Prep medication, reversing pfs?


youre right man. so mentally when you say you don’t have brain fog, can you say confidently that your original cognitives have been restored to normal/full function?


Hi, can you explain why you are cautious trying Prep? I couldn’t understand that part clearly.


Honestly I’d say 90 percent, hopefully it stays, sorry if I came off rude brother but the risks can be stopped with ceasing medication I know it was supposed to be the same with this one but mechanisms of renal failure and osteoporosis are easily measurable and can be caught long before … unlike this unfortunately for us


Are you trying this one? I’ve been considering ordering some.

What dose are you guys taking?


Today I received Prep. I am afraid of my liver because its weak. I swallowed half of a pill. Will update.


@Lostinaustin or someone else, do you guys mind asking @axolotl this question I typed it earlier? that way we can get a reply from him


He replies here about why he’s cautious about prep but I don’t really understand it all. If I had to take a guess it’s most likely because we don’t have a picture of what’s going on on a molecular level quite yet so it seems risky to use a medication that affects Nucleic acid expression.


i didnt understand it either, which is why i asked him to clarify. i think ill have better luck if someone else asks him to clarify


I’m not really sure how to ask him other than tagging his name in a comment like you did


thats what im asking


Hi guys,

In terms of my personal caution, yes, this is correct. It is also based on views on the pathological driving factors of PFS and my unusual fragility, which is certainly not universal. Due to the severity of my case, incomplete scientific information, my responsibilities here, ongoing projects to further this issue and my previous attempts at therapies, I am not willing to take any further chances on therapies myself currently. I regularly caution about interruption of the androgen pathway and considering it appears this is resensitising the AR to ligand by some form of chromatin modification, I consider the same caution appropriate to at least take on board.

In terms of the science, I’ll be writing something substantial in the future that will hopefully fill in some gaps.

I’m pleased to read it’s making a big difference to @Rmoney96 as well. Here’s hoping it continues :relaxed:


CIao Axo! When will the new survey be?


Very soon indeed. We pushed it back to create and include a system to easily input sets of lab values. No promises but very hopeful for early next week.


Hey man, if you have existing liver disease I’d be careful. If the liver cannot metabolize drugs, the drug will accumulate in concentration in the body.

You can always go to your PCP and tell them you’re on Prep and that you want bloodwork done. If you want, tell them you’re in a at risk population for contracting HIV and that’s why you’re on it.

Just tryna keep it safe!


So what’s the latest on those trying this? Still working?


yeah these guys barely even frequent this place as much now since they have their lives back


took prep for a week and ended up with a bad cold and fatigue cant exactly pinpoint this on prep but not had a cold this bad in a long time. Stopped prep for now as got bad insomina as well no improvments in PFS sides


I quit prepp after 3 days due of stomach and liver pain. No improvements. I even feel worse. If someone want to buy it cheap I can sell.


@joshuk, @matys83

Thanks for sharing this info guys. It’s good to hear the negative responses to some of these treatments, along with the positive. I think too many people try things that don’t have any effect and don’t bother to mention it, so we are left with the false impression of a high proportion of success.

The reports generated by the upcoming patient survey should help to more accurately represent the facts on treatment success rates.

I think it’s a good time to mention that I took Truvada obtained through an acquaintance for 15 days and generic Atripla ordered online for another 15 days and didn’t notice anything with the exception of some mild visuals when I closed my eyes to go to sleep the first couple nights on Atripla.

It is a shame, I did have quite a bit more faith in this treatment than others. Not surprised though.


Isn’t it bizarre how some people have remarkable improvements while others have none, or even negative symptoms.

I suppose this applies for most categories of drugs including antidepressants, where only 50-60% may notice improvements.

Looking forward, a key question is this: Should we cast aside treatments where users are found who have had no success?