Amino Acid For neurological symptoms

I don’t know about accutane.

A, K and E are soluble in fat. They can accumulate and you can overdose. This varies depending on your body fat. The more fat you have, the more you can accumulate. So I’m careful not to overdo it.

A and K helps produce Androgen. I also take all B and it’s helpful to me. (B is soluble and water and gets eliminated easily). Sometime I take E, sometimes not. I haven’t made my mind yet. I read it can be good for us, or lower testosterone and be 5ari. I suggest to be cautious with E and do your research.

I do take half a pill a day of vitamin C, just in case.

Day 99: I pushed the ketogenic diet, cut carbs as much as I can (even got kale out of the diet because it’s got 16 gr in the 200 gr portion I typically eat). I reduced a bit the protein and increased saturated fat to elevate my calorie intake. Sleep has improved in the last 3 days, averaging 8/10. Hell, last night was a 9/10

I still take 3.5 mg of Clonazepam (a benzodiazepine) and 7.5 mg of hydroxyzine (an anti-histamine and that’s 3/4 of a pill when the suggested dosage is 1 or 2 pills). It is my goal is to have good sleep without these. Clonazepam maximum daily dose is 12mg and hydroxyzine sedative dose is 70 to 100 mg. I’m far from those doses.

I will first taper off Clonazepam slowly (I’ll take 3 mg tonight and see what happens. If it’s good, I’ll keep at 3.0 mg for a week before going down 0.5mg again).

I’m soon to receive Sulforaphane. When I do, I’ll have to take 5ar boosting supplements and I may have to reduce the sleeping pills faster. (if it works)

I’ll keep you posted.

How long have you been taking the Benzos?

I took Alprazolam for 5-6 weeks, had to increase the dose as tolerance builds up fast with that one then I switched to Clonazepam and stabilized the dose between 3-4 mg, depending if I’m in a calm routine at home, taking all my supplements, or having stress on a trip and missing out on some supplements (and of course be off track in following my routine).

Benzodiazepine doubles up the chances of getting dementia but I’m still at less than a year taking those. You understand why I make finding a natural alternative my priority.

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Day 100: Well I did take 3.0mg of Clonazepam (0.5 mg less than normal) and 7.5 of Hydroxyzine (as usual). Sleep went down to 5/10. I woke up after 4-5 hours of sleep, was pretty awake, then I doze off after half an hour and kept waking up and falling half asleep the rest of the night. Lots of dream, poor sleep quality.

So no can do. This insomnia symptom is encrusted in me and in homeostasis. Nothing will change until I go touch the specific mechanisms that cause this. That what i intent to do and I will have to be very delicate about it. It’s likely to throw my whole hormonal system off balance until I find a new (and hopefully better) balance and reach homeostasis in that new balance.

It’s double or nothing. I can fix my last symptom or make myself worst and who knows where I’ll end up after throwing the dice ?

But I’ll use my usual approach. Start with low doses, stay vigilant, stop if it makes me feel bad or reduce if it made me feel better and then worst after increasing again.

Let’s see what happens, I’ll keep you posted and I’ll detail exactly what, when and how much I take.

Here is what I’m currently taking: Ozeph Regimen and Supplement

Ok. To day I start Day 1 of Sulforaphane experiment to boost 3a-HSD and try to get some ALLO pumping.

Considering 3a-HSD also destroys DHT, I’m taking Boron 3 mg, Creatine and cycling herbs to boost testosterone and 5ar.

I’m starting to load up of Creatine today. 3th of March: 12 gr for 10 days after which I will do a maintenance dose of 3 gr a day.

The herbs I’m using are Pine Pollen, Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris. I cycle every week, taking half dose on first and second day, full dose on day 3,4 and 5, half dose on day 6 and no dose on day 7. Then I move to the next herb.

As for Sulforaphane, I’ll start with 10mg, which is 5 drops of the Liposomal solution I bought, and I’ll increase the dose by 2 drops a day. After a week, I’ll be at 22 mg and after 2 weeks at 36 mg and at 50 mg after 3 weeks. I may remain at 50 mg for a while or increase depending what effects I get from all of this.

This should throw me off homeostasis, for better or for worst. I’ll post as often as I have time and duplicate my posts on Suppressed 3a-hydroxysteroid may be the cause?, Amino Acid For neurological symptoms and Ozeph Regimen and Supplement

Wish me luck !


Day 2 of Sulforaphane. No change from yesterday’s dose. It’s a thick green gooey stuff that tastes weird at best and I have to use a spoon to take it. So no drops. I’ll increase by 1/4 tsp a day and see what happens.

So yesterday I must have taken 40 mg and today I’m at 100 mg. Tomorrow I’ll take 150 mg and in two days I’ll be at the suggested dose of 200 mg. The dosage for mice was 10 mg per kg and it was injected or mixed with DMSO to get in. So I would have to take way more than that to get a drastic effect. (or mix it with DMSO and bathe in it)

I guess I could go up to 600 mg taken orally if I don’t get any effects at lower dose. It will possibly be destroyed by the stomach’s enzymes so who knows if this will do anything ?

I’m 60 kg (down from 75 before the diet) so at 10 mg per kilo that would be 600mg. That’s 3 tsp of the stuff I bought. I could mix that in 3 tsp of DMSO and rub that all over my body (of course, I would start with smaller dose. I’m just comparing myself to a lab mouse receiving the same amount).

This is not practical and if the effect is only temporary, I guess it will just be for experimentation purposes.

Let’s see if I get results from oral doses first. The best would be to get results by oral intake at 200 mg. This could be feasible, I have enough supply for 3 months at that dose.

Update: I’m shifting in mood already. For one thing, I’m taking Horny Goat Weed, 500 mg, and I took 2 drops of Pine Pollen in DMSO rubbed on my forearms (plus 12 gr of Creatine). I got a testosterone rush which is making me more aggressive and irritable. So I did some training to let some steam off.

Then it’s 6:30pm and I’m feeling tired. This is kind of a first since I’m on the ketogenic diet. I would normally feel full of energy all the time until I take my sleeping pills, and only half an hour later they would knock me down and I would sleep. So maybe it’s only wishful thinking, but it could be the overlap of some ALLO on top of the Benzodiazepine I’m taking at night. They have a long half life so they are still acting on my GABA receptors and ALLO would also if there was some.

Too early to tell. But if I sleep better today and have problems waking up tomorrow, I will have to assume that I should start decreasing the sleeping pills.

Day 3 of Sulforaphane experiment, Day 104 of Amino Acid experiment.

I slept better 8.5/10 and woke up quite drowsy. I will cut down Hydroxyzine from 7.5 mg (3/4 of pill) to 5 mg (1/2 pill). I still wake up around 4am but go straight back to sleep. The period between 4 and 6:30am had less dreams, less turning and tossing, and more deep sleep (or what felt like it)
Honestly, considering this is my last effect from pfs, I could live with that the rest of my life. But I’ll continue my efforts until I’m 100% and I don’t need so many supplements. I’ll keep the diet and exercise though, it’s very nice to be in a 28 yo body when I’m 51 (still no gray hair or wrinkles, people give me 35 yo). I’m still exploring what I can do. I feel like Captain America after being given the super soldier serum !

I’ll keep Clonazepam at same level for now, there is withdrawal symptom and last time I tried to lower by 15% I had a bad night.

Yesterday evening, my armpits smelled bad. It’s the first time in 9 months I smell like a man. I think Sulforaphane is having and effect but it’s too early to be sure.

Today, to avoid a testosterone rush, I will not use Pine Pollen DMSO. Only Horny Goat Weed, of which I’ll take 1000 mg.

I’ll also take 150 mg of Sulforaphane, 3 mg of Boron and 12 gr. of Creatine

Let’s see what happens.

Update: I have been having brain fog in the afternoon in the few last weeks. I compensated by taking 500 mg of Tyrosine like one would take an aspirin (by the way a small steak has 2000 mg of Tyrosine. I’m just pointing out how natural my approach is).
Today, I was highly motivated at doing my work, very focused and didn’t have to take Tyrosine at all. I have a strange feeling of calm joy I haven’t felt for a while. I have been so dreadfully serious in the past few years, it looks like I lost most of my joy of living (joie de vivre in French !)
It could all be psychosomatic (like a placebo effect) but for one thing, I had sex with my wife this morning and sex drive was still strong in the afternoon. So considering I’m having no ill effects from Sulforaphane (and maybe no effects at all, it may only be my imagination) I will take 50mg before sleep. That will bring me to 200 mg for today, which is the recommended dose and still 3 times less than the poor mice in the experiment.
It’s breaking my rules of prudence but since I began taking that stuff I’ve only been feeling good (Aside from the testosterone boost from combining Pine Pollen and Horny Goat Weed yesterday). Anyway, I want to see if taking it before sleep makes me sleep better.

I’ll post tomorrow.


any idea if sulfuro could be aiding in decreasing the brain fog?

thats what some users reported on other platforms

I suspect the increase in T from taking those supplements might be adding to the body odor, etc… It would have been interesting if you had gotten blood work done to see where your T levels were before you started this.

I didn’t do any blood tests except the one right after crashing (everything was in range except very low vitamin D and elevated Cortisol)

However, I’m very sensitive to how I feel and I can actually tell my testosterone has been boosted by the herbs, considering my sex drive did. But it’s not the first time, I even took TRT at the beginning, and I never had smelly armpits. It’s something else, some metabolite of testosterone that does that in my opinion.

Although it’s too early to say, Sulforaphane may be what reduced brain fog and armpit smell. Otherwise, it’s quite a coincidence both happens 2 days after starting taking it. I’ll know more in the following days (weeks) if brain fog doesn’t come back. And I won’t put deodorant to see if the effect (of stinking) in persistent.

Day 4 of Sulforaphane and day 105 of amino acid experiment.

I took an extra an extra 50 mg Sulforaphane before going to sleep and sleep quality has decreased (7.5/10). I woke up after 4-6 hours , I didn’t check the time, and kept waking up and dreaming after that. Weird thing, I continued on the same dream after every time I woke up to turned around and felt asleep the next 10 second. I didn’t have to bring my kids to school today and ended up sleeping 11 hours without realizing it. Looks like the sleeping pills are dragging on.

I did put an alarm to sleep no more than 8 hours, but it didn’t ring or I didn’t hear it.

Anyway, I won’t take Sulforaphane before sleep. I’ll take half (100mg) in the morning and half (100 mg) in the afternoon, same with Horny Goat Weed (500 mg) or whatever herb I’m on for the week, when it’s on a day I take it twice.

Update: I don’t have brain fog but I’m rather hyperactive and somewhat stressed (but not in a bad way. More like stimulated). Is it the Sulforaphane, the Horny Goat Weed, the 3 mcg of Boron or the Creatine ? I don’t know. That’s what happens when you start 4 things at the same time.

I can’t say I’m complaining, I’ve got tons of work and I’m chewing through it at a fast pace.

This is how I used to be before fin, when I started my third business in Canada. I would work non stop 110 hours a week, eating and showering in between and sleeping only 7 hours. I became successful in a few years.
I remember asking myself 3 years ago where did that fire go ? Would I ever be able to be like that again ?
At that time I didn’t know I was being affected by fin, but I knew something was poisoning me and I was getting worst each year.

Maybe it’s not the 4 new supplements that makes me hyper. I mean, I was hyper as a child (back in the 70’s, they didn’t drug us. They let us develop our potential). It looks to me like my motivation has come back, my drive, the way it was before I started taking this shit (fin). I would only stop working when there was no more work to be done, and when you own a business, that can take a long time.

I’m happy ! This is great ! The sky’s the limit again !

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Hello Ozeph, what part of your regimen to do you credit for ridding yourself of brain fog?


Sulfotaphane 200 mg per day but it could be Creatine as well (12 gr. a day for 10 days then 2.5 gr a day) (or both)

Creatine boosts brain performance:

And whatever did it, it did more than that; it woke up feelings and sensation I didn’t have for the better part of the last 20 years (I took fin 20 years)

Day 5 of Sulforaphane and Day 106 of Aminos experiment.

I didn’t sleep good and that’s not a surprise. After oversleeping 11 hours yesterday and being hyper all day, I knew I wasn’t going to sleep good. I especially had a hard time falling asleep, but I also woke up frequently.

This morning, I got up at 6:45 am but I could have slept a lot more.

Today, I took the Horny Goat Weed at 7am, and will not take another one later. I think that’s what makes me hyper. I’ll also take the Sulforaphane 100 mg on a full stomach right after breakfast and will take another 100 mg in the afternoon.

I doubt it’s the Boron 3 mcg or the Creatine.

But considering Sulforaphane is putting a few things back to their place, it’s also possible one of my regular amino became too much. I feel like there’s a surplus a something and I’m hyper again today. It feels like a testosterone rush but without being aggressive. Could be the GABA being overwhelmed by both benzodiazepine and ALLO (I wish)

I will stop the Horny Goat Weed for the time being and see what happens. I don’t care too much about sex anyway. What I want is my mind back and my ability to sleep.

Also after lunch, I will only take a half dose of 5-HTP, L-Dopa and Tyrosine.

Do you know if Sulforaphane and Creatine could cause a PFS crash?

I’m getting really bad brain fog from what I think are the broccoli sprout extract capsules, I’m not sure how much sulforaphane I’m getting from these but it’s very intense brain fog that lasts a few days. It’s happened twice now after taking a single serving of 2 capsules

Damn, sorry to hear that. Maybe the brand your taking has additional ingredients?

Stop it. It’s not working for you.

L-Tyrosine 500-1000 mg is good at fighting brain fog.

I doubt Creatine would. But considering it raises testosterone, 5ar and brain focus, it might as well cause a crash.

Sulforaphane can definitely make you crash. It plays exactly where we got hurt. It’s a delicate intervention, like neuro-surgery and it can go bad.

a meal in a Japanese restaurant made me crash 4 months ago…

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