Ozeph Regimen and Supplement


Hi. I’ll be posting here my current regimen. and update it as it goes. At one point, when I have time, I’ll be more specific about the ketogenic / carnivore diet as it was really the starting point for me, along with a pure whey protein isolate shake. The idea was (and still is) no carbs, high protein, high saturated fat (no oil) so the body has all the ingredients to rebuild itself.

So here it is:

Upon waking up at 6:30am & before sending kids to school:
5-HTP 100mg
Tyrosine 500mg
L-Dopa 350mg
Calcium Pyruvate 500mg and Calcium Lactate (put in a capsule. It taste bad and does not dissolve easily)
Half of all Vitamin B (1,3,6,12, biotin)

Cold Jiaogulan tea all day instead of water as much as possible.

Theanine 200mg
Coffee with heavy cream and a little milk, no sugar.
I also take Glucosamine once a week and Pro-biotic (on Sundays only)
2 tbsp coconut oil

Pine Pollen with DMSO, 1 pea size rubbed on both forearms. (see below)

Sometimes I skip the breakfast (except the coffee) and I’ll take the protein shake sooner.

Whey isolate proteins shake, no more than 1 1/2 scoops with half a scoop of vegan protein. I add:
Valine 2000 mg

Before Lunch at Noon
Other half of all vitamin B
Glutathione, 250mg
Collagen peptides, 1 gr.

Lunch at Noon:

Rib eye Steak 250 gr (or some other fat cut of steak), 1 tbsp of ghee and kale or spinach 200 gr
Fat can also be butter, lard of tallow.

200 ml of electrolyte which also contains Carnitine Tartrate 1000 mg, Betaine HCL 400mg and Choline Bitartrate 400mg, mixed with soda water.

Cold Jiaogulan tea

Right After Lunch:
5-HTP 100mg
Tyrosine 500mg
L-Dopa 350mg
DHEA 20 mg (thinking of lowering the dose)
Pregnenolone 30 mg (thinking of lowering the dose)
Vitamin K2 30mg (thinking of lowering the dose)
Vitamin A 10000 IU
Vitamin D3 10000 IU
Vitamin C 100mg
Multi-vitamins for men or some natural multi-vitamins

Before exercise or sex, either around 11am or 2-3pm:
Arginine suite (L-Arginine 1000mg, Arginine AKG 500mg, L-Citrulline 500mg, L-Ornithine 500mg). I don’t always take it.

I do at least some exercise every day. Exercise is mostly resistance training but also some cardio.

Whey isolate proteins shake, no more than 1 1/2 scoops with half a scoop of vegan protein.

Dinner before 6pm:
Either same as Lunch or something lighter like a stew made of ground beef, tallow, onion, tomatoes and cabbage. Taste like cabbage rolls but without the trouble of doing the rolls. I googled cabbage roll soup… Most important is I’m finish eating before 6pm so I can take my sleeping pills on an empty stomach. If I don’t finish before 6pm, sometimes I’ll take a digestive enzyme pill to speed up the process, especially if I had steak.

After 6pm
I drink the least liquids possible so I don’t have to wake up and pee at night. That really messes up my night and the next day.

Oatmeal, 22.5 gr of dry weight before preparing it if I try to be ketogenic. (20gr of carbs in the day)
If I don’t bother being ketogenic, I’ll take 50 gr of dry weight with 1 tsp of sugar for 37 gr. of carbs (that 40-45 gr. for the whole day)
25mg of Magnesium

3.5 mg Clonazepam (sleeping pill)
15 mg Hydroxyzine (anti-histamine)

Before sleep at 9;30pm:
B3 (niacinamide) 60 mg
Slow Release Melatonin 10mg
Food grade Zinc 5mg
Coenzymed B12 5mcg
1/4 cup of water with Inusitol 4000mg

I keep 2000mg of Inusitol, a glass, a spoon and some water next to the bed in case I wake up during the night. If I do, I’ll take the Inusitol and go back to sleep.

Sleep at 9:30pm, always wake up at 6:30/7am , 8:am on holidays.

I will test getting up after waking up if I slept at least 6 hours, just to see if it’s my body telling me I slept enough.

I can take Theanine 200mg a second time during the day or in the evening. it’s like an aspirin for stress. (I wouldn’t take more than 2 doses a day) I don’t need to do that more than once or twice a month, anxiety seems to be under control for now.
Careful with high doses of Theanine with high doses of Arginine as it can cause drop in blood pressure.

Electrolyte mix :
In a 1.5 liter bottle: Magnesium Chloride 10 gr, Potassium Chloride 5 gr, Carnitine Tartrate 10gr, Choline Bitartrate 4gr, Betaine HCL 4 gr, 100 ml lemon juice or 5 gr citric acid, natural orange/lemon flavor, fill with water to the rim. Take no more than 150ml a day, mix with soda water. It’s delicious.

Pine Pollen with DMSO: I mixed 1 ounce of DMSO and 1 scoop (5gr) of Pine Pollen. That lasts me for months as I need only apply 1 pea size (or 2) to one of my forearm, and rub both forearms together to spread it over the veins. It goes straight to the blood, ergo the much smaller dose.


Can you have too much of this tea? I bought jiaogulan in suppliment form because I won’t have time to make tea during the work day.


People reported diarrhea when they start.

I’ve been drinking up to 1.5 liter a day plus eating the leaves (from the infusion) with butter. I think you can have too much, but I haven’t yet. I mean nothing bad happened to me.


I’ve updated my regimen to include carbs in the evening, in the form of oatmeal. It seems to do marvel for sleep.

I’m no longer doing a ketogenic diet, although I’m on a very low carbs one. Less than 30 gr a day.
What kicks me out of ketosis is not so much the carbs, but the protein. I shouldn’t have more than 130 gr and I’m having around 200 gr a day.