Hypothyroid treatments for PFS


if u jumped on NDT + HC many of people here would recover mostly
JQD was right,this is hypothyroidism and hes protocol is the only working one
people have to open their eyes,stop crying and jump on the protocol
i read how people cry here all the time,and discuss stupid theories while they don’t try a protocol which has helped 10+ people
i can’t share anymore info than this sry
but no one listens ofc,so go back to ur normal pfs :))

Prep medication, reversing pfs?

You say to not fall for isolated recoveries, yet state that others are at fault for not trying a protocol that you yourself haven’t tried. There is also no evidence that PFS is hypothyroidism or that the JQD protocol worked for anyone but JQD. This is absurd.

Put your money where your mouth is.


mcibofh and X number of guys(im not sharing data) have recovered on JQD for ur info
and X number(which is high) recovered on ndt/ndt + hc partially

how do u know if im not on this protocol already or i wont try it? :))


i had hypothyroidism before PFS and it was nothing like what i have now


why am i even bothering to help u people lol…


u must use NDT +HC if u wanna feel better
if u dont feel better up the dose
if u dont feel better add TRT/clomid/hcg
if that doesn’t work i have no further idea sry… :confused:


Less than a month ago, mcibofh said that thyroid meds did not work for him. Other than that, he simply said he was doing much better with TRT and some supplements.

@zadig777, the derailment of this discussion stops here. The false claims and stating recoveries that supposedly happened without providing any evidence whatsoever stops here, and the abusive tone of blaming others for their misfortune for lack of trying unverified treatments stops here.

Any further posting in this thread not directly related to PreP medication will be deleted.

Otherwise, thanks for sharing your experience with trying Truvada.


I personally don’t advocate it but yet I take it. I also personally do not claim that truvada fixed me but yet I did get better at the same time as taking it. If for some crazy reason it does make some people feel better I know you have to take it many months. I got progressively better over 6 months. I also don’t claim I have PFS yet I had MANY of the symptoms after taking it for years. I’ve had an endo tell me I had PFS in nyc but what does anyone know. I’m an engineer so I looked at every angle. What’s it mold … new apartment. Allergy. Did I get Infected by a weird rat/mouse/bird disease (I live in manaban) … was it natural aging, diet. There was a strong correlation to my issues and fin because my T was near 300 by 37. Was hormonal issues making other problems manifest? I think many people have multiple issues on here. Just because my engine light is on in my car reporting a problem and I get a flat tire does not mean the engine problem caused my flat.


So you’re recovered now with this protocol? You seem certain this will work, which is the first indication that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.


i have read few guys recovered on this specifically and on similar protocols
u wont find them on this forum though
u can find mcibofh and moonman here
others u wont
thats all info u need to know its ur choice if u believe me or not
im ordering the protocol myself though


@zadig777 I know it’s easy to fall prey to each and every recovery protocol on here and double-down on their efficacy, but I would try my best to stay humble and resist asserting bold truths that haven’t been corroborated beyond a few users. Unless you have new evidence to share with the group, it doesn’t seem sensible that anyone would be willing to follow your assertions simply because you state them. I for one would be very interested in any new information you want to share, or your scientific analysis of why JQD had it right. If helping the community is your goal, I’m not sure if the current tactic your using is going to be of much benefit.

Nonetheless, always thankful for anyone giving input.


isnt OP a fin victim?


i have elevated t3 and perfect t4 levels.

but yeah keep saying its hypothyroidism.


the info is from other forum and i will not share details and will only speak vaguelly
moonman tried JQD protocol and didnt work for him
mcibofh tried JQD protocol and worked for him obviously
another person tried JQD also
similar protocol like JQD have been tried with success too
even NDT or NDT + HC only is enough for someone to recover

there is no reason why JQD protocol works,it just does or it doesnt

this is for people who had enough of pfs nd wanna try their luck to recover
this isnt for everyone ofcourse and it has its own risks and costs

its not few its 10+ users and arround 5+ who used the exact protocol or modified and hat 100% or partial success

thyroid values mean basically nothing

anyone who is interested in details can PM me if he wants to test it


Thanks @zadig777 it does indeed sound promising. I think where people quickly become defensive and skeptical is from the following statement:

I think we’re a little confused why there’s a need to be a gate-keeper with valuable information?

Sorry for derailing the topic, but if @zadig777 feels very strongly about something that has potential help everyone, I’d love to give him a chance to provide an explanation that may be truly helpful.


im not attention seeker but some people here deserve to recover
i wont be explaining myself cause i dont profit if u heal or not lol
i dont care honestly
but some people deserve better if they are brave enough ofc
if u systematically look at all recoveries u will see that it either has one of these
thats it
if u look more deeper into hypothyroidism and adrenal fatique and hypogonadism u will understand
google each of these and see the symptoms
the protocol is for life though and there is no guarantee it will work 100%,but im pretty shure it will help for fatique and similar problems
im pretty shure about that


Thanks @zadig777

I’m a little confused why profiting from another’s recovery would be of any concern, this is a community forum where we’re all trying to collaborate on solutions as a group.

Is this to say that you won’t be sharing information from the other forum?


These are the type of rude comments he was banned for:

In addition, he continued posting about hypothyroidism in this thread and another unrelated thread after being asked to stay on topic.

Opinions are welcome.


—claims its hypothyroidism
— then says thyroid levels means nothing



Have moved this discussion to it’s own topic. Please feel free to post experiences with hypothyroid treatments.