Will you get vaccinated?

Given how poorly I react to everything I high doubt I will. Has anyone here gotten it yet?

its everyones decision, but i am against it… my granpa died after resiving chinese one, and that was the safest one, first douse nothing, dies 4 days after the second douse, at age 85… he was on 8 medications, had peace maker, weak heart in general,astma,thin blood, cataract, kidney problems…he shoudnt take it, becouse of so much hronic desises. But it was his choice…and every year he got flu vaccine this year as well but no reaction from that…on other hand my grandma took chinese one as well, she has demencia, and nothing happen to her she is little bit younger like 2 years younger.


Sorry for your loss :frowning: ya it’s so up in the air with how people react and we are especially already so compromised. I’m not going to risk it even tho society will treat me like a leper

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How are things @hippydoof

Didn’t @Greek say no more discussion on vaccines?

@hippydoof, hello, Sorry but we have had some issues with vaccine topics so our position is laid out here.