Is cdnuts a fraud?

UPDATE, 13th of January 2018:

Cdnuts is a fraud. To be more specific he is a health scammer. A health scammer has a typical modus operandi: He looks for a (rare) disease whose mechanisms are not known yet. A health scammer will then falsely claim that he suffered and recovered from this disease and that he knows how to cure it. He will built an expensive protocol around that claim that is meant to fraudulently enrich himself. The health scammer will engage in high pressure selling tactics and forbid any questioning of his story or protocol. If he is not careful his different online personas will reveal that he is not only a fraud but also lying about every detail of his made up story.

That cdnuts is such a health scammer reaches the category beyond reasonable doubt. Here is why:

  1. Cdnuts claims that he can cure every (!!!) PFS victim, despite the foundation and scientists stating that there is no (known) cure. Anecdotal evidence also strongly suggests that there is no (known) cure: Of all registered members on only 0.7% have posted a recovery story in the recovery section. If a person claims that he can cure everyone it is a telltale sign that he is a health scammer.

  2. Cdnuts wants you to buy 21 (!!!) different herbs for no possible reason other than to enrich himself. No genuine homebrewer would suggest buying 21 herbs and even the company that sells the herbs has confirmed via email that they believe the amount is totally unnecessary. A protocol with an absurd number of supplements, that no reasonable person would suggest even if he believed in supplementation, is another telltale sign that we are dealing with a health scammer.

  3. Cdnuts earns money by you clicking on lucrative affiliate marketing links on his website that redirect you to has confirmed via email that cdnuts is their affiliate earning a hefty 30% lifetime commission.

  4. His website,, sounds like the typical online health scam. He has set up his website to ensure that you click on an affiliate marketing link for each herb separately to guarantee maximum income.

  5. Cdnuts did not disclose that he is the affiliate of Not disclosing this fact is another telltale sign that we are dealing with a health scammer.

  6. The upfront costs of his herb protocol exceeds 1000 dollars.

  7. Cdnuts has posted links to scammy sounding websites looking to sell you stuff since registering on back in 2008! This strongly suggest that he never had PFS and instead was looking to profit off of this community. Ask yourself the following question: What legitimate sufferer would post links to online health scams like (supposedly) testosterone raising penis rings?

  8. Cdnuts lied, when he claimed on that he was recovering from PFS naturally back in 2008/2009 as he was active on a fitness forum during the same time period, where he wrote that he was on a “lifetime” Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Less sophisticated health scammers will fail to hide their differing online personas.

  9. Cdnuts claimed on the same fitness forum that he was hypogondal in his early twenties and thus suffering from symptoms like low libido, depression and fatique. He has stated on that he consumed finasteride from age 25 to age 29, i.e. his late twenties. If we are to believe cdnuts statements, he was hypogondal long before he ever consumed even one propecia pill! Taking these statements at face value, how can cdnuts possibly know that he suffered from PFS after discontinuing the drug at 29? After all it could be his hypogondal state rearing its ugly head again.

  10. I believe howeber, that it is irrational to take cdnuts statements on these forums at face value: Much more likely is that he invents stories and protocols to push his supplements to different target groups. It is highly likely that he was neither hypogondal in his early twenties nor suffering from PFS after discontinuing the drug when he was 29. A health scammer often has multiple fake stories to increase the number of supplements he can sell.

  11. Cdnuts is engaging in high pressure selling tactics on his PFS subsection: He claims that all people asking him sceptical questions are negative and can thus never recover. Any questioning of his statements is forbidden, if you do it “you are your own worst enemy” (quoting cdnuts directly here). This is typical for health scammers and is a tactic to prevent the fraud to be uncovered. Also the health scammer doesnt want to waste energy on convincing sceptics to buy his supplements. Instead he wants to sell to the gullible and make sure that sceptics dont get in the way. Thus ensuring that sceptics leave the community by attacking them and or banning them is essential.

  12. Cdnuts never acknowledges the foundation. This would cut against his guru status. This is again typical for health scammers.

  13. Cdnuts is a professional salesman that also sells insurance.

  14. Cdnuts never answered my legitimate questions I asked on his forum:


For 1. claiming that he can cure everyone:

This post is a sticky thread over at

At the end of that sticky thread he links to his generic website:

Underlined part of the quote links to

This post is also a sticky thread over at

A typical post of him claiming he hacked PFS:

For claiming that you need to buy 21 herbs (+ one example of high pressure selling tactics):

As you saw above at the end of the sticky thread where he claims everyone can recover via his protocol he requests that people start their recovery journey at his website. Here is what he states on this website (under the tab "Testerone Boosting supplement rotation):


Notice how this sounds like the typical health scam or the infomercial of a fraudster. The language, the nonsense but financially lucrative bro science everything fits.

He also likes to push the 21 herbs line directly on his PFS forum, when talking with PFS victims:

Interaction with PFS victim 1:

Interaction with PFS victim 2:

Interaction with PFS victim 3:

Context: Bizzbee isnt reacting well to a few of the 21 herbs. Thus cdnuts demands that he buy all of the herbs that he isnt reacting badly to which are 17.

Cdnuts replies:

Notice the high pressure selling tactics in the above quote: “You guys are your own worst enemies”, “You do what you do and get what you get”, “You are limiting yourself for no reason”. These high pressure selling tactics are employed by cdnuts in most interactions with his victims. This again shows you that he is a scammer.

There are of course more examples of him pushing the 21 herbs but this should suffice.

For him pushing health scam websites on since 2008/2009, when he registered on that forum:

Posted back in May 2009 (!) :

Posted back in Oct. 2009 (!):

Posted back in July 2010 (!) :

And this takes the cake: CDNUTS WANTS YOU TO PAINT YOUR TESTICLES (Posted in 2013):

The website he linked to is: He linked to many other scammy websites as well of course. Boost your low is a health scam website, selling penis rings, testicle painting equipment, herbs and other stuff! That he would link to such a high pressure scammy salesmen website is prove that he was a fraud right from the start and never suffered from PFS!

For cdnuts claiming on a fitness forum that he was hypogondal since his early twenties, claiming on that he started with propecia at 25 and that he is recovering from PFS naturally.

Cdnuts was hypogondal in his early twenties and insisted on HRT (t-nation post from 2010!):

Cdnuts claims to have taken propecia from 25-29:

Claims on to be recovering naturally despite stating on t-nation that he is on lifelong HRT and wants to push his Testosterone up to 700:

What does this tell us? As stated above, if we take cdnuts statements at face value, it is impossible for him to know that he was actually suffering from PFS after discontinuing propecia at age 29, since he was hypogondal naturally in his early 20s. Since those two diseases have very similar symptoms and since he was hypogondal long before he ever took propecia, his supposed PFS could just have been his hypogondal nature rearing its ugly head again. Again: It is impossible for cdnuts to know that he suffered from PFS because he was naturally hypogondal before ever taking propecia and also because he recovered very quickly. All of this is when we take his statements at face value.

As I said above it is irrational to to take cdnuts statements at face value. It is much more likely that he makes up stories to go along with the supplements he is trying to sell to different target groups. Thus on one forum he is hypogondal and on the next he is suffering from PFS. He never had PFS!!

For Cdnuts being a professional salesmen, also selling insurance products.

He started with this back in 2007 and still sells insurance to this date:

Continue reading here: Is cdnuts a fraud?


WARNING: There is a good possiblity that cdnuts has turned into a fraudster.

Money grubber Cdnuts recommends cycling at least 7 and up to 20+ herbs to cure PFS. What fraudulent nonsense.

What bro science nonsense. The real reason: He wants you to buy loads of stuff up front before realizing that it doesnt work. If only one herb was needed, you wouldnt make a large up front purchase.

There we have it.

Right. When funds become available, pls transfer them to his or his associates bank account.

Hahahaha. This sounds like a scammy infomercial doesnt it? What a fraud! The longer you wait between using the same herbs (i.e. the more herbs are in rotation) the better the response? What convenient bro science for his bank account. So basically if you buy 50 different herbs up front, you will have a better effect than the guy buying only 20. You will thus get cured faster when you buy 50 herbs instead of only 20. Of course the guy buying 100 different herbs will be cured of PFS even faster.

And btw: He actually has over 20 that he rotates. So if the guru does it shouldnt you? And dont even think about purchasing less than 7 up front. We want to grab as much money from you as possible, before you notice that it isnt working.

What a nice shopping list you have there cdnuts. Funny, initially you only talked about one or two herbs. But I guess this new theory is just lovely for the bank account isnt it?

Then he links to his or his associates (??) website:

Links to following website:

Remember only buy from that website! They are the best! For his bank account. Wouldnt want to buy the stuff at a place where cdnuts isnt involved and doesnt get his fair cut of the profits.

How stupid are these guys to not see the obvious?


Definitely a fraud. I’m surprised the admins have not banned him from this site.

Definitely not a fraud, I just think he had hypogonadism from finasteride use lol

Look at how the DEVIL cdnuts ensnarles his victims:

A PFS sufferer writes this:

What is cdnuts reply? After all, apparently his victim is having financial difficulties. He does not have the necessary funds. Maybe back off of his 7 herbs are necessary at a minimum, to start the protocol?

No no, he goes for the jackpot, cold heartedly scamming a troubled soul out of his last money:

Remember: He wants that this poor soul buys 21 HERBS! 21! And he implies that the more herbs you buy, the better the results! Before that post he convinced the victim, that his protocol is the only way forward for the victims life. Its incredibly cold hearted and fraudulent. … art-2.html


I wish you would be banned. All you do is kill hope for others without offering any ideas or hope of your own. I got some random email from this site today, and decided to check back in and see if anything had changed, or if anyone else had escaped this hell since I posted my recovery. But alas, it’s just you, stuck in your own misery attacking those who have gotten better and helped others. Cdnuts helped me without ANY financial gain toward himself. Even if I PMed him late at night, and was in bad shape needing an answer, he always was there to help and never once pushed any product that he got ANY financial gain from. I bought all of my lost empire herbs products and other products from my own links and research. And guess what, HE STILL HELPED whenever I needed it. You’re just a sorry excuse for an individual to attack someone who couldn’t care less about what your opinion is, and you continue to try to misprove any recovery.

Here’s an idea, shill, how about you just do what you want to do, and stop worrying about others. Life is exactly what you put into it, and you’re always putting negative thoughts in your own head, as well as other victims who could benefit from “homebrew” programs. It’s been quite some time since our last exchange, and in that time I’ve recovered and gone on with my life, and you’re still hoping for your study.

Is pvdl a fraud?


You have no credibility if you defend cdnuts.

There are five possible reasons why you defend this obvious fraudulent behaviour:

  1. You are incredibly naive
    2) You are an alternate account of cdnuts. (possible, since you try to justify why you posted, “i.e. I got an alert”.)
  2. You are willfully ignorant and deluded, because you didnt suffer from a chronic case of PFS.
    4) You personally benefit from this behaviour monetarily in some way.
    5) You are willfully ignorant, because you havent recovered yet and are a deluded follower, that doesnt want his bubble to pop.
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Who died and made you God? How do you have any ability to determine credibility of others when you offer, 100%, NOTHING.

Is that the response you give when you have no ability to logically debate a point? Impressive. I’m still awaiting you to give a solution or benefit the community. I’m not holding my breath, however…

Have a nice life, kid. Wish you well in your recovery.

You didnt have a point. You diverted attention away from cdnuts fraudulent behaviour, by attacking me (ad-hominen) and demanding that I solve a chronic disease (absurd and beside the point).

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Just read the results of the published researches. Those herbs helped me a lot when I was on fina- but don’t due to pfs. Cdnuts did not have pfs.

The solution is to find in the epigenetic “section”. Just read the articles.

Why would he come back here?

Cdnuts is making money off of all kinds of people, PFS sufferers are just a fraction of his customers he likes to scam.

If you visit swolesource in the hope of curing PFS here is one of the PFS sticky threads cdnuts has prepared for you: … sting.html

In the above link he basically tells you that you will recover with a 100% probability if you do his protocol. He also links to his website:

LInks to this:

Now notice: This website isnt actually geared towards PFS at all. Its a website that could be for anyone that wants to improve his health via supplements. Why is that? Thats because cdnuts is a seller of supplements. Let that sink in: Cdnuts isnt actually a guy who suffered severely from PFS and now wants to help PFS guys recover. He is a seller of supplements (and other stuff) looking to make a buck and he found a great opportunity to defraud PFS victims. Now PFS victims are not his only customers, thats why his website is not geared towards them.

When you go on his website, there is a section about herbs: … -rotation/

There he tells you that you need 21 herbs:

Where does he want you to buy all these herbs? Well right here:

This website is either his or one of his associates.

Now maybe you now say: Well he just said visit the generic website for the PFS guys, how do you know that he recommends rotating 21 different herbs for every PFS victim? This is recommended on the generic website yes, but maybe he doesnt think the PFS guys need to rotate herbs you might say.

Well there is another PFS sticky thread where he explicitly tells PFS victims to cycle the herbs plus pro hormones (another product he wants you to buy):

So cdnuts wants you to buy 21 herbs and cycle them for 2 month. Then you add a pro hormone which is very expensive. And if the finances permit it, cdnuts would like you to fill his pockets indefinitely. … gimen.html

As you can see, if you buy into this fraud you will soon be broke buying all the supplements that are necessary for this protocol.

Again: cdnuts is a seller of supplements and health products NOT a PFS victim. He ABUSES PFS victims by defrauding them out of their money.

And sadly bizzbee (who is not recovered despite posting a thread in the recovery section of fell for it too:

Cdnuts replies:

And he readily admits, that cdnuts protocol is costing him dearly: … nes-5.html

Btw, cdnuts also sell other stuff that he recommends PFS sufferers to buy:

A meditation course:
Links to this:

When you fast he earns more money through amazon affiliate links: … -feasting/

And so forth. You cant do one step in that protocol, without cdnuts making a buck of you. Incredible. Even for the juice fast he found it necessary to pump products.

I am pointing out profiteering and fraud going on in this community. Somehow many of you seem to willfully gloss over this fact. Cdnuts didnt suggest 21 herbs because he believes you have to take 21 herbs. He suggested 21 herbs because he wants to profit off of the backs of PFS victims. The claim that 21 different herbs are needed for recovery is so absurd that the only possible way to explain this statement is profiteering and fraud. Even someone severely deluded by his personal experiences and buying into the homebrew is the cure for everyone story wouldnt make such an absurd claim. So the only reason we are left with is fraud. The defense that he is just delusional is now not possible anymore.

Thus we can now also say with confidence, that cdnuts knows that he doesnt know what PFS is. However he still claims the opposite, since it benefits his bank account.

I think I have done everything in my power to warn people of this obvious fraud. If you fall for it now, you deserve it.

Whether cdnuts once was a legitimate severe PFS case and later developed into a fraudster or if he was one from the beginning is irrelevant. You cant trust anything he says. I personally believe he never had a severe case of PFS.

I just read this post over at bruschis eradicating pfs blog ( I want to reply to it in this thread since I do not want to distrub bruschis blog, which is dedicated to homebrewing. Also I think this reply demonstrates a combination of wishful thinking and a misunderstanding of the core argument I am making.

I believe bruschis reply is wishful thinking because he wants to believe that he can homebrew himself out of his PFS and thus cant admit to himself that cdnuts is a fraud.

But lets get to the argument bruschi is making here: He is saying that cdnuts is not a fraud, because he is just selling a product he believes in. And why cant he make some money out of a product that cdnuts believes is very valuable. With this bruschi believes he has just refuted my argument.

That is actually false since he has not understood the argument I am making. I would agree with the statement that it would not be fraud if his protocol would be an extension of his genuine held believes even if they are false.

However this is not the case: No homebrewer would ever make the absurd claim that buying 21 herbs to recover is necessary, if you want the quickest and maximum effect. This is such an absurd claim that it can not be genuine. It is motivated by a purely monetary consideration. I.e.: He is willing to defraud PFS victims by claiming that the protocol is best when you buy 21 herbs, even though he knows this is nonsense.

Now if he had said: Only buy theses 3 herbs and this pro-hormone and thats it, that would have been believable. It seems plausible that a homebrewer would suggest this protocol and believe in its necessity. It is however not believable that anybody thinks that 21 herbs is the amount necessary (plus pro hormones).

So my argument isnt that cdnuts is making money off of PFS (although that already warrants a closer look). It is that his protocol is fraudulent even if you believe in homebrew.

Now the second aspect is that he has this website, which is not at all geared towards PFS. This also suggests to me that he is just selling products to anyone willing to buy. PFS is not really his main concern at all.

Another aspect is that he recently suggested that a PFS sufferer buy an expensive breathing/meditation lecture. He also links to this nonsense via his website.

Again: The claim is not that he makes money of PFS and thus must be a fraud. The claim is that nobody would sincerely suggest buying 21 herbs, even if he is a homebrewer.

I am sure that bruschi will not accept this argument since homebrewing is his last hope of a quick recovery and cdnuts is a leading figure in this regard.

Yo Boy, come on.
You look like a bitch screaming just after mestrual.
You don’t trust CdNuts? Don’t use his protocol, who the fuck cares?
Do use the protocol you think it is better for you and stop screaming like a pussy… nobody cares, nobody cares about you wasting your time screaming.
We have bigger problem to think about… recovery.

Look what we have here, another cdnuts zombie…

But be my guest and buy those 21 herbs plus pro hormones for a cool 1000 bucks. You deserve to be scammed and cdnuts will gladly take your money.

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It does seem like shallow hawking (maybe, I don’t want to make too definitive a statement). But that doesn’t invalidate the reality of his story, the quality of his protocol, etc. And your body does build up tolerances, it’s just not cut and dry like he insinuates, like any hawker insinuates.

You cant trust anything a fraudster says, thus it invalidates his entire story in my eyes.

Anyway, make of the above information what you wish. I think I have said everything I can say about this fraud.

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[b][i]Summary: CDNUTS is not a PFS victim but a SELLER of supplements ABUSING PFS victims. He wants you to cylce 21 herbs and claims to know what PFS is and how to cure it. Even a genuine homebrewer would never claim that it is necessary to cylce 21 herbs. A genuine homebrewer would maybe suggest 1 or 2 at most 3. Thus it is clear that cdnuts is a fraud and his protocol is built around making the maximum amount of money.

Other reasons why he is a fraud are: 1) He claims to know what PFS is even though scientists are still in the dark. 2) He claims that his protocol will work for everyone, despite knowing that for many it has failed. 3) He never acknowledges the foundation as that would undercut his supposed guru status.

Look at cdnuts pumping the products of (a website he either owns or is affiliated with) over at swolesource. Sometimes its hard to know whether you are reading an infomercial or a PFS support website.

Notice: In his posts, the underlined part links to the online store.

The master seller and fraudster cdnuts at work (emphasis in bold is mine): … #post49166 … art-2.html … #post57455 … cture.html … ation.html

How convenient. If you take this herb, all the other 21 herbs you have to take are more powerful. You cant make this stuff up. So scammy and so fraudulent that I dont even need to make my case. Its revealing all by its own!!! … owder.html … xiety.html … rbs-2.html … #post57498 … #post57451

Even if the pro hormones are not working, just continue with them as they are working behind the scenes. In a funny way thats true isnt it? They are working behind the scenes for cdnuts bank account!!! … #post57316

Right. What is recommended is that you cycle 21 herbs for 1 year, even if you are not feeling anything. Before that you cant make a judgement call? Why is that recommended? Because cdnuts has a bank account to fill. He doesnt want you to stop buying those herbs just because they dont work. That would be uncaring in regards to his finances. … ality.html


There are many many many more posts of cdnuts selling stuff.

I just had to post this, to give you guys an impression that goes beyond the arguments mentioned already.

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[b][i]Summary: CDNUTS is not a PFS victim but a SELLER of supplements ABUSING PFS victims. He wants you to cylce 21 herbs and claims to know what PFS is and how to cure it. Even a genuine homebrewer would never claim that it is necessary to cylce 21 herbs. A genuine homebrewer would maybe suggest 1 or 2 at most 3. Thus it is clear that cdnuts is a fraud and his protocol is built around making the maximum amount of money. NEW INFORMATION: If you follow cdnuts protocol the UPFRONT costs are 1045 dollars (if you add the brain package, 1145 dollars).

Other reasons why he is a fraud are: 1) He claims to know what PFS is even though scientists are still in the dark. 2) He claims that his protocol will work for everyone, despite knowing that for many it has failed. 3) He never acknowledges the foundation as that would undercut his supposed guru status.

What is revealing though, is that at the review section of we have a professional natural bodybuilder who recommends buying 3 herbs. 3!!! He uses only 3 herbs and is a natural bodybuilder, doing this stuff for a living! (scroll down to see it).

If 3 is enough for a professional natural bodybuilder it should be enough for a PFS victim. But no cdnuts wants you to buy 21!!! 21. If that was necessary for the maximum effect, dont you think the bodybuilder would already be on it???

The only way to explain such an absurd recommendation are monetary motivations and fraud.

Now how much would cdnuts protocol cost you up front (i.e. without considering the costs of buying more herbs once you consumed them):

He recommends buying these 21 herbs (and wants you to buy them through the website I have added the price for each of them in bold: … #post49166

This will cost $766 up front just to get started with the herbs.

But to cure PFS cdnuts also wants you to buy pro hormones: … gimen.html

If am not mistaken one capsule is only about 100 mg. So you need about 4 capsules per day per cdnuts. One container has 60. So it will last about 2 weeks. I.e. you need 3 containers to finish the cycle of 6 weeks.

Thus it will cost you another 120 bucks.

However it doesnt stop there, you also need to fast per cdnuts protocol. For this you need a special blender, your regular one is not going to work: … -feasting/

How much will this cost you? 150 dollars.

You also need a nutmilk bag:

This will cost you again: 9 dollars.

So to summarize this is the bill to just get starte:

21 herbs, 766 dollars.
pro-hormones, 120 dollars.
juice fasting, 159 dollars.

In total you will spent 1045 dollars.

However that is only the basic stuff. If you are so foolish to believe the stuff cdnuts is telling you, you will also consider the brain package: … #post57455 … the-brain/

How much will this cost (the stuff can again be bought over at

Bacopa: $30
Gotu Kola: $35
Shizandra berry: $30

So the brain package will cost you another 100 bucks.

So to summarize:

Cdnuts protocol in the most basic version will cost you 1045 dollars. If you add the brain package its 1145 dollars. If you add other nonsense like the meditation course, the diet clinic etc. it will go even higher.

These 1145 dollars are up front costs to get started. If you want to continue with this stuff over time you will of course rack up much higher bills.

Lastly, look at this funny but fraudulent interaction. Bizzbee tells cdnuts that he isnt reacting well to some of the herbs. Cdnuts then tells him to just cylce the ones that are fine, which in bizzbees case would be 17 (since he named 4 or so herbs he didnt like). BIzzbee rightfully is sceptical of the amount: … elz-2.html

Those are some high pressure selling tactics by fraud cdnuts. Incredible. The gall this guys has.

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