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Help with Content for Non-English Speakers [General Discussion] (7)

Hello all! You may have noticed sub-forums/sub-categories for Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese languages have recently appeared on this site. Mentions of some apparently large, but rather isolated, groups …

Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread ( 2 3 ) [General Discussion] (57)

Hey guys, Welcome to the new propeciahelp site and forum. Propeciahelp has been updated to make it suitable for the modern internet, mobile platforms and new data regulations. We hope you think this is a step in the rig…

Community Campaigns [General Discussion] (17)

Wanted to start a community campaigns project log. Here we will record live and potential projects. These are projects everyone can get involved in. This thread will evolve as we go. Current live campaigns: 1: Jou…

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