My regimen, and it's working



I think it’s both of that and probably more. @axolotl told me there was an important research coming out soon and I think he will make a post about it, hopefully shedding some light on what’s happening to us.

I also think you should not be discouraged. @alteredlife got it bad for 18 years and finally got better by taking amino acids. I’m pretty sure if he would have done that on the first year, he would have spared himself an unpleasant 17 years.

If you try the amino acids take very small doses at first and stop at first sign of trouble.


Those are physical symptoms. Did this happened from the beginning of 2 years after ?


Beginning, while on and after stopping fin. BUT it has got progressively worse each couple of months since. I’m at the lowest I’ve been 2 years later. My penis has atrophied, and I’m wondering if it will ever come back. The mental sides have taken a massive toll, I’m barely even my same self. I can barely feel anything anymore. I can barely sleep, I seem to operate on 2-3 hours and somehow operate, albeit with fatigue. And oddly, recently I barley eat anymore, my metabolism has slowed to a crawl. I literally have no idea what’s going on.

I’m on clomid, arimidex, Wellbutrin, trazodone, and a variety of rotating supplements. The only thing that has a brief effect is a heavy, heavy, broccoli diet. But even then, my libido is just simply not even there - girls don’t even make sense to me.

I’ve been insanely patient, but I’m growing seriously concerned.


Those are drugs affecting hormones. From what I’ve read, there’s not much benefits to get from those. I could be wrong.

Have they done you any good ?


No but only been on them for a little over a week, had to start taking something since nothing was working. I definitely feel some testicular pain when taking it, other than that it might give me a slight boost? I’m also taking low dose every other day just to start.

Not sure what results to expect, evidence is all over the map on this forum.


Hi @Ozeph,

Do you think this is because of your whole regimen or has the antidepressant helped a lot at his own?



The aniti-depressant may have made me less irritable. I don’t know.

I stopped them in mid way, and after having a fight with my wife decided to take them again. Never felt any different with or without it.

As for the diet, That’s a whole different thing.

Anxiety, depression, panic attack, brain fog, inability to solve not so complicated problems, extreme fatigue, speech slur, headache, gastric reflux, inability to stand up or climb the stairs, lack of coordination, lack of balance: all that was gone within 3 days of going into this diet. And that’s well after I took the anti-depressant.

It makes no doubts for me the single one thing that helped me the most was the diet. Then adding some vitamins, minerals and the protein shake helped some more, which enabled me to do exercise and go even further.

Every case is different. But in my case, carbohydrates became a toxin I couldn’t afford anymore.


Evidence of what ? Beneficial effects, no effects or bad effects ?

Have you tried a ketogenic / carnivore diet / low carbs ? Many people have had positive results by changing their diet.

More to the point: do you still eat carbs ? If so do you eat carbs a little or a lot ?



Are you on any special food diet or you eat anything like you did before ?


Tried paleo for a long time, helped a bit a must say. But then sometimes I would eat carbs and do even better… I now eat most things but I can see how Paleo diet did and could help. It seems like our bodies need a high dose of specific nutrients in order to function properly (ie. aminos, bcaas). I also noticed that if I worked out I would oftentimes make things worse, same goes with the dieting and fasting. Like they give temporary relief, but not lasting recoveries.

I can go through the routines of strict dieting again but this is completely ridiculous, I really have no idea what to think anymore.


Perfect, thx for the fast answer.



Yes i was thinking about this myself buy i can’t help but think has this guy got a point
How many of these supplements have all the things we need but can’t be processed / absorbed by the human gut…

I think i will give it a shot out of interest as i have read a few good reviews


@Scott.H I’m truly sorry to hear what you’re going through, it’s immensely infuriating to hear about your situation. If you can go back in time would have chosen not to treat your symptoms using more perscription medication? Just curious

@Ozeph, my dieting is the same as it’s always been pre-fin. A lot of turkey, chicken, veggies, carbs. I usually have 1 or 2 cheat days throughout the week where I’ll eat a burger or something, but it doesn’t seem to have any correlation to my symptoms. I know this because I’ll have cheat days during times I’m feeling symptom-free and nothing happens. You stated you took fin for 20 years and experienced health issues at year 15, did you not experience any side effects while on it at all between years 1-15? I can also relate to your insomnia. The insomnia I had when I first got off was honestly scary. There was a stretch of 3 days where I literally slept for 3-4 hours. That was probably the worst side effect I experienced.


I don’t dare give any advise to anyone. I talked about using gelatin to fix leaky guts, I’m still on the experiment, and if it wasn’t for axolotl intervention I may have accidentally influenced people into doing something that would have worsen their situation.

Some have tried gelatin in the past with bad results and I’m not sure I can consider my own results as good yet.

Did you fill a personal profile ?


Honestly, it’s hard to know. My life was bad and I was unhappy. I was very irritable and took drugs and alcohol. But is it because of fin or because of being caught in a vicious circle with drugs and alcohol provoking the irritability I was drinking / using to escape from ?

I became drug / alcohol / cigarette free 8 years ago. Never touch any of those since. I was very reluctant to take the prescribed drugs, but not sleeping added another terrible layer of symptoms to my already bad situation. I took the lesser evil and chose to sleep. At first, the pills would give me only 3 hours of deep sleep, and the rest was what I call “dreaming zombie” state, where it looks like I’m not sleeping except I have very superficial dreams and not rest at all from that.

Sleep slowly improved from there but I still take drugs (at a stabilized level which is 8x less than the maximum)

The insomnia gradually came starting 2014. Before I stopped fin, I was taking a cocktail of melatonin, anti-histamine, herbs and whatever i could find but to no avail. I was sick 4-5 days a week and could barely work.

I can say I’m feeling better now, 6 months post crash, than I did 3 months pre-crash before stopping fin.


There’s one thing I do every day. I look at pictures of naked girls on the internet. The idea, is to get more or less aroused (depending on the days) but to have this stimulus to my brain everyday.

I read somewhere that it helps rising levels of testosterone and androgen. Might be wrong I don’t know… Maybe I’m just a pervert . He he !


Hmm… Not a bad idea. i’ll also start looking at naked girls pictures too…to stimulate my brain and my gonads… I wont let FPS stop me from being a pervert :stuck_out_tongue: Once a pervert always a pervert!


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Just got it. Tastes horrible but it’s got digestive enzyme and much less cysteine than whey protein isolate (which used to give me nausea whenever I took it)

Considering I have tons of whey protein and that whey protein tastes better , I will mix both vegan and whey protein 50-50 to get something in between.


Lol I know I forgot to mention that to you guys. It does taste awful, but its vegan I wouldn’t expect anything more (no offense if youe vegan). But I don’t drink it for the taste. Just a tip - I sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon powder in my shake to lighten the taste a little bit