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The official position of PropeciaHelp is that the Coronavirus vaccine represents a lower risk than Coronavirus. This is the best that we can ascertain at this time, but obviously, nobody has long term data and we are guided entirely by reports from users of the forum and can only assume that they are posting in good faith.

Because we simply do not have the time or resources to spend our time researching and refuting claims from anti vax sites which have been posted here, we have decided that members may share their own personal experience of coronavirus or the vaccine here, and that is the extent of discussion on the subject. You may not post theories, doubts or accusations about the efficacy of the vaccine, or those who have approved or promoted it’s use here. You should not downplay the risk of coronavirus here. The stakes are too high.

This is not a great restriction: this subject is available all over social media, via Google, everywhere online, and you are free to find appropriate places. We simply do not want it here. Everyone can and should make their own decisions when it comes to their health. We just don’t have the time to make sure that dangerous advice isn’t being posted, or to research the minutiae of it and have to focus our attention on the ongoing work to further scientific/clinical recognition and understanding of PFS.

Based on current reports, the vaccine appears to not represent any greater risk to a PFS patient than any other member of society. Our members have received doses of all of the vaccines that are available, without extraordinary reaction. It is an understandable concern for us, as PFS entails a unique fragility to treatments that would have been well tolerated before in severe cases, but it’s something we can only get an idea about with plain reports of responses.

If you have received a vaccination, please feel free to share your experience in this thread.


I got vaccinated around 10 days ago with my first shot of AstraZeneca and i feel no different in my pfs symptoms, and suffer from very severe muscle weakness, muscle wastage issues from that poison finasteride. I am no different sexually even after getting vaccinated. The first 36 hrs i had some fever and bodyache and that “covid arm” so i took a tablet of Dolo 630 (Paracetamol), but it didn’t work. Still i got totally better after 2 days. Now i am trying to do some workouts.

P.S. Anti Vaxxers who don’t have a basic understanding between a potent antiandrogen transgender medication and a virus vaccine shall take some basic science classes. I have taken hundreds of drugs and vaccines since my childhood for various diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue, Chickenpox, Measles, i have never ever got such a drastic disabling effects from any such medication. Comparing finasteride with any of such medication or vaccine is utter stupidity. Just my opinion.

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Got 2nd dose moderna today no negative effects other than arm soreness.

I was fully vaccinated 3 weeks ago with the Moderna m-RNA variant. My symptoms were arm soreness, lightheadedness, sleepiness, chills, body ache, and nausea. These lasted for about 24 hours. Surprisingly, my first dose had more side effects than my second, but my second dose had a low-grade fever that only lasted for a couple of hours. Nothing out of the ordinary from what was listed. The only complaint after getting the vaccination is getting boogers in my left nostril daily, which is probably unrelated.


I deleted several posts today. Only post your experience with the vaccine. All other posts will be deleted. So don‘t waste your and my time.


Well Ivr finally succumbed to the vaccine, had the Oxford one earlier today. Fear of a worsening position kept me from joining the queue to have it. I was eligible months ago but avoided it like the plague. So far nothing to report out of the ordinary. Let’s hope it stays that way.


I’ve had 2 doses of the AZ vaccine.

No ill effects of any significance. Felt under the weather the day after the first dose, warned I might feel worse after the second, but it was less of an issue than the first.

I suggest you prepare yourself to feel a bit rough tomorrow (perhaps get some snacks ready now in case you don’t feel up to preparing food!) and try and make sure you keep yourself hydrated. I’ve heard people recommend paracetamol before bed.

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Thanks for the advice, tips @Greek

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Got my second dose of Moderna about 4 months ago. Have had no issues from it.

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Into day 3’ post the vaccine interestingly while I had a sore shoulder eye pressure and headaches my gum pain dropped off, I had more energy and anxiety lowered a few notches. As the covid sides are wearing off the afore mentioned have returned with a vengeance. Again this says to me the immune system is a big player in Pfs. I e. It was temporarily distracted by the vaccine.

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Curious who here has PAS ( post accutane syndrome) and has been vaccinated and what vaccine they took? As fin and acc work by different mechanisms I think its good to state what caused your condition and what vaccine you took.

This will greatly aid me in making a decision as I have gone from no way I’m taking to slightly maybe possibly considering it if others who suffer with PAS like me are okay

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Everyone has a substance indicator by their name now, unfortunately, nobody in this thread with an I(sotretinoin) indicator aside from you, @hippydoof.

But there’s one relevant post here:

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Quick update: Both myself and @axolotl received our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine recently which did not have any impact on PFS in either case, and the only tangible side effect either of us experienced was pain at the site of injection.

For any U.K. patients who may be unaware, people over the age of 25 are now eligible for vaccinations so I would encourage those of you who qualify to book as soon as you can. It’s a very simple process that’s done via the NHS website.


Got both Pfizer shots. No adverse reactions. I took dut and then later got PFS from Saw P. Got worse from a second round of Saw P. So far no adverse reactions to the vaccine for me


Had first Pfizer shot yesterday. Other than a sore arm, no noticeable effects.

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Yes bro I also have PAS and I’m curious and apprehensive.

Still waiting for more people to post!!

Had pfizer yesterday, nothing to report, slightly sore harm yesterday night but it’s already gone