Digestive enzymes


has anyone ever thought why we are amino acid deficient? I started doing some basic googling to find that a lack of digestive heath is one of the common reasons why people are deficient . We all know ours guys are messed up , God’s knows why .

This can potentially be helped by taking digestive enzymes to absorb more aminos acids from food . I have started taking some and noticed some improvement. I am going slow and not taking with every meal but getting myself to a point to where I feel like it’s having an effect and backing off .

Others should try this as well and report back .

My regimen, and it's working

I tried gelatin to fix my guts. So far, the results have been great except I overdid it at one point and had a mini crash. The use of Collagen

Before: wherever I had carbs, I would end up with anxiety and problem sleeping.
After: I had carbs 3 times (oatmeal, Doritos, breaded fish sticks) and no reaction at all.

I’ll try the enzyme and now that my guts are better, I’ll try some probiotics.


I just received my vegan protein shake and it’s got lots of digestive enzyme in it and much less cysteine than whey protein isolate (which used to give me nausea whenever I took it)

I think my gelatin experiment went bad because of cysteines. So cutting back on it will help.

I’ll be taking digestive enzyme in the protein shake, therefore I will not take part of the experiment of taking it separately.

I guess you’re making sure you’re taking lots of protein because if you don’t, your enzyme won’t create aminos by themselves. They just break down proteins into aminos.


Thank you Ozeph. i have always noticed an uptick in my mental state after i eat homemade soup (should contain lots of collagen from the chicken carcass )


Paging @viking87 to the thread.


@WhatHaveIDone I will definitely be trying this. In my opinion, I think that things don’t work well because our bodies are struggling to maintain everything we are deficient in. Again, my opinion but fix the deficiencies, and everything else will start working better.


@WhatHaveIDone @Ozeph @Pete1989 So, I looked up these digestive enzymes. Found an interesting article.

Digestive enzymes facilitate the chemical break down into smaller absorbable components.

Protease break down proteins into amino acids. This one is interesting to me.
There’s a bunch of these to choose from.

Amylases break down starches into sugar molecules.


Interresting, I’ll get some. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KVLKM38/?coliid=I3NT980SRVKII&colid=26EBBENW1HSSV&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


I bought a bottle and started taking them 3 days ago. I’ll give it a week or two and then update. I bought one called DigestGold. It has 14 different things in it, including the Protease.


I have been thinking exactly the same about deficiencies, @alteredlife. However, I haven’t noticed that much difference by taking them, but by looking at what comes out of me I can see that they can give an approved digestion of food. I’ve read on various places on the web that you might get “addicted” and that the body then produces less and less digestive enzymes itself if you supplement. I don’t know the answer to that theory.


That makes sense to me. Just like going around in a wheel chair for a month (with perfectly normal legs) will make you have a hard time walking once you finally decide to get up and walk.

I think it’s a good idea to take them only on heavy meals, or once every other day.