Prep medication, reversing pfs?


I will buy from you.



How much do you have, I would like to test it for a week to decide if it’s worth to continue taking it.



Have you fully recovered now ? Have you stopped taking prep ?


i can give a bottle of prep away if someone needs one


Hey guys little update, sorry for those dudes up there who tried and said it didn’t work, if my opinion means anything you didn’t give it long enough but then again who knows right. My bottle ran out 2 days ago and I’m getting new one today, but might not take until I notice decline to test if we gotta stay on it forever (which im down to do with how I’m feeling now) still very much decreased fog, energy in gym, 225 pounds and don’t look fat I’m feeling solid. Libido and erections slight better but my free t is still on the low low side of normal and as much as we can say test does or doesn’t help, won’t know till I try and my free T is factually low. So even without pfs or whatever the hell is going on it’s something to correct. Hope everyone’s alright, go get free test and SBHG done, I’ll let you know how it is when I start. Sorry for long post and not spacing. Message if needed, I don’t really check up as often now I figure if something big happens I’ll end up seeing it regardless. Much love brothers, smell is back too my girl catches me sniffing she doesn’t understand that it makes me feel like I’m progressing, what a life !


You said it helped with sensitivity and orgasm feeling right?


I never had absolutely no feeling or orgasm but very, very dull. Being critical I’d say at least 2 points on a 10 scale higher


But you said prep improved that right? I’m the same way in that it ranges from 0 to like 3 on a 10 scale


Despite this, how badly was your libido affected before you started taking prep? We took the same drug and on a scale of 1-10, I’ve been at a 1 or 2 on good days. It’s as if my body has forgotten what arousal is.


I’m eagerly awaiting more people’s stories regarding Prep usage. I think this is likely a low-risk high-reward thing to try.


Agreed. And me too


I might give it a try . What should i ll be looking exactly for ? Tenvir ? Ricovir? Tavin ? Tenof ? Whats the difference between them ?


How’s it going @Rmoney96?


looks like hes enjoying life lol


Are you going to try it for yourself?


Any updates man? Thx.


Cooper, Zadig777 has been banned for some time now. He is still active on the PSSD forum if you want to contact him about this.


Zidag has also been banned from the PSSD forum.


Why? Is he a lier?


nah, just crazy