Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


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The latest additions ?

I’ve increased Pregnanolone to 30mg / day, DHEA to 20mg, vitamin K2 to 30mg, I started to cycle pine Pollen with Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe. I added collagen peptide every two days (2.5-5gr) vitamin A 12500 IU per day (I think it restored my sensitivity. Can’t be sure),

Before sleep I’m taking food grade (coenzymated ) zinc 5mg and coenzymated vitamin B12 5 mcg (as well as B3 60mg, although I take 125mg twice during the day)

I added to my Magnesium and Potassium Electrolyte mix some Carnitine tartrate (1gr per day) Betaine HCL (500mg per day) and Choline Bitartrate (500mg per day)

I take Broccoli extract powder. I expect it to contain anti-aromatase to preserve my progesterone and maybe, if I"m lucky, some tiny qty of Sulforaphane.

Do You want the full regimen ? I can copy / paste.


Yohimbe NOT good. For me anyway.
My heart beat went from 75 to 135 ppm. I’m not feeling good either.


Do you feel like the pregnenolone needs to be balanced with dhea? I’ve started 10mg preg a day and it has definitely helped with energy but it’s sending my anxiety through the roof and making me feel brainfogged.


Do you take any medicine ? Like SSRI or Benzodiazepin1 ?
If you do, tell me before taking anything.

If you don’t, it needs to be balanced with 5-HTP 50mg (100mg),Tyrosine 500 mg and L-Dopa 350mg.
If you get anxious, you should lower to 5 mg and if still anxious, then stop.


Just Clonazepam .5mg in the mornings


Well, Clonazepam 0.5mg in the morning prevents you from taking any anxiolytic supplements or plants, plus the dose is too low if you still feel anxious.

Good news, Clonazepam at 0.5 is the tiniest dose, you can just stop without withdrawal. (I take 3.5mg at night)

If you do choose to stop, I can suggest better anxiolytics that are natural. Taurine and GABA, taken in the morning after at least 1 week of stoping Clonazepam. There are also interesting herbs that can do the trick (like Kava Kava, extracted from the peeled root using only water and no solvents, and passion flower)

As for Pregnenolone, stop it or take 5mg. Try 5-HTP 50mg in the morning at first, if ok with it increase to 100mg. Take it with Tyrosine 500mg (no need to increase or go slowly, you get more than that in a steak). Tyrosine should clear the brain fog. If it doesn’t, increase to 1000mg morning. Also take around 175-200mg of L-Dopa in the morning. that’s your morning trio. If Ok with it, increase to 350mg.
With that, you will feel calm, confident, focused and in a good mood.

Later on, you can try 5-HTP 50mg a second time after lunch at first, if ok with it increase to 100mg. With L-Dopa 175mg (350 if Ok) with Tyrosine 500mg (always take 5-HTP with Tyrosine and L-Dopa)

If not Ok with any of these, including Pregnenolone, don’t be stubborn. Listen to your body and stop what doesn’t work.

DHEA will not balance but double down on Pregnenolone. Don’t take it. I believe your anxiety comes from raising your testosterone, which raises 5ar and 5ar is the antagonist of 3a-HSD which produces ALLO that would prevent anxiety.

Those are just suggestions based on what worked for me.



I crashed 8 months and a half ago and today I’m virtually symptom free and have a life better than during the last 5 years. No sexual symptoms, no neurological or physical symptoms and I’m as fit as when I was 25 (I’m 51). I do have to takes lots of supplements but I’m more easy on the diet now. I can have a club sandwich and even eat at Burger King (I feel the food is shit. My body can take it but it’s telling me: just don’t…)

Is it correct that you took finasteride for 20 years, stopped, crashed shortly after, and have nearly fully recovered within 8 months or less after stopping the drug?

Just wondering if you have given much weight to the idea of yours being a natural recovery, rather than a result of this strict regimen of supplements and amino acids?


Interesting. Vitamin A is an antiviral right?


I was sick and getting worst for a month a a half. Than I went on a ketogenic / carnivore diet and most neurological symptoms except insomnia went away after 3 days. It would be too much of a coincidence for me to believe I healed naturally in such a short period of time.

All other aminos I’m taking have the distinctive effects they are supposed to have, and a week or two ago, I had gastroenteritis, which meant I couldn’t digest anything. Pfs came back. I’m not cured, I’m symptom free.

I believe if I can remain symptom free long enough, say another 6 months, I will be able to taper off the aminos and give the diet some slack. If I’m Ok, I will start to believe I can be cured.


It could be. I took it because I saw in a youtube video that along with vitamin D2 and K2, vitamin A increases androgen. I’m also taking Betaine HCL and Choline bitartrate to counter estrogen and keep a healthy testosterone / estrogen ratio. (plus it gives me a deep voice. My wife likes it)

Coincidentally, my sensitivity increased to normal after taking vitamin A. I don’t know if it’s related, but it sure happened at the same time. Careful, vitamin A can be toxic in large doses and K2 should be taken in very small doses (5-25mg) and along with collagen peptides 2.5gr.

If your not Ok with any of these, don’t be stubborn. Listen to your body and stop what doesn’t work. (I always say that, I know)


Correct, except I’m not recovered. I’m symptom free.

Actually, it’s better than that. I have more energy, I am more awake and my mind is faster and more focused than it has been in the last 20 years. And I have a six pack, pecs and square shoulder. I’m more fit than in the last 20 years.

But if I stop my strict regimen of supplements and amino acids, pfs comes back (although probably not as bad. I didn’t test it nor do I wish too. we all agree it’s a horrible disease)


Hmm. Was under the impression recovery and being symptom free were the same difference :smiley:


Fair enough. That does seem like quite the coincidence if it was.

I went into ketosis during a fast back in 2012 and noticed clearer thinking. Didn’t do anything whatsoever for other symptoms, but it was a nice experience.


Day 76 sleep was not as good. 7.5/10. My son had to do late homework and I was 1 hour late on my scheduled time for sleeping. So at 9:30 I was yawning, and at 10:30 I was feeling awake. It took me a long time to fall asleep.
I may also be due to eating a big rib eye steak after 6pm. I shouldn’t eat after 6pm. I have to go to sleep on an empty stomach or the pills and supplements takes time to act and don’t act as much.

To tie up some loose ends, I tried for a few weeks to reduce the second dose of 5-HTP, Tyrosine and L-Dopa by half after lunch. Results were not too good, I was grumpy and dissatisfied with life so I’m taking full doses again.
I now feel good all day instead of the first half of the day only, and I no longer have the mild evening anxiety I had during this half dose experiment.


Ketosis is the key. But you can achieve this without fasting, by doing a ketogenic / carnivore diet. Basically, by eating no carbs at all.


Man I’m going to have to break down and just do a Keto diet. It’s too common in recovery stories to ignore.

Have you ever had blood tests done before and after you started it?

I’m trying to figure out whether it increases or decreases testosterone / DHT. The internet seems divided on it… there are claims for both


It might. Testosterone is made of cholesterol.

I tested before, testosterone, free testosterone, DHT were all normal and exactly in the middle range. It’s high cortisol and especially very low vitamin D that gave the pfs diagnostic. Did I mention how important it is to take at least 10000 IU of D2 per day ?

So I didn’t test sex hormones again. Only fat. After 5 months of ketogenic diet, My good cholesterol / bad cholesterol ratio had improved significantly…


Is there a reason you use D2 instead of D3? Only asking because D3 is what I have currently…


Day 77: Sleep 9/10. If it wasn’t for baby crying at night, it’d be 10/10. Not bad, I’ll have a good day.

Good sleep is the difference between a good and a bad day. Whatever you do, make sure you get some sleep. talk to your doctor and get some prescription if you need, but be careful, most pills will interact badly (even dangerously) with some supplements. SSRI and 5-HTP are a very bad mix, Benzodiazepine and some other anxiolytic will react badly to GABA, Taurine and anxiolytic herbs.


Vitamin D2 transforms into D3. You want to train your body into doing that. D3 get your transformation mechanism lazy. I’m in Thailand, I get plenty of sun and was vitamin D deficient. So it’s my transformation mechanism that was weak. I’m training it up.