Calling all lurkers: Please come forward and introduce yourself!

I lurked for about a year and 9 months. I recon the lurkers outnumber the registered members by untold amounts. I regret not reaching out sooner. The red carpet is rolled out for you. Don’t be shy! I welcome you!


Yes I agree

I was afraid to register because I thought than everybody recognize me and all my friends know about my ED and that I’m a victim of this horrible disease.

I registered last year. Someone who know that I have PFS maybe could find me here. But with time I can count my friends on one hand.

They all study your Facebook, Instagram and other accounts, where you present yourself as a good looking guy living a funny lifestyle.

Going sick, they all go on with their lives without you. Only your loving family, your parents stay with you.

So if you share your story you can share your suffering you’ll get real sympathy and love from the other victims. And the power of the community increases.

Looking for a co fighter you’ll find a fighter, who tries every protocol to feel better.

Sharing painful thoughts, no one will laugh about you and you’ll find others living in pain.

Looking for recovery, you’ll find recovered members.

So please join the community, you never wanted to join, but you made the same mistake of your life, as we all did and now you are here.

You need us and we need you! It’s my personal view. I’m not a staff member.


you are guys who can say what I want to say.


Neither of the two people I’ve provided the full PFS story to have enough practical interest to come digging here. However I’m going to amend my…notes…to direct the reader to this site and my posts and to avenge me.


4 years ago today is when I took saw palmetto the first and only time.


Some might call me a lurker: I visit here daily hoping for that elusive good news. But, I’ve been a member here over 4 years.
In the past 18 months I have posted very infrequently, convincing myself I had little to offer.
I hope to bust out of my self-constructed prison cell and post more. Whether those who read it find it useful is outside my control.
In the absence of so many previous regulars such as @Exsexgod, I hail our friend @LazarusRy for hanging in there with us. Thank you, Laz, for staying around, in more ways than one. Sincerely, Jim


Thanks for the mentionJim. Things were so diferent on here 4 years ago… unfortunately the traffic has wained and numbers declined for a multitude of reasons. IMO Reddit does not offer or provide any of what is potentially available on here. There were some very astute and intelligent guys who were regular posters but for whatever reason they are not active on either.

A baron place does not offer the lure or enticement for new posters though I’m grateful that this place exists… such a shame its like this now.

I will continue on here adding what value i can.

Thank you my friend :heart:


Calling all lurkers: Please come forward and introduce yourself!


Probably others are out there on Reddit. Also the PSSD Network. There also used to be an Accutane network. I think there were too many suicides and the website vanished. It mainly exists via email now.

Better that we all link together. Propecia Help is best way for this.