Where are all the recovery stories?


Could do with some inspiration, as I’m nearing rock bottom again?

My regimen, and it's working

I know all about rock bottom mate ive been stuck in this situation far toooo long.
I don’t get it either mate hardly every any real recoveries from what I’ve seen more patch this up patch that up scenarios.
Ive tried all sorts of these drugs and supplements people claim to work but I can’t say that ive experienced anything working.
Ive got to the where im booked into the urology department at the hospital to try to get some real answers.
Ive learnt to put up with the memory issues and look at the bright side of life to deal with anxiety.
For the degrading never ending sexual issues Ive learnt to live with taking viagra.
One day this will all be figured out but until then we have to hold tight learn to appreciate things in life and make the most of a bad situation.


i was wondering if anyone has even recovered from this garbage… Most of the stuff I read seems very fake , like a salesman trying to sell somekind of pill. They state the most obvious symptoms lack of libido etc but they never go into detail…


You do see the odd recovery post but its usually followed shortly by a its NOT working post.

I don’t think many go into too much detail after all who wants to broadcast that their DICK dont work anymore across the internet…


i have never even had a short recovery, by recover I mean the genital numbness, feeling of emptiness. I could give a rats ass about the mental sides that went away after 1-1.5 years. I still do not know what caused this?! I never took fin , prop, accutane, ssris. I have seen endos, urologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons no answer yet.


I never saw it but I think that there was a separate folder before the forum was rebuilt. I think those stories were placed into this folder so if you search you should find them.


Also bear in mind that people who do recover will most likely be less active on this forum.


How is your SHBG…


I dont know , someone who has been dealing with this shit 2-3 years being on this forum I think would come back and tell people that they cured! Its like being homeless then winning 100 billion dollars, I dont think you would just forget people who were in the homeless shelter with you! :frowning:


Not even every recovery story you read is permanent, Theres a few on here who have claimed recovery and then a few years later you read a new post from them stating that the recovery didn’t stick.


ginge/ how long have you been having symptoms? what caused it? what are your symptoms?


Getting on for 5 years now I think, And it was propecia, I was taking it on and off for 4 years and was fine right till the end when started noticing weird symptoms like cold penis and no libido and crazy anxiety and gut problems. Most have gone and mainly left with crap libido. I do believe recovery is possible as I’ve had a handful of temporary recoveries.


funny, I was just thinking about how there is absolutely no way I can cope another second


some days im sad, other days im angry, others frustrated. acceptance is difficult


What substance was it you took and how long for ?

Acceptance is the hardest part it took me years to accept what has happened im sure it takes along for everyone mate.


No severe case ever recovered 100%. Its not possible currently. Science has to solve this.

I have a severe case and once got to 70%. But then I took too much hormones and screwed everything up. The epigenetic change is always there, one mistake and you can lose progress.


i took 1mg propecia for a month then quit due to sides. I quit for about a week or two and then (like an idiot) went back on it per advice of other ignorant people (hoping my “hormones would balance out after time” and side effects were even more pronounced so I quit cold turkey for the 2nd time. This was nearly a year and a half ago.


There’s plenty of recoveries, however I think theres different levels of severity to pfs. I’m not sure if severe cases can be 100% recovered from.


I saw that the recovery section in SolvePFS got vanished before the website stopped working. Still want to believe that there is legit recovery stories but there is a lot of scam among them, sadly!


I chatted on Reddit with a guy who claims he recovered 100%. He didn’t advertise this in a public post but told me his story in a private conversation. His public posts on Reddit were from years ago when he was still not recovered and depressed.

So that guy recovered using DHEA. He took it for 1 year and then stopped. His improvement remained even after he stopped. He has been off it for years now I think. Before he started DHEA he had PFS for 4 years. The only questionable thing in his story is how bad his PFS was and was it really PFS. He said he got it 3 full years after he stopped finasteride, which is a bit strange, even for this forum.

I have been meaning to post a summary of his story to see what people think of it.