My regimen, and it's working



Hi, sometimes that happens to me, I get horn but can’t get off. Its like I have mild ED before I’d neve be too tired to masturbate. But now I am. Also I have the occasional ball pain/ache too

Did it get any better along the road? How’s the ball pain now?


All of those come and goes. I don’t always have ball pain, sometime I’m really horny and can come twice in the same day, but orgasm are not as strong as before I took fin. I used to get a boner just by thinking about sex… That’s long gone. Sometime thinking about sex just feels like some physical activity I’d rather not do. Like it’s too must trouble.

Same with mood. Sometime Im in a good mood, Im motivated, confident and all, other time Im, apathetic and just feel like procrastinating (sometime Im even bored of procrastinating. Im like just standing there and Im asking myself ''Now what ? What am I going to do between now and the time I`ll go to sleep ? ‘’

But I have to say, it feels like the bottoms are not as deep as before and I’m kinda slowly stabilizing in the middle. I think the amino acids are helping. Especially Tryptophan, Tyrosine and L-Dopa (which I’m taking 5 days a week only)


Another update for me.

Have been having some weird results—I’m either not interested and not getting an erection at all or extremely eh… “ready”. I suspect some the amino acids are responsible for the extra hardness.

So yesterday I tried having sex. Erection was no issue at all, but sensation was strange. It’s hard to explain. It is absolutely 100% for sure different than before taking amino acids though. It’s almost like I don’t go “numb” anymore but the feeling still isn’t quite normal (and it has changed from how sex felt before taking amino acids). I can’t explain it. It’s almost like the feeling you get if you keep going right after you finish and it doesn’t feel as good anymore but still feels decent but not quite what it felt like before that. It’s kind of like that but all the time. That’s the only way I can think to describe it.

If I can get the sensation I got before amino acids at the beginning of sex (before numbness kicked in) and keep the lack of going numb that I have now then I think I’ll be pretty happy

So, I’m not sure if that’s better or worse. I’m debating not taking anything for a few days to see what happens. I already missed last nights schedule (wasn’t home) so I’m not sure.

I also have some pine pollen, DOPA and l-valine coming today so may try those instead.


I haven’t been getting on here much the last couple of months because I’ve been busy. We’re buying a house plus we’re right here at the holidays. I still have ups and downs. But I am still better then I was before I started this whole thing. This is just my opinion, but for myself, it seems as though I have to find the right combination of acids. In an earlier post I put that I had added a bottle mixed with quite a few non-essential acids and it seemed to make my symptoms worse or back toward pfs. So, I cut them out altogether and cut back on the amount I’m taking and have actually started rotating them. I may take two today, two different ones the next day, something else the 3rd day and then back to day one. I’m still experimenting. I’ve also added digestion enzymes to my diet. There is one called Protease that actually aids your digestion system in converting to aminos. I take L-Citrulline and L-Arginine which are non-essentials, but I seem to do better when I take essentials. My sex drive is still better than it has been in 18 years. Over all, I thank God I found this regimen.


Glad you’re doing well, can we get a quick updated regimen? Thanks man


Quick update on me.

Haven’t taken anything since Tuesday evening and still don’t feel quite normal (by normal I mean PFS normal). Still having a hard time getting to sleep and still feel kind of weird. Almost like I’ve taken an anti depressant and it’s making my head buzz kind of weird. I’m getting better, but surprised I’m not totally back to baseline just yet.

I don’t want to discount this idea so I am going to try some other things once I get back to baseline. I don’t think adding more on top of how I already feel is going to tell me much though so I’m hoping I feel normal after sleeping in tomorrow.


@Rmoney96 I don’t have any certain thing I’m doing consistently right now. I take Citrulline and Arginine every two to three days. I’m off of BCAA’s right now, but will add them back at some point. I also rotate Tyrosine, Carnitine, Proline, and Lysine. I plan to buy a bottle of all essentials and just take them for a few weeks and see how my body responds. The digestion capsules that I am taking have definitely helped with the indigestion that I have fought for years. I’ve only been taking them for a week now so I’m going to give them a little more time to see how I continue to respond to them.


Please post your results. I have great results with L-Dopa. It makes me calm, slightly euphoric, and motivated.
It can be addictive so it’s suggested to stop it 2 days a week.

I’m waiting for the pine pollen and L-Valine which should arrive in a few days.


Hi alteredlife.

What those aminos do to you ?


If you eat a steak and take digestive enzymes to make sure you break everything down to amino acids, take a look at what you get. How this compares to the dose in your bottle of essential aminos ?"_fat%2C_separable_lean_only%2C_lip-on%2C_bone-in%2C_rib_eye_steak_nutritional_value.html

(set it at 1 steak = 381 gr)

I think you get 10 times the aminos for 5 times cheaper, plus it’s natural. Just my opinion.


The proline and lysine are for my skin. If I don’t take them, I get bad bleeding cracks in my hands. As long as I take them, I don’t get the cracks.

As far as the steak, you just gave me a good reason to go buy one, lol. That made me hungry! I’ll give it a shot. The good thing about acids, your body will use what it needs and flush out any excess. I still haven’t taken the enzymes long enough to tell if they are going to help but I can say that I have not had near as bad of indigestion as I used to have. They are definitely helping with that.


Quick update on me. Probably not going to update anymore until I try some of the other aminos. Libido / “finishing” is really the main issue for me, so apologies this reply is going to include those kinds of details, lol

Long story short, haven’t taken anything since Tuesday.

Friday night sex was normal, no issues. Got the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Hadn’t done anything since Monday so not totally unexpected.

Woke up very ready to go again Saturday morning but couldn’t finish that time. Mornings seem to be an issue for me. Higher testosterone then maybe? I dunno.

Saturday night was all good, no issues with getting the job done

Sunday morning was another super ready to go but couldn’t finish. Not sure what it is about mornings lately.

Anyways. That’s all I got right now. I’m feeling pretty good, might just try for 3rd day in a row tonight.

I’ll update again if anything changes or I try the other stuff I listed earlier.

Any suggestions for super chapped lips? My hands also get so dry they burn now that it’s cold which is new for me.

Dry skin, chapped Lips

Hey there, I’ve made a topic:

With winter upon us (Northern hemisphere), I’m sure a lot of people will be looking for ways to help dry skin. I just wanted to make sure this conversation was visible instead of within a topic labelled as being about something else.

Could I also suggest that if you’re going to run lots of different amino acid tests, it would be helpful if you created your own topic for it so other people could easily follow your progress and story. Thanks!


My problems are worse in the morning too.


Alteredlife is taking Proline and Lysine for his skin and it seems to help.

My lips has been burning for years ! I just put vaseline on them. Before it was 24/7, now I do it only before bedtime.

Also whenever I have sex in the morning, I can’t finish either. I don’t bother try anymore, even if I’m horny. I have to wait at least 5 hours after waking up. It’s been like that for a few years before I crashed, and now the sleeping pills are making it worst.

I’m waiting for L-Valine to see if i can fix sensibility issues. It’s embarrassing…


It’s so strange to me that we have the identical issue in that regard. I’ve learned to just get the job done for her quick then stop… that seems to be the best bet for things working later that day / night. If I keep on and on it just makes things more difficult later for whatever reason.


I have this as well, had for years even before my crash. Again like most of my symptoms during my 20’s I never attributed them to fin.


Wonder if it’s related to testosterone being higher in the morning? It almost seems like more test makes us worse in a lot of instances.

On a side note, I have been getting a ton of acne and more hair shedding the last week or so. I’m starting to wonder if that’s a good thing. It’s weird, I tried Proviron like a month ago and was expecting acne then but never had any issues. Now I’m not taking anything by tried a ton of amino acids last week and now I’m getting shedding and acne. I also had sex like 5-6 times in 4 days, so I guess there’s that positive too (though not all “successful”)

My nipples are also sore which makes me wonder if my estrogen is out of whack. I really wish I could get like weekly blood tests without having to pay for them so I could see what’s going on. I may break down and pay for one soon just to see where I’m at.


@Ozeph @Pete1989 @Scott.H

Ok, I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t been on here much lately. I was actually dreading getting on here as my symptoms started slowly coming back. Refractory period was getting longer, dry skin on hands started coming back, fat on torso started getting thicker again, gynecomastia started getting tender again, ect…

I did say on here that I was going to start taking digestive enzymes as these have enzymes called protease which helps in the conversion of amino acids in the gut. I took these for several weeks and although I did not notice any difference in my normal symptoms, it completely cured the indigestion that I have literally battled since the beginning of pfs. In fact, I’ve been off of these enzymes now for at least 2 weeks and those symptoms have not returned.

Ok, on to the new theory. My theory has turned to my body not properly synthesizing the essential acids, or the ones we get from the food we eat. So, I ordered a bottle of the essential 9 on Amazon. I started taking it last Friday. Within 1 day I noticed a difference. Now, although this may help for a while and quit, my symptoms have started improving again. My hands are almost completely healed, sex drive is doing very well again with improved refractory period, fat seems to be depleting again, gynecomastia is dormant again.
Here is one I didn’t even know was due to pfs. I have had very tender legs below the knees for as long as I can remember. My wife has always laughed at me for not wanting anyone to put pressure on my legs due to that. The other day, my 4 year old stood on my leg with both feet and it did not hurt at all. I was pretty shocked.

As far as my current regimen, that’s it. I’m not taking any non essentials or anything else right now. Oh, and @Scott.H, this has histidine in it.


Happy to hear from you alteredlife. Looks to me like you should do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
I’m waiting to receive some of those enzymes as well. I’ll tell you how I feel with it. I fixed my digestive issues with the diet I’m on, with bone broth and the controversial collagen.

As you know, I have been experimenting quite a lot on a bunch of individual aminos acids, essentials or not. I’m currently on a break and it’s not feeling so great. It’s been only two days and Mood is bad, motivation is low, I’m slightly depressed and got anxiety. All of that only by reducing the doses and variety of aminos I’m taking.

It seems like I can be well if I take a bunch of specific aminos at specific times during the day, and if I stop, reduce or change the timing, I lose the gains.

I’ll confirm that tomorrow. I have a long day at the factory and I cannot afford to be anxious, demotivated and lack confidence, I will have to take my normal amino acids right from the morning and all day long. When I take them, I’m all the contrary. I feel strong, motivated, confident and happy.