Hypothyroid treatments for PFS


I took hypothyroid medication via prescription from a doctor. It resulted in no improvements and we ditched it.


What’s ndc and hc


Natural desiccated thyroid and hydrocortisone


I believe there is a connection with hypothyroidism but we need hard evidence. The question here is whether the percentage of people with PFS have significantly more cases of hypothyroidism vs controls.

I believe that if someone is hypothyroid he must definitely get treated.

My research suggests that for a significant percentage of PFS patients (that also includes post-accutane) the problem starts from disruption of bile acids metabolism. Unfortunately, liver function might be an issue as well.

Some excerpts:

“The liver plays a dominant role in the metabolism of the thyroidal hormones; it is here that the 5’ deiodase acts to convert part of T4 to T3. There are eight further circulating iodothyronines: the rT3, mainly derived from T4, appears to be the major inhibitor of T4 and T3. Thus, if rT3 increases, the metabolic effects of T3 and T4 can be quite different. In the course of some chronic systemic diseases (e.g. hepatic cirrhosis) rT3 increases simultaneously with the decrease of T3 levels . Therefore we can describe particular alterations of the thyroidal pattern typical of chronic liver diseases: low T3 syndrome, low T3 and T4 syndrome, high T4 syndrome, mixed forms. T3 and T4 diminish due to inefficient hepatic deiodination and defective hepatocellular uptake

I present more below: