Prep medication, reversing pfs?


Hi @axolotl, any further insight on why prep may be working in relation to pfs. I have another guy that says he is going to try it. He has no life atm and is desperate and to apply the medical principle of risk verses reward, it’s better for him to try it than continue, in his current situation. If it works for him, then treatment of pfs with prep, is not unique to me.

I was waiting for myself to crash, that hasn’t happened. It has now been a month. I am waiting to fully judge this at 12 weeks. I feel good right now, sad a bit shit because my life is a mess but not depressed. It’s a very strange feeling. I am also sitting here feeling horny about certain guys and feel like I could have normal healthy sex.



Could you get your friend to sign-up here?

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He has already disclosed on the thread. He is Zadig777



Oh, sorry I thought it was someone you knew IRL.



Is this the best month you’ve felt since PFS started? And remind me again you have had times where sex seems to be foreign to you like it is currently to me but you feel better at the moment ? (Horny) once again thank you !! :slight_smile:



@irishguy754 we gotta keep in mind the other guy is PSSD, it wouldn’t be exactly right to rule it wrong if it doesn’t work, however If it does work it strengthens the bond between 2 diseases



Can you describe what would happen when you would crash previously? Please in detail

Edit: Also what activities made you crash? You mentioned exercise? Weights or cardio? Can you please be more specific

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Is it still beautiful brother


Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Yes brother ha ha. I am actually good. Unhappy but not depressed. Working out still



Still much improved? Good libido and erections? Glad to hear from you man



just to mention that im starting prep tommorow but have to make notice that i dont respond to drugs, alcohol,benzos etc…
so if it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it wont work for u

i have pssd and not only physical sexual symptoms but also emotional bluntness etc…
so im not a marker for u
if i have improvements on prep than i can report back daily,if not im just gonna say that i don’t and thats it

best regards



Good luck @zadig777 I hope it goes well for you.



How long you gonna try? A month ? And good luck man <3



Good luck to you @zadig777.

Not sure where the false notion that others here don’t have emotional bluntness or decreased response to alcohol is coming from?

At least 1/3 of the PFS patients cite emotional bluntness as a symptom in their member stories and this is a common complaint among PAS patients. There was a study on PFS patients published that described a decrease in alcohol consumption. I believe it mentioned a lack of response to alcohol.

I personally don’t get the same effect from alcohol as I did prior to taking Accutane. Even a small amount usually doesn’t make me feel good, but tired and mentally drained. I have horrifying emotional bluntness to the point of questioning, on a daily basis, if it’s worth going through with a life devoid of joy or feelings of affection toward others. The mental symptoms are equal in ruining my quality of life as the sexual symptoms.

@irishguy754 also mentioned having emotional blunting, along with typical PFS sexual symptoms.


That being said, you would make a pretty good marker for the community as a whole.


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just wanna say that i dont have high objective hopes regarding the prep but im trying it anyway
i see irishguy like the lucky ones that got that " side effect" of increased libido etc…
and i see the prep masking and working mostly on sexual symptoms
we need a full system restart by my thinking,but who am i to tell :smiley:



If the mechanism of action works like expected you’ll see more than pro sexual ! How long are you gonna run it



if it works im willing to run it till i die,if not i will see



Excited for you, keep me/us updated



Just a question can heterosexual men get Prep or would they have to lie to get Prep from a Doctor ?

I’m not gay neither am I sexual active.

Would somebody like me have to pretend to be gay in order to get the drug ?