My regimen, and it's working



I wonder why they give it fancy names. Mine is “Chocolate Lava” like it’s some fancy dessert from a renowned Chef. It tastes like powdered dried peas (which is basically what it is). Nothing fancy about it.

I’m very satisfied though. It’s got a good amino acid profile and is low in cysteines to which I react badly.
I recommend it.


I started a new thread on Amino Acid For neurological symptoms

To begin with, I’m taking low doses of a multitude of amino acids that are relevant to clearing brain fog in the day and sleeping good at night.

You wanna join me a take a bet on the results ?


Have you tried protein shake as well as meat, butter and greens ?

If you don’t eat, you can’t improve. that’s the one basic think to look at to see if a child, a grown up or even an animal is getting better or not. It’s quite universal.

In my opinion, it should be you priority to ingest protein and fat to get your system running, if only at a minimum.

Maybe you can gulp down a vegan protein shake even if you’re not hungry (begin with half a dose) and maybe take 1 tbsp of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil (or some MCT oil)

Eat a steak and some greens during the day.

Those are just suggestions, but i don’t see how basic food can hurt. I’m not a doctor, it’s just my opinion.





These work well for you?


I am giving this regime a shot and will try to keep some updates on my progress (hopefully!) here.

I started yesterday with citruline, arginine, carnitine and BCAA since it sounded like those made the most difference. I took the amounts recommended on the packages last night and again this morning (planning on taking in the morning but was being inpatient last night…)

I don’t know if it’s placebo or actually helping but I feel good this morning. Focused, motivated, but not jittery. It’s not like a stimulant at all thankfully (I absolutely loathe stimulants). Also woke up twice feeling like I could have sex again already (did before going to sleep) but did not try. Doesn’t seem like it would help that quickly but who knows.

My issues have mainly been desensitized penis and very long refractory period (oftentimes 2-3 days). Prior to PFS I was always good for once a day no problem, 2x most of the time and 3x occasionally. Since PFS it’s been more like 2-3x a week max. The desensitized issue gets worse the longer I “last” so it turns into a vicious cycle of things taking so long it’s extremely frustrating.

Anyways—that’s where I’m at. Hopefully I can remember to update this every few days. I am fortunate that my symptoms are not nearly as bad as a lot of people, but I can still see a lot of room for improvement.


No, it actually seemed to make my symptoms worse. This bottle is mostly non-essential acids. @Pete1989 asked me to post a picture of this the other day and I’m just getting around to posting it.


Day 3 - Still on the amino acid regime. I feel like crap today though. Not sure if it’s related to any of this or if I’m just getting sick. Sex didn’t go well last night, could barely feel anything. I’m always good erection wise, not so good with the finishing part unless it’s been 2-3 days. Hoping in a few more days I’ll start feeling a little better.

I felt great Thursday morning, thought I would have been fine to go again actually (after Wednesday night) but who knows. I did not feel the same Thursday night.

Sorry for the graphic detail. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s extremely demasulinating (is that a word?) to not be able to get to the finish line sex wise… I really hate this issue with a passion and hope this ends up helping me. I guess I should be glad I still have sex drive and still can halfway perform… just not finish, which is still a lot better than a lot of people.


Happened to me too. It is frustrating plus I stay horny; It doesn’t fulfill the need for sex.


Ozeph did you originally have libido issues


At one point sex drive dropped. I was looking at girls and felt nothing. At the same time I had anhedonia and was in a general state of “not caring about anything”. I also felt demotivated, procrastinated a lot instead of doing what I had to do,

That’s after I switched sleeping pills from Alprazolam to clonazepam. With Alprazolam, I was horny all the time, like when I was 20 (I’m 50). After switching, it all felt down. It a weird sensation to not have goals anymore, no drive. Really scary.

But I was pretty fast to go on a ketogenic / carnivore diet (like a month after I crashed) and sex drive came back. especially after taking protein shakes between meals. I still have desensitization issues.

I made several threads describing the different experiments I made:

But I dare not give any suggestions to anyone here. I can only speak of what I did and what it did for me.
Be careful with collagen. It made some people worst and I guess I could say the same for amino acids.
The ketogenic / carnivore diet was a life safer for me.


Thank you… so I’m summary aprazolam and carnivore diet increased libido?


Alprazolam did that for me. It might not do it for others. At one point, I was tempted to go see another doctor with a fake story especially made up to be prescribed Alprazolam so I could get my sex drive back, but I didn’t as it only last while I was taking it. It’s not a cure, just a side effect of Alprazolam.

As for the carnivore diet, you get a very large amount of all kinds of amino acids, including L-Carnitine which increase the density of androgen receptors. May be that’s why it did something to me.

Here’s what I found on Alprazolam: Quote: "Alprazolam or Bromazepam - If you have stopped finasteride recently, and feel that your metabolism is in a state of chronic anxiety (insomnia, poor sleep, panic attacks, irritability, mood swings, extreme anxiety, restlessness, difficult concentration - a set of symptoms known as post-finasteride crash), the use of one of these medications can help. Finasteride blocks the conversion of progesterone to allopregnanolone, which has a calming effect in the brain. Allopregnanolone acts by modulating a neurotransmitter called GABA-A. Therefore, the use of finasteride can affect the level of GABA-A in brain. Since these drugs act on GABA replacement, they are beneficial to these patients. Furthermore, by acting on the anxiety and improving sleep quality, the use of one of these drugs will help reverse another problem common in some men with Post-Finasteride Syndrome. Many complain their penises display a much smaller size and more rigid consistency when flacid than before finasteride (known as shrinkage in Propeciahelp forum). It is a dramatic change and usually patients who are in this state after finasteride usage also present lack of nocturnal erections and smaller erections. It is important to break this cycle, because if a man is not having nocturnal erections for a long time, this can lead to structure problems in the penis. When one of these medication is used to treat the post-finasteride crash, penis returns to normal size and consistency when flacid. The quality of sleep is restored, so this will also favour the reestablishment of normal nocturnal erections. It is really important to stop the crash symptoms and these medications work well in the matter.
It should be used for a short period (few months) and only if necessary, under the supervision of a psychiatrist. The withdrawal has to be gradual. " End quote


I have since used amino acids to work directly on the production of Allopregnanolone, 5ar and to re-balance my androgen receptors as well as the GABA (A) and Dopamine receptors. I believe the lack of sex drive has multiple origins. Like a table that felt because all four legs were separately and unequally cut down.


Maybe you can share some of that to the guys on Where are all the recovery stories?

Morale is pretty low there…


Yep, can be very frustrating. I mean, I’m glad I’m still good for 2-3x a week at least but even that can be a struggle to get the job done sometimes. Seems I have to be quick or it’s not happening; the loss of sensation gets worse with duration.

I’m still doing the amino acid regime but missed a day so I’m all over the place. Certainly no issues with erecrions. Too early to tell if it’s helping or not.


Quick update on me

I’ve been doing the amino acid regime regularly the last few days after being slack about it some this weekend. Had sex last night, no issues with numbness (which seems like an improvement!) but still took quite a bit longer than expected for how badly I was in need… which was a weird mix. Libido felt higher, sensitivity felt better than usual, but still took a long time to get from 95% to 100% “finished”… weird.

One weird thing–I haven’t felt sad but feel… needy? If I had to guess it almost feels like maybe estrogen is higher or something? I’m not sure how to explain it. I basically want to cuddle and I’m pretty sure I’d cry if I watched a sad movie, haha.

I’m going to keep up the regime a while longer and see what happens, barring any drastic negative changes of course.


Glad to hear you’re seeing improvements. Any guess as to which amino acid is helping the most with sensitivity or do you think it’s a synergistic effect of them all? I’m currently doing 500mg of tyrosine and 2g of citrulline daily. No noticed improvement yet


No clue which may be helping (if any even is… it’s so subjective). Tonight I feel like I’m going backwards. Still “want” sex but barely getting hard and not sensitive at all. I’m going to try to give it a full week before judging since the original poster said he had some steps backwards after 2-3 days or so (going from memory) then got better after that, but def not feeling great about it tonight.

I really wish I could get blood tests done like every day. This almost feels like low estrogen now with the going soft and my joints are also super creeky and achy feeling.

I guess we’ll see what happens!


Not sure if this could be related to sensitivity/libido issues but I did go to the urologist today and was told I have prostititis and was prescribed bactrim for the next month. Will let you know if I notice any improvement as I’ve heard stories of others seeing some kind of improvements from antibiotics.


I get the same sometime. As if the whole sexual mechanic is not complete. I’m horny, I feel I want it, my wife wants too, but naw, it’s too late, I’m going to sleep. And forget about masturbation. It takes time to get an erection and I can’t come ! So basically, I’m just horny and it stops there. If I was normal, I’d be totally frustrated but as it is I’m just frustrated a little. It’s like I can always postpone it whereas before it was a matter of emergency ! Lol…

Plus my balls keeps hurting. They’ve been hurting for a year ans a half. It’s not severe pain but it’s annoying.