Prep update and libido question


I have been taking prep for about 4 days now, nothing remarkable yet but will go my whole month. Libido kinda comes kinda goes but not like pre syndrome. I will keep updating but leave with a question. With people going through recovery periods, is libido return possible from a zero to say an 8? Does it come back for some noticeably ? Thanks guys


Could you write a little more about your experience?

Does that mean that your libido is a zero but it’s intermittently an 8 at the moment?


i think hes asking if a return of libido is possible. not that he experienced it. but thats just my point of view


Ah, thankyou.

In my experience my libido was gone, it’s much better now.


Hey Greek sorry, I’d say it goes from like 2 to 4 or 5 sometimes but I’m hoping for much more obvs, how long did yours take?


Months, I remember looking at a woman and knowing that under normal circumstances I would find her attractive but felt nothing at all. Now, I notice women again. I would say things still aren’t the same, but I am hopeful of a continued recovery.


hey Rmoney! did you go through your primary care provider for this?


Hey man used all day chemist


Hey guys, little update for myself. I am feeling like prep is actually helping more and more the longer I go. I haven’t really had a bad day mentally/ brain foggy since I started. Also the last few days my rod has been more attentive and sensitive, rock hard when messing around with my lady which is pretty different. Thought this would be worth mentioning, will be getting another month supply forsure


That’s fucking awesome, man. I hope it stays like that. Did you have energy problems before and has that changed at all?


Hi Rmoney96. Can you provide link to drug on All day hemist website?


Little update, still feeling good, smacking the salami few times a day at the moment, orgasms feel better, haven’t had a bad mental day, I go to the gym daily and have been for years but I’ve put on weight and look thicker since I’ve started and my public hair and hair around my nipples is more abundant. My hair also seems thicker. I wanna say it could be placebo but honestly, I’m a decently educated and skeptical dude. It’s all pretty interesting, I’ll keep the updates :slight_smile: hope everyone is doing well, I check in less now which is also kinda nice as this isn’t preoccupying my mind as much anymore


So glad to hear this for you dude. When you say orgasms feel better, were you ever at a point where they felt basically pleasureless or were they always pretty good? This has been my most lingering symptom that I’ve never had any improvements in. Also I’ve decided that I want to give prep a shot, but it isn’t listed in alldaychemist website?


Yeah they were pretty dull at one point man and it’s truvida on the website, just go to the HIV section


That’s incredible, man. Soo can you rate improvements in percentages? Like how much better is your libido, energy, mental zeal, etc.

I’m thinking of hopping on now cause of you. Don’t stop posting either dude!


It appears they no longer carry prep, I’ve tried searching truvada too and no results come up. Somebody help me find where to get this stuff and I’m more than happy to test it out as well and report back


Search for Emtricitabine or Tenofovir. Pretty sure that’s it. Do some googling to confirm.


Tenvir! It’s a couple selections down


@Rmoney96, you still doing good/better? Just curious.


Mentally yep still hoping for some more sexual and libido but mentally brain fog wise absolutely