Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?

Hello guys,
i just wondered how many guys tried the CDnuts protocol.

Personally, i started it without fasting cause i don’t have enough weight, and see improvements in the way i looked and in the way i feelt, and everybody noticed.
I wnet into something good until two thing happened: 1. i got a groin while i was sprinting, which led me to not excercise and 2. i started avoiding gluten.
Maybe the two things have nothing to do with this but since then i feel bad again.

Now i’m planning to cure my groin, gain weight and apply the protocol starting with the fast.
What do you think?
Have you tried the protocol?


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Yes, his suggestions were one of the first things I tried because I was in desperation and had no idea what was happening to me. I was following it closely, although i was using about 7 supplements (I’ve read he suggests you buy dozens now). I immediately ditched a decade and a half of vegetarianism and was agonising over details like whether the cotton in my juicing bag was organic. Near every element made me worse. I have a very, very bad response to androgenic supplements, I lose muscle with hard exercise, and my T doubled after developing severe PFS at the same time I had literal erosion of androgenic tissue, so a regime based around “boosting your low t” is about the worst thing I can do. I’ve done a couple of weeks of fasting back then, and also much later one involuntarily when I re-crashed. I’ve also tried intermittent fasting. Others I am in close touch with also responded badly to fasting (which interestingly lowers androgens during and increases them sharply upon refeeding). In short, my personal experience (with PFS as bad as it gets, so not universally applicable) is that I continued to worsen, especially physically/sexually over the course of following mr nuts’ suggestion. I have seen a few people say they felt better doing it, but nothing I would personally consider statistically notable in the grand scheme, considering I’ve also been in touch with people who didn’t make any progress or became worse.

I should point out I’ve seen in the past weeks someone named fixit on solve got malnutrition from cutting out gluten as part of this alternative therapy. I cut out gluten for longer than i was doing that diet, supplement and exercise thing and it made no difference, so i eat it again now. It’s evident that PFS causes autoimmune issues and some people develop a notable intolerance to things like gluten and dairy, but I haven’t done so.


So, what are you planning to do, now?

cdnuts is a known fraud:

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i read it. we can discuss there or via pm if cd is a fraud or not, but please don’t be off topic.

The answer is that cdnuts protocols are total nonsense, dont work and are designed to maximally enrich himself.

Nothing to see there and a waste of time to even discuss it. Should be prohibited to discuss his fraudulent protocol as it gives it the air of legitimacy.

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Things I believe are important to get help and protection for others.

That isn’t the answer because the question he asked was has anyone tried it.

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I tried using the cdnuts protocol once to promote world peace, sadly it didn’t work. The protocol itself is essentially a bag of natural health therapies which are already established in their own individual right. Surprisingly this cdnuts protocol has nearly doubled in size all these years later and now includes a bunch of other therapies that were never originally written about by nuts. So I assume he is now claiming he recovered using additional therapies so make of that what you will.

It’s ironic how the cdnuts cheerleader asks how many folk here have tried the protocol. About 8 years ago when the apparent nuts protocol was promoted, hundreds and hundreds of guys here tried it out back when membership was active around 4,500. Many of us here interchanged ideas and discussed outcomes publicly and privately. Sorry to say there was no great cure of PFS.

The amount of successful recoveries using the nuts protocol amounted to nuts himself and the great English. Some believed English was cdnuts while others claimed Englsih set up a PFS website with nuts. A handful of guys with very mild cases of PFS claimed some improvements but then again as the Endocrine system can naturally recover within a few years of suppression, there was no actual medical evidence to prove that improvements did come from this selection of therapies.

In the past year since the introduction of a new health forum abbreviated as HS, Dr Nuts new place of residence there has been quite a number of people coming to this forum making claims they have been cured by the protocol. Make of that what you will but essentially hundreds of guys tried it 7+ years ago with next to no benefit and suddenly in the past 12 months hallelujah, the nuts protocol is curing many conditions under the sun.

Interestingly nuts who claimed to be cured of PFS is still around promoting these natural therapies 7+ years later. Either he is The Good Samaritan we read about in Bible Studies or he is making a good living from PFS and clearly doing very well financially to still be in the health game.

As previously mentioned there has been lots written about the different therapies in his protocol and I have never been against anyone for doing them but the benefits are exaggerated. These therapies are often recited by likeable personalities working as fake health gurus in their private seminars pitched in town halls, small theaters, conference rooms etc. Group presentations and individual advice also extend to the popular Skype.

The gurus often make spurious claims that they have seen patients make miraculous recoveries referencing fake testimonies or they themselves recovered and are now here to help. Cover stories sometimes involve the guru saying they are actually studying to become a doctor/medical professional or claim to have achieved medical certification’s through examination bodies that don’t exist.

One of the favorite protocols is the removal of toxins/pathogens which eventually allows the human body to regain natural functionality and lead to patient recovery. Spurious claims are those made without actual facts or medical studies to support them and are often linked to a complicated medical theory which the fake guru ties in with human biology. Success is also dependent of faith/belief meaning the guru tells the audience they must keep believing throughout the treatments. At this moment the guru transcends into a faith healer but the audience remains largely unaware.

These protocols can often take over a year to do properly which is a good length of time to make money from the patient. If the patient doesn’t fully commit to his/hers new protocols then the guru simply tells them they stopped believing so no refund is given on advice etc. Seriously, when was the last time your GP prescribed you a medication and told you, you must believe in this treatment or it won’t work?

By all means if you feel the need to try natural therapies there is plenty of information out there that is free to see and read. However when parting with money in exchange for services you should try to be objective at all times because people are naturally good at fooling themselves without much help from anyone.

Oh and if any of what I have written is off topic, I apologise in advance.


is not off-topic at all but you can call cheer-leader someone else, for example your mother, not me.

thank you for your informations by the way. now, what do you suggest? any better idea?

In reply to Sonic

I think the best place to start with is the truth. The problem here is that we have our own versions of what the truth is. If that truth starts with reading about Arjun in India who cured PFS with fasting then that is your truth. Maybe it is Chao in China who cured his PFS through a clean diet, lifting heavy weights and a positive attitude then that too is your truth. I like the saying “if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is”, sorry Arjun and Chao.

With respect to cdnuts he has dined off the back of his recovery story for over 7 years and made himself available online. He took up positions as an administrator, which allowed him to operate from a position of trust whilst being able to delete any posts that questioned his ethics or the money he makes from PFS.

Dr. John Santmann lost his son to PFS, set up the Foundation and put $500,000 of his own money into the charity. Dr Santmann has not asked anything from us but instead works hard on bringing awareness to a condition that many in the medical industry have chose to ignore. Cdnuts has rubbished Dr Santmanns efforts and shown only hate towards this man, that really tells you everything about his character.

His actions only serve to generate fear and make people believe that they have no other option but to believe in his protocols, which seem to grow each year. In turn he pushes people away from donating in research and public awareness initiatives pursued by the Foundation. It’s a clever strategy designed to keep people afraid and turning to him for help. When the protocols don’t work people still think he’s the only one who can help so they say nothing. He is using fear to control people and an administrator’s position to control what is said about him. Control, manipulation it is what it is.

So when you buy into his protocols you are allowing yourself to be controlled and manipulated. In some ways it is no difference to bullying, using a perceived power over a weaker person to control them. That is the person you put your trust in.

People are willing to believe the recovery stories promoting his protocols. They are willing to believe in someone who posted a recovery whom they have never met. They are willing to believe in cdnuts who has kept his identity a secret yet has enjoyed the fame at every opportunity using a false name.

Cdnuts has proven over the past 7+ years that he’s a one trick pony, dining off his alleged recovery protocol but unable to figure out the universal cure. If he could have he would have because he is someone who loves the attention. He does not have a background in medicine surprise surprise but rather a background in sales. It’s the art of selling that he excels in.

The fact that cdnuts has been around for 7+ years proves that there is still a demand for whatever he is providing. In truth many of those natural therapies have been around longer than 7 years. I have always said they are worth a try but be realistic in your expectations. If you are doing them because you are pumped up from reading a recovery story then you’re being driven by emotion that clouds your objectivity.

In the end we come full circle, people choose their own truth. History shows that people will follow those who give them hope in difficult times. Until we know more about PFS and the route cause then I don’t see much changing. I prefer to make my own choices, remain thankful for the things I can still do, donate to the Foundation and share information with others. GL


That’s a great post, @Andrew35.


@Andrew35, another unanswered question, even longer that the previous one. and this is off-topic for sure.
the question was “have you tried the cdnuts protocol?”.
it’s like i talk another language or something and you are wasting my time.
if you don’t want to answer, do me a favor, go playing in the front door of your own apartement block and don’t bother me.
Admiiiiiiins, there’s an off-topic here.

Great post. I especially like this (new) insight:

His actions only serve to generate fear and make people believe that they have no other option but to believe in his protocols, which seem to grow each year. In turn he pushes people away from donating in research and public awareness initiatives pursued by the Foundation. It’s a clever strategy designed to keep people afraid and turning to him for help. When the protocols don’t work people still think he’s the only one who can help so they say nothing. He is using fear to control people and an administrator’s position to control what is said about him. Control, manipulation it is what it is.

That is a very intelligent observation (i.e. that cdnuts works with fear). Cdnuts tells people that their life is over if they do not recover. That they might as well kill themselves if they do not succeed in “defeating” PFS. And then the next step is to present his fraudulent protocol as the ONLY solution.

This is of course false in two ways: 1) Life is not over even with PFS. 2) His protocoll is nothing more than an fraudulent enrichment scheme, designed to maximally deplete PFS victims savings.

I agree: One of his most effective tools is fear: Your life is over if you do not believe in me. Its sadistic, sociopathic behavior. And the perfect example of what this leads to is bizzbee: His whole life is centered around him trying to cure himself and failing. He is in an eternal loop. Its a pathetic way to live.

At the end of the day, the best thing a PFS guy can do is try to achieve his goals that he had before and donate to the foundation. The rest is nonsense.

So when you buy into his protocols you are allowing yourself to be controlled and manipulated. In some ways it is no difference to bullying, using a perceived power over a weaker person to control them. That is the person you put your trust in.

Also very insightful. He has bullied an entire community and many followers are adopting this behaviour. As you say: He says he is the sufferers superior because he had the “strength” necessary to cure himself. Total bollocks. Once you accept this framework you turn into his slave.

I would differ on two things though ac3c:

  1. There is no “your or my” truth. There is only THE TRUTH. Its universal and not dependent on the subject. Otherwise we have to call it an opinion, which is of course not truth and cant be compared to it. When it comes to a medical treatment protocol, it either works or it doesnt. And it is just a fact that cdnuts protocol is just a way to transfer money from the sufferers bank account to his bank account. It does not work and is a waste of money and emotional energy (i.e. the fear and disappointment).

  2. Cdnuts protocol is not worth a try. It involve 21 herbs. Its (understandable) desperation that gets people to try it.



Alright im not in the cdnuts camp but you guys seem fixated on the fact that he sells his tricks and what not, personally i dont care at all. No matter what you say, his theory is pretty sound, especially if u have “mild pfs” it could actually cure you.

If the problem is a simple 5ar2 downregulation -> increase androgens peripherally -> increase dht back through 5ar2 upregulation. Not so crazy at all. And as he and sonic said has anyone of u tried anything he proposes?

Im gonna try proviron soon since my dht is too low and see how i respond, if i see gains his method could actually help me alot imo.

His theories have falied spectacularly. You could not get further away from a sound theory even if you tried. The guy has posted links to obvious scam websites since the day he registered.

Do you know what a sound theory is? Actually a fact?

That cdnuts is a money grubbing fraud. Thats a fact. Thats not rage. Its a stone cold fact and it would hold up in the court of law.

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girls/guys/gays, look, there’s a dedicated post here

would you please (please, please) just go arguing there and just let me find out what i wanted to find out with this post? be polite, even if i’m not. be a good example.

thank you.

I dont give a shit what he does or what he asks or who follows him religiously, i know from my own logic and understanding and the most posts i saw on the forum that people raised their androgens through various methods and reactivated their 5ar, his method does the same in a way he makes money, yes he might be a person who exploits others but you cant disregard the overall picture of his protocol as garbage or fake

I really get the feeling that you dont want to find out the truth. You want an answer that confirms your bias and that gives you encouragement to continue to deceive yourself by trusting in a fraud.

I will accept this but it is a sad way to go about in life. Just look at some of the stuff a3c3 and my “cdnuts is a fraud” thread have highlighted. It shows that his protocols have failed and that he is an obvious fraud. A prototypical health scam. What more is there to ask???

The question has been answered. You just dont like the answer and will refuse it until you get what you want: I.e. that cdnuts protocol works.

Of course its your right to do so. But I would warn against it. Have fun.


I created this post to be able to compare experiences and gather information useful to me or others and has become a sad quarrel.
i never stated that cd is a saint, i never stated that cd is a fraud, i just asked a question.
this is a forum full of people suffering and turning this post into a fight (off-topic, by the way), this is sad for sure.
hope your unrelated answers will be shut down by the admins, i’ll ask for that @axolotl

peace and love.

But how is it unrelated? The question “have you tried it?” is really asking whether the protocol works. And the answer can only be a “no”. To understand why this is obvious the fraud topic has to be explained. So I would say the post by ac3c and my answer is on topic.