80% to 90% cured with Psilocybin(magic mushrooms)



I have been suffering from pfs for about 10 years now. I have tried everything. anti depressants herbal supplements, trt therapy. special diets. chlomid. i could go on. i saw a documentary that vice news were doing about how magic mushrooms helped with depression. so i got a hold of some and have been taking them for the last month and there is something different about this therapy. i actually got aroused for the first time in years.

have any other guys tried this

Prep medication, reversing pfs?
OCD sufferers - did it get worse during Propecia?


Been trying to get a hold of them too for the same reasons.

What dosage are you on and what strain are they?



I don’t know about strain and the dosage I am still experimenting with. I have Just spent the last 3 hours tripping. I didn’t like it, I just sat in my bed curled up but once it was over, it feels like my brain has just been free of sluge. I have just ordered more truffles from Amsterdam and I just mastrabated for the first time in a long time

I wasn’t expecting anything, after such a long time of being miserable.

But I think I may have found something here.


hi irishguy

so youre taking high enough dosages to trip. i was planning to take smaller dosages.

how many times did you take it during the last month? always high dosages?

do you feel the benefits increase with time, are they sustained, or diminishing?

thank you !



i am having trouble getting a supply. If i had enough. i am waiting on truffles from amsterdam and then i am going to try another trip.

research into pyschadelics was from the 50s and 60s. but it was stopped for political reasons, not scientific reasons. the research is only beginning again. it appears to reset the brain and increase connections and permently improve functioning

you can order truffles from amsterdam. i get mine from wholecelium.com. you live in portugal right. at least in your country that has decriminlised all drugs you wont be charged if you get caught. i want to see if this may work for other guys


Great post!

There are some psychiatrist who tried to treat mental disorders like severe depression with it and lsd and had very good results. It was forbidden.


Have you tried it and if not would you?


I don’t know your symptoms. But I never would touch any antidepressant. Please, tell me.
Depression? I cannot find your symptoms anywhere. But if so, I even would try taking LSD under surveillance of an open minded doc.

One last thing: depression can be related to gut issues, too. If you don’t believe, no problem. Just search online. You will find.


this is how i first became interested in mushrooms.


I thought it would just cure my depression, but after the trip was over yesterday. last night i got aroused and mastrabated to porn, for the first time since taking the drug. sounds sad i know but thats how shit my life has been. i have since went back to feeling bad but not fully.

if you have ever heard of cluster headaches. it is the only know treatment for that. i am following the protocol most of those people use. i am waiting for more to arrive before i do another trip


Yes, I have heard of cluster headaches. Very difficult situation. I am sorry.

I don’t know a lot, but you might be on the right track.




Could anyone let me know if anyone has tried them or willing to do so


Reading this I realize how unevolved our science and our priorities are.


All my hormone tests as with most guys with pfs have come back within the normal range, so it must be something within the brain


I used shrooms a few months after I developed PFS. I had a pretty bad trip, but the first 30 minutes were pretty fun. Didn’t have any long term benefit for me. I’d just tell people to do your research first. Make sure you are not around a lot of people, dont wear a hat, dont drink alcohol with it, dont try to hide it from anyone you are with, etc. Wait an hour or so before taking more if you dont think you took enough.


i wouldnt do this… i have seen some girls that took shrooms too much… it messes you up long term… like hallucinations and out of touch with reality… this is not the cure guys. drop all your dopamine producing habits like porn, video games, too much TV, too much music, being inside 24/7, it will help with some symptoms, but this… this is a slippery slope


i have been like this for 12 years and nothing makes me feel better. i have microdosed on magic truffles with good results. i also inject vitamin b12 every other day. This makes the day bareable.

maybe me saying that i was 80 to 90 percent cured was an over estimation, as i have regressed a little bit, but i was just so happy not to be depressed anymore whenever i take it.

do you have any better ideas? i have no life at the moment, no desire or cognition. do you have the cure for all of us that you are not sharing


irishguy754 what happened to this thread? Did you give up on the psilocybin? Did the effects wear off? Was it too hard to obtain? I have seen some really interesting videos on microdosing this stuff on YouTube
Seems legit


@joetz See here for @irishguy754’s most recent breakthrough.


I ordered magic mushrooms today. Should arrive within 7 days hopefully.


So far I have tried 2 doses smaller than 1/4 of a grain of rice. One on Saturday and one on Monday morning. No real downside so far but have noticed much better sleep. Am definitely going to continue and see what happens