of my life most likely


Sounds crazy… but if I did try this after seeing others succeed, I would also take this med life long it would be worth it to stop this unfortunately… is the other guy still waiting for his ?


Yes he is going to get it this week.


It costs about 25 GBP a month


If you are from the USA, you can get drugs cheaper in Europe and also if you buy the generic version.


Oh ok that’s interesting, I wasn’t aware you where planning to stay on it, just sounds scary I guess that you have to become dependent on a substance for the rest of your life, but if it work, screw it I guess, I wish you all the best with it and hopefully your PFS never comes back.

Most importantly I hope this outcome is repeatable with others, then we have something very interesting on our hands. Are you experiencing any side effects of the drug?


The only side effects was one particular side effect when I first started, maybe for about a week. If I had a drink if alcohol, it would put me to sleep. I almost fell asleep in a bar when I was out with a friend after a beer.


Haha that sounds funny with the drink, K.O lol.
Glad it’s working well for you. That certainly doesn’t sound like a bad trade off at all.


Do you use the generic ? Fingers crossed man … fingers crossed


Yes I use that. I don’t use truva


Did you have shrinkage? Did it reverse or stop? I will try this if you had success with that side effect.


Is that your only symptom ?


This all sounds great! I am wondering if you previously had issues with reduced ejacluate, that was also watery, and if so, if that’s improved.


As I said things are gradual. I am now at the gym for the second time in 3 days. I I went previously I would crash very quickly. However I am running and lifting weights.

My ejaculate is not as watery now and my dick is normal sized now.


Night time/ morning erections back ?


Good news for anyone concerned about shrinkage (I’m only saying this so if anyone searches for that term, it’ll come up in the results).


Would anyone know if there is any correlation between prep and methyl steriods that some, including Anonymous1968 also found relief in? Both seem to hint at autoimmune issues, but others have said their autoimmune tests come back clear. Is it posssible the current tests don’t test for everything, or perhaps PFS is something that mimics autoimmune, and treatable the same way?

Also, LPN (low dose Naltrexone) was mentioned by some as also offering a bit of relief, and that too is treatment for autoimmune issues. Clearly, IrishGuy754 is onto something with his (so far-fingers crossed) lasting positive results, and I’m so glad he’s shared them. I, like others, have only experienced “3 day recoveries” and this does offer hope that we may be progressing.


Hi @NewYorker, no, it doesn’t. You may be interested in this earlier reply:


Feeling good today ?