Aging skin Recovery?

I recently noticed my face has started to age pretty bad 6 months out from quitting fin. Ive accepted im going to go blad but my face is starting to look terrible. Is it possible to recover from the sagging skin and low collagen. would using retin-a be a possible solution? my face structure seems to be ok, but my skin seems to now be sagging a little along with dark circles under my eyes. Im in the process of getting my hormones checked out btw. This really sucks, my skin quality people would use to go out of their way to compliment, now it looks way worse.

Have you consulted a dermatologist or cosmetologist? I’ve tried some moisturizers, anti-wrinkle gels and taking extra collagen(powder like protein shakes). No significant effect. I guess, the most influential for me now is sleep quality. All this extra ageing seems more prominent with lack of sleep. Also, I lost some more weight which gave me a bit younger look. Otherwise, I’m also looking for good advice for recovery.