Prep update and libido question

i get where you come from, but when it comes to prep med specifically, i am inclined to believe it due to all of the context and details in the stories.

It’d be good if people who recover would check in every now and again.

If you’re reading this and recovering / recovered, do let us all know how you’re doing.


Not logging in = recovered?

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I know its a rhetorical question but no, not logging in only means that the person has “moved on” for whatever reason. In many cases its acceptance of the situation or finding this place too emotionally stirring to visit.

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prep ? what is this medication ?

I think he’s recovered enough that he can at least live his life. He said he was getting improvements in both sexual and mental symptoms. But yes staying away from the site definitely does not correlate to recovery. I’ve taken more than a year break from the site in the past while my symptoms remain constant

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this is what i mean. im not saying “Healed” or “cured”

but side effects gone to the point where you forget about this website and dont even feel like coming back to it.


It’s an anti viral used to help stop people from getting HIV, usually people that are high risk take it every day. I don’t know a lot about it but several people with PFS and CFS have seen improvements while taking it.

Why? I haven’t the slightest idea. Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s placebo.

No changes on prep, except it was causing headaches on a week 2 , so i stopped and didn’t want other potential sides. was taking it 14 days.

Where’d you get it from? I think this will be the next thing I try. I’ll ride out whatever sides for at least a month

All day chemist has it

well, let us know if you ll get better , but i don’t think its a cure for sexual sides. although thread starter claims he had improvements almost immediately when taking it.Don’t remember anyone else drastically improved apart from him. Its enough people tried prep already. And keep in mind there is a small risk of bone loss and kidney toxicity.

I realised its duplicated thread about prep. there was another guy started this topic.

I’m going to make an appointment and consult a doctor before starting it

IF you going to see a doctor you will have to pretend you are gay, unless you are. Thats in case you want a prescription for it. But it is easy to get it without a prescription.

Nah I’m going to order it and tell them what I’m taking and I want to be monitored while doing so. I’m not gay and not a very convincing liar. Although surely straight people take the medicine too right? I don’t know the statistics but straight people can get HIV too, seems like an honest concern to have.

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regarding @Rmoney96 , at least he could let us know how is he doing and if he still taking prep and does he think prep contributed to his recovery. This information would be very valuable to the community…


And I am curious is there any theory why Prep could help ? Seems like its just a blind guess without any theory behind it.

As we don’t understand the condition (or can’t prove our ideas currently) you might argue that all these ideas are blind guesses.

No. Because on the other substances/herbs we have information and studies how they might affect our body… hormones etc. and how in theory they could help. But there is ABSOLUTELY nothing behind prep. All we know it prevents HIV.

See this post for a proposed explanation of how reverse transcriptase inhibitors might help reverse PFS:

It’s just a theory though.