Prep medication, reversing pfs?


Have we had any finasteride users try prep? So far I think it’s just been SSRI and Accutane users.


Unknown … one specialist I used to see suggested that altering my hormones possibly altered my immune system and thus allowed dormant CMV and HSV to activate. In other words my mono that I had as a kid partially reactivated. Both of those are viruses carried by 90% of the population. She literally wrote me a script for testosterone and told me to go figure out how to use it haha

My endo just thinks my hormonal axis was fucked up some how. My estrogen was weird and always low. T was 350

Who knows


I was a fin user … this is when my troubles started. I’ve just been told I have everything from PFS to cfs to 10 other guesses


i used prep and didnt recover
just so u know


Sorry to hear that Zadig.


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Hey guys, little update for myself. I am feeling like prep is actually helping more and more the longer I go. I haven’t really had a bad day mentally/ brain foggy since I started. Also the last few days my rod has been more attentive and sensitive, rock hard when messing around with my lady which is pretty different. Thought this would be worth mentioning, will be getting another month supply forsure


That’s promising news! Curious to know if you had reduced and more watery ejaculate as a result of PFS, and if there is any improvement there.


How is your energy and sleep quality? Also how much for a month? I’m willing to try this out as well


60 American 80 Canadian, and deff improved energy but my sleep has always been okay


Are you going to go to the doctor do to do blood tests to make sure this medication isn’t harming liver or kidney function? What about bone density tests?

Prep can lower bone density and cause kidney problems, and in its worst case, cause lactic acidosis. I believe these side effects are rare, but everyone should know so they can be on the lookout for side effects and judge risk/benefit :slight_smile:


Thanks sir and yes I’ve been watching for symptoms and I will be going for blood tests, in regards to the scans no I won’t be I’m 22 If I start feeling odd I’ll check though


Awesome man! Sending good vibes your way. Hope you stay feeling better. Keep checking in please, I keep checking to see if you post new things lol.


this should really be getting more traction, we have two pretty good success stories with this stuff. I’m not sure why more people aren’t chiming in. Anyways glad to hear you’re experiencing improvements, keep us updated please. I know this probably isn’t a “cure” but it has me wondering what this means as far as the cause of PFS?


It’s interesting bc I’m accutane and the other was pfs, and I agree it’s honestly fairly low risk. Even if I had no benefit I always planned to do the whole month, i had a lot of brain foggy days before but I’ve been pretty solid man


If it works longer term and for a few more people I’d be willing to give it a shot


Can anyone say how they would determine what dosage of this drug to take? I’m considering trying it but would want to decide on what dosage I would want to take before placing any orders.


Any updates @irishguy754 ?


is there any known downsides to prep? strongly considering trying this if there isn’t.

edit: just saw the kidney and bone risk. nvm


Every drug in the world has potential sides… every single one, as you know. There are also things like once in a while blood tests to measure kidneys, but I don’t need to sell you on this one brother just letting you know