Prep medication, reversing pfs?


Lol. Every time he spoke to me he suggested a different substance … First the anticancer drugs, then aromatase inhibitors, then anti-HIV, then TRT, then Tribulus … Most likely, the moderators preferred to avoid someone getting hurt by following the his “advice” …


Im reading where most people failed on this only take for a week or 2 or maybe 4.

1.) People typically feell like crap on this for 2 weeks and then it goes away. I had insomnia, low appetite and horrible fatigue (and the shits) Felt back to normal 10 days after.

2.) it wasn’t a magic pill. It was a slow progression up hill after. Very slow but in 4-6 months I noticed I was slightly better.

3.) there are millions of people who have been on this for 20 years and a small few who had very bad reactions to prep. Those show up fast and is why it’s required to take a blood test 4 weeks after. A lot of you are close to bed ridden! Many with PFS can’t get proper exercise and I think that is much worse than worrying about your kidneys.


I asked here before, but no one replied, what type of prep meds exactly should i buy ?


@slick1 Look up the active ingredients in prep, then search those. The drug prep also goes by Truvada. It’s tenofovir and emtricitabine. I encourage doing your own research though, instead of blindly believing a dude named SmallBallsBigHope :slight_smile:


Umm, you realize you are speaking to a crowd who was told side effects go away after a time, they can’t possibly be persistent, they’re relatively mild, etc…?

Throwing caution to the wind put many of us in this predicament, so I have edited your last post to remove some bold suggestions to do the same. You should be able to edit it back to however you would rather have it sound, but please don’t chastise anyone here for not taking further risks.


There is only one “Prep” or truvada med that I know of. As someone stated it’s a mix of 2 drugs but that mix is only one strength as far as I know. You can easily google truvada and see a pill strength. Some people buy from overseas but my insurance pays. The maker of prep will pay your copay if you sign up on their site.

I’ve been on it for over 3 years for safety.

A study that shows prep is as safe as aspirin

There is also a newer version of truvada about to be released as prep which is a different version of one of the 2 antivirals. It’s not available yet as prep and still being tested to see if it blocks hiv in those without hiv


“Studies” don’t mean much especially if they are been funded by a drug company.

I’ve read that the chemical structure of Prep is very similar to roundup that can’t be healthy.


So what? Even a slight variation in chemical structure can render a toxic substance benign.


Yeah, good that you mentioned this. The new formula is expected lessen the potential negative effects of tenofovir on bones and kidney function. From the article:

The new tenofovir alafenamide, or TAF, is easier on the kidneys and bones than its predecessor, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF).

As a nucleotide anolog, it must be similar in structure to RoundUp/Glyphosate to have its intended effect. The idea behind this type of reverse transcriptase inhibitor is for it to be incorporated into DNA, blocking continued formation of the reverse-transcribed strand, and the controversy over RoundUp is that it may unintentionally be incorporated into DNA.


Haha comparing truvada to Roundup/Glyphosate is a little rediculius and scaremongering. Even if they were very closely similar that means nothing in the human body. You can change a molecule in ricin and it could become harmless. Both the drugs in truvada have been around since the 80’s and used by millions. There is no mass outbreak of cancer. Is this all healthy? Probably not. Could it cause cancer? Maybe but so can the steak I just ate.

Also, Mot to get off topic but Scientist still are not positive glysphosate is even the culperate behind any cancer instances and think it is the additional chemicals roundup Contains combined together that made a powerful concoction …


Just to confirm, is anyone actively trying Prep with truly beneficial results? It seems we had one person report some hazy success, and then a few others who didn’t really see much and quit.


Me … i didn’t start this thread but I posted about suddenly feeling better in another cfs thread years ago after taking truvada for 6 months. I just found this thread and was like omg. I’m not promoting truvada but I take it. I take it because I live in nyc and I travel to crazy countries with lots of hiv. (I have many lovers in Colombia :wink: You will have to scroll up to find the links. I posted maybe 3-4 years ago in the other site. When I crashed I saw 8 doctors of different studies. Our symptoms are closely related to CFS so I sought help from a cfs doctor in nyc. I had many of the symptoms of PFS but many of those are also cfs. There are like 5 classifications of cfs … some have severe joint issues or IBS. I didn’t. To be honest I can’t even prove it was truvada but I just kept getting better. It was the only major change in my life but for all I know I bought a new coffee that made me feel better. Eventually I also decided to get on TRT as well 14 months ago. I was at 80% around that time and it pushed me to maybe 95% feeling good! I was probably at 35% at my worse.

I think my point is that if I were still feeling bad I’d try anything but that’s me. My life sucked before I got better. I couldn’t live that way. I would have licked lead paint if someone has said it would cure me haha just kidding. But in all honesty taking an antiviral for a 6 month trial is not going to kill you (unless your allergic to it). I get that some people took a pill and it made them this way and are reluctant to take another.


@Rmoney96 is on it, and I believe he claims brain fog went away on Truvada. In addition to Truvada, I’ve read of some people getting relief from CFS symptoms by using some anti-virals. I might go down that route later on, their side effect profile is pretty minimal.


Ye , I found different brands of it , so basically its generics with the same ingredients. Pretty easy to get in uk without prescription and its not that expensive.


What makes me sad and mad, is that this topic starter basically said ‘’ HEY, finally I am cured. Bye guys’’ and vanished forever, without letting us know how is he doing in a long term. Maybe he actually had HIV prior to PFS and thats why he got better ?


One would assume he’d post again if things went downhill.


You can’t take just prep if you are hiv positive. Truvada is part of a cocktail they Higgs you if you are hiv positive. Just truvada will make you worse which is why they test you regularly.


Its a typical recovery protocol/story: Some guy feels better, presents a highly questionable theory/protocol and nobody can reproduce the same effect. Poster vanishes soon afterwards.

The only thing that astonishes me is how much weight people put into these posts.


Others were able to reproduce the effect.


Of course, via the placebo effect. :smile: