Prep medication, reversing pfs?


tell the doc u had usafe sex and afraid of catching hiv


In the Republic of Ireland, prep can cost about 100 euros a month if you get it from a doctor. However if you order from dynamic international, it can cost about 30 euros a month. It just depends how rich you are.


I don’t think its a good idea to buy drugs online. Atleast if I get it from a Doctor I can go back to them if I have any problems.


Well just lie and say your gay. Go to a doctor you have never met before and ask for it.


Just say your bisexual, that way they can’t say anything if they think your straight.


Do you have to get your kidneys tested before you take the drug ?


When I took accutane (which is why I’m here) I had to get tested at three months and the beginning. This is less harsh than that so I’m assuming it’s similar maybe without first one


Eagerly checking in with @IrishGuy754 and @Zadig777 for any progress or status. With my health insurance plan changing in January, I’m eager to get started on something a bit more serious than amino acids and Gingo, especially if you both see improvements…


im not seeing improvements so far(day 4) and i dont expect any improvements in future also



thanks for letting us know. sorry man


@Rmoney96 Did you get your Prep yet? Any updates?


Gonna be a bit I live in Canada so I have to go through a mailbox service and smuggle over border lmao :frowning:


I’m just checking in and wondering how @irishguy754 is doing, and if anyone else has tied prep, and how they might be progressing.


How is it going for you?


@irishguy754 : You made a topic about Psilocybe … at the end it was not working ?
Or you try to convince people to use everything that comes to your mind ?

I’m curious, and suspicious.


I think that the other post is old, and that’s it.


Also here. So this is the third time he got nearly cured:


Read on and he’s quite open about it not working after 2 days.


Well, people claiming that they got cured by using this or that, and then after a while coming back to the forum with the same problems isn’t very uncommon here. Besides, irishguy says himself that he has psychological problems. I’m glad that he’s feeling better, but I think this and other “recovery” claims aren’t very realistic.


So, has anyone else used prep, and have anything to report on it? After more than a decade of this, and watching my life pass by, i’m looking for hope, and eager to try anything promising.