They should have manufactured an anti-pfs pill already

Good luck! Also I’m pretty sure nobody currently on the forum thinks its hormonal issue. That’s been established and understood for quite some time now.


I also think it’s an expression issue, as I have had improvements from niacin (removing methyl groups) and I have seen other threads referencing methyl steroids as a cure.

I could see the body methylizng certain genes to keep them from overepxressing and then after fin they remain silenced. Removing these methyl groups would presumably lead to recovering.

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yeah,thats almost a fact now
the problem are the agents to do this job,the demethylating agents
they work on cancer-affected cells mostly and not on normal cells

but how did this guy have improvements than?


i cant conclude why he resolved the problem partially when its all connected
mb he needed more cycles?

This drug is very risky.
You can create further problems.
Find a good endo is the best choice man.

how u know its risky?
u have read stories from people that use it or what?
or u just assume cause its used at oncology department that its risky?

My dad is a doc and he tells me that it’s very dangerous drug.
There is no evidence that the drug can resolve your problems.
However side effects are sure. You can make worse your situation.
Don’t play with your health because somebody around the web claimed bullshit.
There is no scientific evidence.
Trust me.
Find a good doc.

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Doc usually know less than these patients in these circumstances. However, a doctor will not reccomend dangerous treatment.

A pfs sufferer may know more than a doc at this point, but is still prone to trying dangerous things out of desperation.

nice reply totaly agree with u
i also i agree that im trying this out of desperation mostly,plus some anecdotal experience
since nothing worked so far,this is the last thing to do
it has its dangers,but for a person willing to end his life its no big deal honestly

the hormonal and other routtes have been tried
its time for this

You really should hold on for the next set of study results. Imagine if they find something which indicates a particular treatment would be helpful and you took this potentially harmful course of action just before we all found out?

I know this is hard and you don’t deserve it but you have to hold on.

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i rly dont expect nothing from those studies sry…

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Ok, so why not try something that other people are having success with?

I assume this is a less dangerous thing to be trying, but obviously do your reading.

Maybe do that first?

i will try that first actually, already ordered it, waiting to arrive
i don’t think that it would be that powerful though,and i think it will only resolve sexual
anyways i will surely be trying the prep first and keep detailed log



Good luck, I know that some have had relief with cognitive issues with Prep.

A doc knows less than patients? You’re completely out of mind.
I repeat my previous statement: FIND A GOOD DOC.
Don’t try to cure yourself with dangerous protocols read around internet because you are desperate!
You can make A LOT worse your situation!

You clearly have never dealt with an issue out of a doctor’s league. I say this both from needing to self diagnosis a sterno-clavicular joint tear after 4 doctors failed to give me a proper diagnosis and then pfs.

You should save your “out of mind” talk for yourself when you finally realize what pfs is.

Also try reading more into context.

You could try a shamanic session.
Surely you will be cured.

Normal mds and Endos will do absolutely nothing for you…See one of the Drs here on the list that actually recognizes the condition and will try some protocols that have helped some…

I saw Mark Gordon and did his brain TBI protocol read my posts…All they can do is cycle supplements and clomid with trt and if you can stand it u might improve dome…I did and eating baking soda bumped me up as much as testosterone did…

But as others have said the actual condition appears to be nothing related to blood hormones but a type of endocrine disorder from epigenetic changes to Ar receptors that overloads the system upon its return…But a normal doctor is clueless about all this and a lot of them as soon as you show them or tell them will not do anything for you my Dr would not even write a script for clomid because it’s off label for males…

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Would you mind linking the post with this protocol?

I’ll try having a dad as a doctor, surely that will give me enough knowledge.