Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?


Hello guys,
i just wondered how many guys tried the CDnuts protocol.

Personally, i started it without fasting cause i don’t have enough weight, and see improvements in the way i looked and in the way i feelt, and everybody noticed.
I wnet into something good until two thing happened: 1. i got a groin while i was sprinting, which led me to not excercise and 2. i started avoiding gluten.
Maybe the two things have nothing to do with this but since then i feel bad again.

Now i’m planning to cure my groin, gain weight and apply the protocol starting with the fast.
What do you think?
Have you tried the protocol?



Yes, his suggestions were one of the first things I tried because I was in desperation and had no idea what was happening to me. I was following it closely, although i was using about 7 supplements (I’ve read he suggests you buy dozens now). I immediately ditched a decade and a half of vegetarianism and was agonising over details like whether the cotton in my juicing bag was organic. Near every element made me worse. I have a very, very bad response to androgenic supplements, I lose muscle with hard exercise, and my T doubled after developing severe PFS at the same time I had literal erosion of androgenic tissue, so a regime based around “boosting your low t” is about the worst thing I can do. I’ve done a couple of weeks of fasting back then, and also much later one involuntarily when I re-crashed. I’ve also tried intermittent fasting. Others I am in close touch with also responded badly to fasting (which interestingly lowers androgens during and increases them sharply upon refeeding). In short, my personal experience (with PFS as bad as it gets, so not universally applicable) is that I continued to worsen, especially physically/sexually over the course of following mr nuts’ suggestion. I have seen a few people say they felt better doing it, but nothing I would personally consider statistically notable in the grand scheme, considering I’ve also been in touch with people who didn’t make any progress or became worse.

I should point out I’ve seen in the past weeks someone named fixit on solve got malnutrition from cutting out gluten as part of this alternative therapy. I cut out gluten for longer than i was doing that diet, supplement and exercise thing and it made no difference, so i eat it again now. It’s evident that PFS causes autoimmune issues and some people develop a notable intolerance to things like gluten and dairy, but I haven’t done so.


So, what are you planning to do, now?


cdnuts is a known fraud:


i read it. we can discuss there or via pm if cd is a fraud or not, but please don’t be off topic.


The answer is that cdnuts protocols are total nonsense, dont work and are designed to maximally enrich himself.

Nothing to see there and a waste of time to even discuss it. Should be prohibited to discuss his fraudulent protocol as it gives it the air of legitimacy.


Things I believe are important to get help and protection for others.

That isn’t the answer because the question he asked was has anyone tried it.