Prep medication, reversing pfs?


Waiting on my order, Irish and I have contact and he reports feeling a lot better still


Thank you Rmoney86. If Prep works for you, i’m also going to get on it.


I’m accutane but I hope it does, I’m not make or break tho I’m also willing to do anything at this point


You and me both. I walked past a pharmacy yesterday, and saw all the medications behind the counter, and thought if I had taken a different pill each day, I may have already stumbled upon a “cure”, or become an unfortunate again, like us with PFS.


Not sure what else could be much worse tbh, I work at a hospital… imagine how I feel!! Lol


Oh wow, I can only imagine how that feels, but hope it gives you hope in the power of medicine, and hopefully access to lots of testing. I do believe there will eventually be a test to identify PFS.


I do believe that I have peeked now for prep use. I am able to have sex as long as it is with a person I find attractive. The depression that I have isn’t as bad and I have slightly more energy.

It defently has helped with all the symptoms but I don’t believe it is a cure. It also only appears to work for finasteride not for anti depressants


which unit do you work in as an RN?


Just saw this thread. Very interesting. I had what I though was PFS and sought treatment from a cfs doctor in New York City. I also was treated recently on TRT which has almost pushed me to recovery (I have a separate post on here about that) but I also have a post on Phoenix rising about PreP a few times. A lot of my issues got better after antivirals. My cfs specialist prescribed me a ton of anti vitals and I was also starting prep at the time. I eventually stopped the other antivirals but I still take prep for sexual safety. TRT eventually pushed me to 98% recovery but I did notice a huge change after taking prep and commented a few times over at Phoenix about this years ago (My is is the same). My specialist was dr Susan levine who is one of the few CFS specialists in the world. She is really good at trying lots of things. I even did infusions into my blood of vitamins. Did finasteride cause this? Who knows. I discussed this with her once and theoretically there could be some link to fin somehow activating viruses in the body or lowering immune response but there is no way to prove it.


This is fascinating … Just so you guys don’t think I’m blowing smoke up your ass, my post below about prep helping from 2016. My brain fog went away greatly after starting. I’ve been on it maybe 5 years. No problems at all. It’s easy to get.


More info


@Rmoney96 did you start prep yet?


Can I ask what the remaining 2% is? Just out of interest. :slight_smile:


That’s a good question. Im 98% of where I was in early 30s. I’m tired sometimes … more tired than others I think. I have some long working days and I hit the bed when I get home sometimes. Eyes get tired … a weird tiredness to them. I have good vision but the eye issue has plagued me for 10 years when this all started. It’s much better now than it was. My libido isn’t always the same but I’m very sexually active (the reason I’m on prep). I just had a hair transplant 10 days ago but before that I’d say I had sex on average 3-4x a week. (Hair transplant rocks so far but gotas wait 6 months) my head right now after 2800 graft fue. Erections aren’t always as good as when I was in my 20s … of course I got old! haha. I am almost 45 so some of that is expected. I use cialis) I’d say I’m where I’m supposed to be for my age but I sometimes feel my energy level goes down faster than others. I hit the gym usually every day for an hour and made this a requirement for life about 5 years ago when I was at my worse. I’d say I’m doing A LOT better than my “normal” 40 ish friends


Thanks for the reply.


Are you still taking Prep ?


Me? Every day!


Did the PrEP meds alone significantly improve your sexual symptoms?

What form of PrEP were you taking exactly?


I took truvada. My insurance pays 100% and the company that produces this pays all deductibles. It’s expensive and costs I think $2500 a month. You can buy it safely over seas for cheap if you don’t have good insurance as it’s also a frontline drug against people who also have hiv.

None of my changes were overnight. I can’t 100% say that this was the drug fixed me. All I can say is after I started taking it my world changed. Enough that I posted about this on other forums many years ago. I was not taking it to fix my problems on here. I was purely taking it to prevent catching hiv. My fatigue, foggyness, libido, depression started lifting. At this point I started seriously searching for a speacialist to finally understand wtf was going on with me. Every week I would get a little better. 2 years after all this I started TRT but I sort of hit a plateau and I was at 80-85% … I was very sexually actively and already back to the gym. I just did TRT to push to 95%


What is it you think the medication does in the body that could be having this effect?