Covid Vaccine herd immunity

I will if pharmaceutical companies take responsibility for there actions.

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Don’t say nonsense. If u don’t take the vaccine this virus will never go and our beloved ones will die. Plz take the vaccine and sanitize urself. A good mask as well. Please.

Something to consider from The NY Times. Coincidence? To be clear, I’m a huge advocate of the vaccine and I also fully understand there’s potential consequences with any vaccine. The pros outweigh the cons in this case when I think about the greater good of mankind vs just myself. Even if I’m wrong in the end, I know my calculation was derived from Moderna efficacy tests (reference 2).

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It depends on your risks, I was working during the pandemic and was constantly exposed including several people literally coughing in my face that tested positive for covid. I have been tested 14 times all negatives can’t seem to catch it and can’t seem to spread it. I also have never had the flu vaccine and have never got flu. I can’t spread strep throat but I have no symptoms. I have a good immune system but pharmaceuticals are my weakness. First drug I ever took was Ritalin for ADD AND I LOST MY FUCKING MIND, my parents had to take me off of it, the second drug I ever tried was Propecia and I was told it was safe and effect and now I have permanent side effects. With my track record I would probably get a blood clot from the vaccine.

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I took the vaccine moderna and have no negative effects


That track record probably has many, many entries that you may not be aware of, you’ll have been immunised many times in your life, the vast majority of people are in infancy, at school, perhaps if you’ve travelled, etc. Etc.

While we all here have our own terrible experiences with at least one drug, across the community we have experience of each Corona vaccine and as far as I know, without ill effect. My experience was largely in step with other people I know who have been vaccinated - unremarkable.

While you may or may not have a superhuman immune system that prevents you falling victim to covid 19, I’m not sure what the point in this discussion is, unfortunately. What we have is a balance and on each side of the scale is a vaccination which I admit we don’t have a long term risk profile for, but we do have a large amount of data of millions of people who have been vaccinated. We also have the experiences of those in our particular community to suggest that we as a group are not at extraordinary risk from the vaccine.

On the other side of the scale, we have Corona virus itself. Personally the greatest fear for me would be being saddled with long covid. We already know how bad pfs symptoms can be from our own and shared experiences. We also know that long covid symptoms have some overlap. For me getting long covid alongside any pfs symptoms or even worsening them would be the worst outcome, worse than death, which the covid stats and anti vaccine crowd focus upon as the measure of how bad the pandemic and covid are.

In your opening statement you said you’d take a vaccine if Merck paid for research into pfs. I know you weren’t serious there but if I may, I’d suggest that Merck would be happiest if you didn’t take the vaccine, if our community either died so they weren’t able to speak up, or if our symptoms could be waved away as long covid problems, they’d be happiest.

If we wanted to look at it fatalisticslly, Covid could be another way to silence parts of our community. If we die off, if our symptoms can be denied and attributed as belonging to another condition.


That’s the problem we have no proof of what happens longterm from the vaccine, the only thing that can prove that it is safe is time. Harvard University did a study and made the conclusion for any new drug on the market we should wait 5 years to rule out long-term effects.

Yep and I don’t think that’s news to anyone. I would be exceptionally surprised if anyone anywhere in the world hadn’t been told/seen on social media that these vaccines are new and their approval process has been much quicker than usual.

But there’s very little reason to think that we are a group which is more vulnerable than others to vaccine problems.

It’s not a pfs specific issue at this point and frankly we’ve covered the debate now.

The vaccines do not protect you or stop spread of the virus, are only approve for emergency use, and are On trial until 2023. Not sure how they can help with herd immunity if they do not stop spreading.

Wanted to add a note saying that I had the vaccine last week and have no notable side effects. Sore arm for about 24 hours. It was Pfizer.

The idea of getting long COVID was a bigger problem to me than risks from vaccine.


Just come to India I will prove this bullshit statistics to be wrong to u. People are just dying here every single minute due to this crazy virus and some immature people like u are taking this lightly. I myself lost my mom to this fucking virus a week ago. Don’t underestimate this. If u don’t want to take this vaccine it’s fine, but u have no right nor any proof to claim it to be bs.

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No one has died of vaccination here, not even a single person. All those who died are the ones who didn’t take vaccines, my mom being one of them. She was more healthier than me. My grandmother who is 89 years old, has sugar and bp problems got vaccinated a month ago and she’s totally fine.

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Idk about those pfizer and moderna vaccines but the vaccines being given here has 0 deaths from it.

As I said, idk about the pfizer or moderna vaccines being given in ur countries. I understand from where the fear comes from, this same pfizer makes antidepressants like Zoloft which has made people here commit suicide.

I was same like u, u can even see my post here regarding vaccine a year ago. But now seeing the reality I have no other option but to make people getting vaccinated, I am even going to volunteer it next month. Even I got covid 2 weeks ago, came out fine within 4 days of taking paracetamols and ivermectin, but my mom didn’t survive. Just to remind u I am as severe case as u since that last 1 mg dose of fin, I can’t even walk 100 mtrs with this muscle weakness, but the drugs I took for covid had no negative effect on me. I haven’t been vaccinated yet.

Guys, this thread is again descending rapidly into anti-vax territory.

I’m not sure what anyone stands to gain from continuing to argue their viewpoint here. I highly doubt one more view from a fellow PFS patient, who hasn’t taken the vaccine themselves, is going to convince someone on the fence to not take the vaccine.

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Ivermectin is a good remedy but if you’re going to take the vaccine all I can do is wish you the best of luck.

We are in a forum where people werr affected by a drug with minor noted side effects. The same is happening with the vaccines. There are groups forming from individuals(telegram, reddit) that are suffering from the side effects, or where their love ones died from it. As any other drug out there there will be side effects. Everyone should make a decision if the benefits out weights the risks.

Yes i will definitely take the vaccine after 90 days and will motivate more and more people to take it, mask properly and sanitize. I don’t want anyone else to loose their parents or loved ones to this evil virus. I wish i could’ve had vaccinated my mom, she would’ve been with me today.

And yes those statistics are mostly bullshit, just like those finasteride side effects statistics. If u get covid, just pray ur oxygen doesn’t get below 90. This is horror.


Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s going to be an increased hesitance amongst people profoundly harmed by a drug to trust pharmaceutical safety advice. The serious harm from a cosmetic drug being met with vehement denial from some medical professionals is a key reason why those continuing to deny PFS should well consider the effect this will have on confidence in public health advice.

However, finasteride is a a profound antiandrogenic endocrine disruptor marketed as a cosmetic. Serious scientific concerns are raised about its safety in young men due to the pathways it interferes with and their critical roles in the body and brain. The covid vaccines are an entirely different risk calculus with regards personal and public health, and no such valid scientific concerns exist based on their mechanisms of action. Extremely, extremely rare side effects are being treated with an overabundance of caution due to the exceptional scrutiny on the vaccines.

Claims being made in here are unsourced and demonstrably false to the point of misinformation. This topic seems to be a statement into the ether without any content, and there’s not really relevant discussion to be had.

Individuals are welcome to report their responses to the vaccines in regards to their PFS symptoms, if they have taken them. I think some topics have been created for that.

Please do not use the forum for a soapbox on vaccine theories. They will be removed immediately henceforth, and that’s not up for discussion. Thank you.