Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


Hi @Ozeph . It looks like you’re getting better sleep. How is your libido and sex drive? How are your muscles and energy? Your brain fog?


Libido is back to normal, as well as sensitivity, erection and refracrion period (which is proven less than 4 hours, but propably less)

Muscle tone is high, I’m 51 and I’m climbing ropes and trees like when I was 21. Energy is high also. I’ve got plenty all day and don’t feel tired before bed time.
Yesterday, I did my training and rode a 1000 cc speed bike for 6 hours.

Brain fog has been replaced by highly focused thougths and cognitive functions are good again. I’m solving the problems that went over my head after the crash, problems I just couldn’t figure out. My skills at speaking Thai has improved also.

I’m now working on the last piece of the puzzle, which is rebooting the production of allopregnanolone and sleep will be back to normal.

Aside from sleep, I haven’t felt as active and my brain as acute since I was in my 20.

I also don’t seem to have food reactions anymore. I can eat carbs, I just don’t push it.

I don’t know how much of this is artificial, because of the supplements, and how much is my body having rebalanced itself. I believe it’s a little of both. I’d be easy to test, I would just have to stop the diet while still eating healthy (which is almost where I’m at) and stop the supplements.

I will taper down only when sleep is restored without drugs.

This regimen is working for me. I believe it can work for some others, but I can’t be sure with who it would work, and with who it wouldn’t. Plus you have to be very commited and disciplined. There’s no cheating. Pfs is always waiting for an opportunity to get back in.


That’s awesome man, congrats. So this treatment of yours is working, and I hope it stays like that.

I’m not asking you to come off your supplements, but I wonder what would happen if you tapered off. I wonder if PFS would come back or what. Did you ever lose vascularity during PFS and has it come back, @Ozeph? Could you tell us if shrinkage improved, too?


I just come back from a six day trip where I ate what was on the menu, and plenty of carbs. I continued to take most of the supplements, but couldn’t take Carnitine, Betaine and Choline because I mixed it with my electrolyte mix of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride along with lemon juice. First day of the trip, I drank a glass of that mix and got diarrhea 8 times in the next 2-3 hours; too much electrolyte, the body just shuts the guts off so that no more can come in.

So I didn’t take any magnesium, Carnitine, Betaine and Choline for those 6 days.

The result of these 6 days and what I learned:

1- I can eat carbs and normal food and I have no ill effects at all (except the six pack has sunk in a little bit of fat. Carbs really does equal fat while saturated fat makes you thin. go figure). I had tons of pancake for breakfast, with maple syrup and glasses of orange juice. I didn’t went out of my way and order Coke or Sprite, which is basically half a cup of sugar per can, but at every meal I had fries, or mashed potatoes or rice. I did chose the meal that had the most meat and I took protein shakes often. So I can say my protein intake remained high, saturated fat intake much much lower and carbs intake much higher.
That means coming OFF the ketogenic / carnivore diet (after 7 months of doing it) had no effect in regard to pfs symptoms. I can’t say if it would come back if I started eating junk again, and taking on extra fat. I can only say a 6 day break did nothing.

2- I did take 2.5 gr. of collagen before leaving, than 1.5gr on the first 2 days,then 1gr. a day for the duration of the trip. This help keeps the guts in optimal shape in regards to NOT letting food allergens go through. At the very least, it keeps my joints in good health and gives me a nice, still wrinkle free skin (at 51). I’m such a lady…

3- Sleep did deteriorate a bit the first two nights so I increased clonazepam to 4mg and Hydroxyzine to 10mg. (an antihistamine, 10mg is a single pill, the recommended dose for sedation is 50-100 mg). After that sleep was good. The last six nights were all around 6.5/10 to 8/10. The deteriorated sleep is due to being in a different environment, which slightly elevates my stress.

4- Sex drive got a bit lower, but sensitivity really took a hit. I masturbated and just couldn’t finish. I think this is due to the lack of Betaine and Choline, both of which flush out bad estrogen and leaves a healthier testosterone / estrogen ratio. At first, I attributed the return of sensitivity to vitamin A alone, now I believe it’s both vitamin A and a higher testosterone to estrogen ration. We’ll know soon enough, I’ll resume taking Betaine and Choline at recommended dose along with 10000 IU of vitamin A and if sensitivity returns within a few days I will have hit the spot. I doubt it has to do with Carnitine, as Carnitine slowly builds up AR in the muscles. I believe stopping it wouldn’t have an effect in only 6 days.

All together, the trip is a success in regards to pfs, considering the last two 1 day trips I took I was sick and couldn’t sleep. Also the single and only symptom that was present was the deteriorated sleep (waking up frequently at night, especially toward the end of the nigh). In the day time, I was focused (no brain fog), was in a good mood, was confident and calm and had plenty of energy, even with an empty stomach and after being hungry for 2 hours while still climbing rocks and being active.

Business wise, the trip was also a great success, I ended up with more gains than I was hoping for and that’s related to pfs because it shows I had no neurological symptoms and was confident and focused enough to inspire confidence in the other company CEOs present, which resulted in them giving me a larger market share for my companies.

So that’s a victory toward pfs. Again, my main thing now is to raise 3a-HSD in order to produce the anti-stress neurosteroids Allopregnanolone and Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone, which should fix the sleep issues. I wouldn’t be surprised it would also fix lower sex drive and maybe sensitivity, as the stress hormones Adrenaline and Nor-Adrenaline also shuts down all non essentials (like digestion and sensibility to pain) to get us ready to fight (or flight).


Day 85: I lowered Clonazepam to 3.5mg and Hydroxyzine to 7.5mg and had a 9/10 night. I’ll lower again to stabilize around 8/10 until I can take Sulforaphane.

Today I’m starting Betaine and Choline again. Let’s see if sex drive and sensitivity gets higher.

I’ll keep you posted.


By vascularity, I assume you mean erections. Yes I did after the crash and before the diet. I had no night erections, zero sex drive, very low sensibility and because of the absolute zero sex drive I had no desire to masturbate so I couldn’t say if I would have had an erection or not.

I never had shrinkage but I did have constant testicular pain. I believe shrinkage could have happened to me, as the testicular pain is, in my opinion, caused by the immune system attacking the testicles. I believe because I started the ketogenic / carnivore diet just a month an a half after the crash, testicular pain slowly disappeared and I think I avoided the worst.

This is all speculations. It could also be that I just didn’t get as affected as others by pfs.


Wow what a write up! Thank you so much for the summary. I’m going to add choline to my diet too to see what it does. Thank you ozeph. Happy travels to you.


Day 86 Sleep was not very good. 5.5 / 6. I think it’s because of a lack of carbs as I went full ketogenic yesterday. I had lots of carbs in the last 6 days and I wanted to “decarbs” my body. So, I ate less than 5 gr of carbs and didn’t take honey before sleep.

Fasting and ketogenesis are important to fix the brain and kill off unhealthy cells. But I guess once that is done (especially after 7 months of ketosis) a little carb is more helpful than detrimental.

Today, I’m eating 50gr of oat for breakfast (in oatmeal) which will provide 33gr of carbs. I’ll have 1 tsp of honey before sleep which should get me a total of 43gr of carbs if I include the carbs in the Kale and 3 tbsp of milk with the honey… That is near the upper limit to stay ketogenic (50gr.) but I’ll go straight to weight lifting to burn some of those after writing this. I don’t feel good having carbs in my body. I mean it feels gross but the body is Ok with it. It’s in my head.
I think I’ll try eating some carbs 2 hours before bedtime to see if it improves sleep. 20/25gr per day should be enough.

I’ll keep you posted on that.

And great news !!! After taking 800mg of Choline Bi-Tartrate and 800mg of Betaine HCL sex drive have returned and sensitivity is normal again (or close to normal. After 20 years of fin, normal is very far in my memory) Those two methylate estrogen and helps the body flush it out. As a result, testosterone is increased and its ratio toward estrogen is more healthy. Earlier I though it was vitamin A that increased my sensitivity, but I can now see it was in correlation with Choline and Betaine and a higher testosterone to estrogen ratio.

According to this article

Among others, common symptoms of estrogen dominance include:

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Weight and/or fat gain (particularly around the abdomen and hips)
  • Irritability and depression
  • Headaches
  • Sluggish metabolism

(Anything seems familiar ?)

Men may experience some of the above symptoms, as well as:

  • Larger hips
  • Male breasts
  • Crying fits (I had that once. I couldn’t believe it)
  • Low testosterone

Nutritional compounds to support healthy methylation reactions include Choline, trimethylglycine, MSM, beetroot (cdnuts was right), and Betaine HCl.

One more piece added to the puzzle.

Cheer !


What are your thoughts on Alpha-GPC?


Alpha-GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitters that, among other things, regulates the vagus nerve. Alpha-GPC does not methylate estrogen.
Some of the Choline we take transform into Betaine which methylate estrogen. Choline also helps the liver to clean out fat (in a similar way as Inusitol, which is why they are often combined)

So short answer, Choline does more than Alpha-GPC, but does also what Alpha-GPC does.