My regimen, and it's working

I’ve been experimenting on myself now since the beginning of August, so right at 2 months. Some of you have seen me post on here but I’ve been fairy quiet about what I’m doing because I wanted to make sure it was going to work for me and not just stop. I don’t think two months is enough time, but I have had awesome improvements. I actually thought I was healed a month ago, but I keep getting better. I submitted this to Dr. Healy at and he published the article so I’m going to just post the link on here so you all can go read it. Feel free to ask all the questions you want. My particular condition is PFS, I hope this works for everyone including PSSD and PRSD.


This is spot my experience with L-Carnitine and Tartrate. Haven’t tried the other supplements you referenced


Man, since this happened to me, I’ve read where a couple of different people had a 2-3 day recovery. I believe they thought that it was just due to the one or two supplements that they took. I attributed it to amino acids in general. I temporarily discontinued the ones mentioned in my letter to Dr. Healy for a week and picked up 4 different ones this past Friday. L-Lysine, L-Proline, L-Tyrosine, and DL-Phenylaline. The first two are targeting skin. It’s too early to say for sure, but my very dry and cracked hands are already looking a lot better. The next two are for the brain. My sex drive and the connection from my head to down stairs is already very noticeably stronger. And I just took these today for the 4th time. My refractory period is a lot less too. I’m not going to get too personal on here but last night it reset in 1 hour.


Here is a link that explains some amino acids. Take your individual symptoms, look up what targets that particular part of your body and it’ll help you be more informed as to what you should try. For instance, L-Tryptophan. A lot of guys report not being able to sleep. This amino acid help produce melatonin. I bet this would fix that problem. It also helps regulate body temperature. How many PFS patients have low body temp. The thing about it is, acids are safe, our bodies need them anyway and they’re inexpensive. I would highly recommend getting a blood test done first though because if you have an enzyme deficiency for that particular acid, you could have a bad adverse reaction to it.


I took arginine did not do anything

How long have you taken it? I don’t know if you read my story but the first time I had improvements 8 yrs ag was with N.O. Explode. This has L-citrulline in it and several others. It was a month or two before I started noticing improvements. The arginine you are taking may not be converting to the citrulline as it should. So I took both of them this time. I also added others which targeted the other symptoms that I am having. I believe the most improvement came from the ones that target repairing neurotransmitters in the brain, hence how messages are delivered throughout the body. I’m taking 4-8 amino acids at any given time. Here are some that target the brain. Tarine, GABA. Glycine, Phenylalanine, Glutamine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan, DLPA
You can find supplements for every one of these.


I’ve tried all of the amino acids you’ve listed. None of them do anything.

What’s your condition? PFS, or another. Just curious

Cool article man. I’ll give these a shot. Your use of aminos is similar to talkingant on hs, his NO protocol. I can post it if people are interested.

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Would love to see it

This protocol is supposed to help your body increase nitric oxide production. This can help improve EQ. At the time of writing @tallglass13 reports several benefits including

  • increase in penile sensitivity
  • increase in flaccid strength (length?) and width
  • higher sex drive
  • better erections

He also mentions controlling ejaculation frequency. At least every 10 days, but not too often.


  • Bonded Arginine Silicate 500mg, 2 to 3 times daily
  • Folinic acid 800mcg, daily, taken before arginine
  • L-Citrulline, 2 teaspoons or 6g after ejaculation, daily
  • MTHF 400mcg, taken before arginine, daily
  • minerals, electrolytes and brewers yeast as needed
  • Nattokinase ,streptokinase, or an Antifibrinogen supplement

Originally this protocol contained Sulforaphane 1mg, EOD, but this was removed in favor of adding an antifibrinogen

Think this would help with neurological side as well?

can you post all of the Amino’s you are using. just spell them out for us here please :slight_smile:


Maybe just from improved sexual function but its not designed for that. I’d give the op’s aminos a shot for a few months first, nothing to lose with them. That’s my plan, hopefully can help us.

I want to try acetyl-l-carnitine but I’m afraid of carnitine’s antithyroid action as I already have a TSH of 3.82.

i’m going to start trying Tribulus with good protodioscin and sapinins ratio. i’ll let you guys know how it felt. also i’ve been taking acetyl l carnatine but haven’t noticed anything yet. for everyone here why not just try a protein shake? it had an over abundance of an amino acid profile. i was drinking 3-4 shakes a day before i stopped dairy and i felt no difference. i’m a PAS person though.

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Isn’t 3.8 within range?

Also what form of l-cartinine are you consuming? Is it powder or pill? I take the powder form mixed with my protein shake daily after or during my workout and it has made a substantial difference. I know its not placebo because my changes were physical. I do also notice change in mood which is a great add-on but I never got the mental sides to begin with so I can’t speak on that. (Besides insomnia)

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mine is pill so maybe that’s the reason. the only thing i’m scepitcle about this whole thing is, amino acids are in so much of our foods. meats, eggs, etc. why are they making a difference now? unless everyone here was lacking the aminos. idk.

I’m not talking about getting acids from the foods we eat. Yes, you can get them that way, but you have to assume our bodies are digesting them the way they are supposed to. We don’t know what is wrong with us. We took an enzyme inhibitor that may have inhibited more than it was supposed to so I’m not assuming my body is doing its job. I’m taking the raw, powder, tasteless forms. Some are harder to find in powders, so I get capsules if I have to, and pills if I can’t find the capsules. I’ve done quite a bit of research on acids in general. You have essential and non-essential amino acids. An essential must be consumed by your diet, a non-essential your body can synthesis on it’s own. Example, if you don’t eat enough of a non-essential, you body will take it from itself. Such as muscle tissue or other areas of the body.

On another note, my original crash with propecia was in the year 2000 and Jalyn was in 2014. The round with Jalyn was not bad because I caught it early and I was back to my old PFS self within 2 years. In saying that, those that have just crashed, may take a little longer to start noticing results. For that matter, it may only work for some and not others. I also don’t want to be negative, so I’m hoping this will help everyone.

@Eric1231 I’m keeping a log. I will copy and paste it below so y’all can read what I’ve done.

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