Is cdnuts a fraud?

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Is cdnuts

Same guy I figured it out along time ago didn’t wanna say anything about it

Guys check out my post on tonghat Ali I am recovering pretty good

I’m not patronizing any protocol or anyone in any sense although it isn’t even clear what you mean by that.

The pace of scientific research on PFS and related mechanisms is not dependent at all on whether or not these guys are following CDNuts or he is a fraud.

It is though since the guys emotionally invested in a protocol are refusing to set up a monthly donation to the foundation (even if the amount requested is tiny like 10 dollars monthly). The psychological reason for it is that they cant allow any doubt that their protocol might not work. If you set up such a donation you acknowledge that your protocol might fail (otherwise why do it). This acknowledgment does not fit in the “I will get cured via cdnuts protocol” mantra. I have seen this time and time again.

It is my opinion that it is patronizing, if you say that they cant be confronted with facts as they need (false) hope.

I think XP just blew cdnuts nuts outta the water over at solve…Not good.

[Size=4]Key Points[/size]

  • CDSNUTS mostly posts links to websites designed as informercials, which sell some sort of health-related product
  • CDSNUTS most posted websites have programs of Affiliate Marketing (more on
    this below)
  • CDSNUTS is an Affiliate of Lostempireherbs
  • CDSNUTS has been posting about his Affiliate’s products since he first joined the PFS community in 2008.
  • CDSNUTS agressively markets his affiliates products.
  • CDSNUTS affiliates also use themselves AGGRESSIVE SELLING techniques to push their products for sale
  • CDSNUTS never posts anything of sound scientific, evidence based content
  • CDSNUTS links to websites of poorly researched content, they dont even rank high in Google Search. The content of these websites is clearly directed at selling irresponsibly their items, while bashing out on proven medical treatments for easy to solve conditions such as hypogonadism, and very serious conditions such as cancer! This is the hallmark of any health scam and CDSNUTS actively supports them!!
  • CDSNUTS in 2010 claimed to never having tested Testosterone even though he claimed to have PFS. A testosterone exam is usually the first thing a doctor orders
  • CDSNUTS is/was very likely hypogonadal, even before finasteride, and has been on HRT the whole time he claimed to be recovering naturally from PFS with the products he advertises (please see the last post).for his low testosterone levels (which he did check)


After reading pvdls arguments and doing my own research I’m convinced cdnuts is but a fraud who needs to be called out. 21 herbs in a 21 day cycle, for beating pfs, costing in excess of 1000+ USD surely is because CDSNUTS is trying to take advantage of people in a desperate situation, ever since he joined propeciahelp! Because I almost fell for buying all of these herbs, I decided to do a little research myself and post it so everyone who is considering buying them FROM HIM OR HIS AFFILIATES, reads this and thinks TWICE before spending their money. Im not here to discuss the effectiveness or not of cdsnuts protocol for PFS - even though I have my reserves about it - , but rather about what seems to be someone taking advantage of the desperate situation people are, to his financial advantage!!

Ever since he joined propeciahelp forum, cdsnuts posted many links to untrustworthy, high pressure selling infomercial looking websites. It is also certainly not a coincidence that all of his most linked websites have affiliate marketing programs, and all of them have very poorly written and poorly researched content, clearly oriented for sales!

Affiliate marketing programs are a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Let this sink in for a moment: Cdnuts, in the time period from 2008-2013 posted a lot of links to websites. Most of them sell products and the most linked happen to have an affiliate program! Many of them sound like a high pressure untrustworthy infomercial, with very poor scientific content. What is the likelyhood that a PFS victim that wants to help links to such a untrustworthy, infomercial website? Very low. What is the likelyhood that a person affiliated with such a website does it? Very high!!

All this makes me believe that cdnuts is pushing products not only on other forums with PFSers today but was pushing products right from the beginning, i.e. from 2008-2013 over at

Even though I cant say for sure in the time period from 2008-2013, the pattern emerges that cdnuts is but a seller of supplements, books and fasting plans for other companies.It probably is true not only nowadays but right from the start!!!

Some of the links he posted are still the same he posts nowadays such as true north clinic, supermanherbs/lostempireherbs, which means HE IS LIKELY PROFITING FROM THE PFS COMMUNITY SINCE A LONG LONG TIME.

Making money through affiliate marketing of products from other companies, he’s selling their products and earning a commission, and all things point to it being exactly like this since 2008.These products range from fasting at clinics, to plastic-metal rings for your penis, to supplements and herbs. Not surprisingly, he is also a SELLER IN REAL LIFE, selling health insurances to old people for a living. All this screams this person is taking advantage of this community for a long time and it really hurts me to see people spending a lot of money in order to follow something that is free or relatively cheap, such as fasting and herbs.

Think about this: no one else on the whole internet, bodybuilding forums and so on, came up with a rotation scheme for 21 herbs in 21 days, in any forums, except CDSNUTS and the website he mostly promoted and sells products boost your low . Do you think its because he is some sort of genius?? Is it because he is such a nice person that he shares his knowledge with you? None of that! Its much more likely that its because pushing for 21 herbs is the fastest way to fill up his wallet!

[u]Lets not feed this kind of behaviours in 2018!![/u] Anyone make a buck out of PFS, and telling people don’t recover from a disease because of their lack of commitment towards their own recovery, as if it was their own fault to be sick, is but a tool and deserves being called out!!

[Size=4]cdsnuts - website links and affiliate sales[/size]

If you do a search on PHELP you will see that most of the links CDSNUTS posted between 2008 and 2013 are of websites looking like infomercials.

Many times, the text is articulated in aggressive selling techniques and in ways such that the reader feels compelled to click to “find out more”, with a clear pattern emerging the more you search all his posts containing http links. Its generally goes like this:

<click-bait phrase:
"here is the information ";
"get more info here ">.

Most of these posts look like they came directly from TV SHOP 24 HOUR advertisement i.e. Chuck Norris express ab!!

Most of the websites he posted sell a product in a form or another and not surprisingly, the websites most repeatedly linked by cdsnuts are also the ones having publicly advertised affiliate programs!!!

His most linked websites are:

The products he advertised are:

  • Juice feasting, fasting and fasting at clinics!
  • Herbs
  • Suplements
  • Zinger Ring (WTF is this crap man?!?!)

True North Clinic and LostempireHerbs are probably his biggest source of income from the PFS community. These 2 companies have affiliate marketing programs, and especially LostEmpireHerbs/SupermanHerbs affiliate program is very very attractive one as you’ll see later! He’s also affiliated with Lostempireherbs which makes it all even more suspicious!

How this roughly works is when he links to a website on propeciahelp people are redirected to websites which sell these health-related products. The seller will see where the traffic originated from and will give a cut of the sale to cdsnuts. Or likewise, if he redirects someone to say lostempireherbs, or gives them a coupon, and a sale is made, cdsnuts gets his share.

For now lets look at his most linked website and how no serious person would link to these kind of websites let alone a PFS sufferer

[Size=4]Boost your low testosterone - Website [/size]

This is cdsnuts most linked website on propeciahelp
Not surprisingly,it also happens to redirect to his other most linked website online (with an affiliate program), Lostempireherbs formerly known as SupermanHerbs. The website is one giant infomercial,, such that no serious person would link to these kind of websites let alone a PFS sufferer.

Look at the low quality in the content of this site and how they push very hard to sell you their things. Below, some phrases, titles/subtitles that I collected to prove you a point. Look at them and tell me, would you ever post this website on these forums for your peer sick people?? What is this sad BS??

SO WHY DONT YOU GROW SOME BIG BALLS GUYS !!! Increase that package of yours with cdnuts protocol and his affiliate websites and products

Or maybe, “scroll down to read more”, dont forget to grab a copy and while at it why not buy some more of their stuff?!

Or my all time favourite:

Actually the whole website is so centered in promoting their affiliate’s products that they even refer the owner of LostEmpireHerbs as a credible source of information

And when you try to download their “free” ebook, claimed by the to be worth 19.95USD, you will see it is but a couple suggestions, in a 8 page pdf with large letters. You also get asked to subscribe to Lostempireherbs mailing list so you can get spammed with their emails promoting their products. You are also redirect to websites claiming disproved things such as “testosterone does not decline with age”…And it seems you too can avoid you testosterone from declining with age, if only you subscribe, buy their products and books!!

[Size=4]Boost your low testosterone - Testimonials[/size]
If you really want to see if a product is a scam or not, you have to look at their testimonials. So lets look at this website’s testimonials:

Hank A. PhD, biochemical toxicologist thinks nothing on this website is baloney or poorly researched lol. Its hard to understand if Hank is actually referring to the testicle painting, skipping TRT for hypogonadism, wearing a plastic/metal ring around his penis, or buying their books that teach you how to massage your testicles so they grow bigger and you have the biggest of the testicles in the room when you lower your pants in front of everyone!! Obviously Hank has a PhD…in quackery research!
This is but an amusing way to try to bring more credibility to such a website where nothing is actually a product of research.

This other person, who was/is apparently hypo gonadal, suddenly became a stud in bed, while skipping his TRT and using a ZINGER RING, also sold on this website, and using testicle massaging techniques as provided by the books sold on the website, instead of TRT. He was admitedly skeptical before this worked… Aren’t we all, even after his BS testimonial?!

Another testimonial: it seems if you want a 6pack, all it takes is ordering Marks “Low Testosterone Remedy” course and 5 weeks of your time. How convenient…Sounds quite like to Chuck Norris’ abexpress sold on those 24 hours advertisement channels doesn it? If only the Biggest Loser TV show found out about this website…

[Size=4]boost your low testosterone - cdsnuts references[/size]

Why is cdsnuts repeatadly coming up with these websites with such low quality of content and pushing for sales, clearly promoting these suplementing selling companies, advocating for such health scams, when everyone else is posting much more sound and scientific content? Is it because he falls for every one of these scams? Is it likely because he is a serious person? Or is it more likely that its because he was just trying to make a buck OUT OF EVERYONE since the beggining? THINK ABOUT IT!

CDSNUTS claims supporting sexual encounters with the supplements from that website, can make a big difference. Lets not forget you also deserve to have kids, you deserve a better life - tap on the back, life will be ok, just remember click here to buy a better life through CDSNUTS affiliate products

Are you in same condition as CDSNUTS? He will happily refer you to where you should buy his affiliate’s suplement…even without you asking for it :slight_smile:

Why dont you paint your testicles as outlined in the website if you want big balls, because “people” (wonder who that is…quite a vague statement here) are getting good results

Don’t go anywhere else, cdsnuts got the answer right here on this website, since 2009. Just reach out for your wallets and prepare for recovery!

[Size=4]The zinger[/size]

This is probably the biggest scam he ever posted and I can’t imagine how anyone would fall for this.

The zinger… two pieces of metal, separated by a plastic tube, forming a ring, but which claims to make electric current pass through your testicles and stimulate leydig cells as if this was even possible!!

This screams SCAM all over it but for cdsnuts, NOT SURPRISINGLY, it worked like a charm:

So brace your wallets, and go to ebay or boost your low testosterone to get this important part of CDSNUTS protocol.

[Size=4]Juice Feasting, Fasting and Fasting clinics[/size]

You will see cdsnuts repeatedly linking to 3 websites related to juice feasting and fasting, which also happen to have affiliate programs:

Here’s just a few examples of cdnuts repeatedly refering to these websites, so you never forget where he did his fasts, and you can follow cdnuts protocol. He makes sure to post it enough times so you dont forget it and maybe buy into it

[Size=4]Lostempireherbs and supermanherbs[/size]

As everyone knows, cdsnuts keeps referring to lostempireherbs, previously to supermanherbs which he promoted during many years before suddenly switching to lostempireherbs posts. He refers it commonly as the place to buy the herbs, for their “superior quality”. It so happens their price is also much “superior” and so is their affiliate program comissions lol! And we know with 100% certainty he is an affiliate of lostempireherbs.

You can see here actually Supermanherbs and Lostempireherbs are the same place.

An interesting affiliate program, paying up to 30% in commission, in addition to lifetime commissions on reorders:

In this book, Affiliate Marketing Success-Step By Step Guide to Make 1000% ROI Using Dirt Cheap or Free Traffic Sources and Top Converting Affiliate Products, Supermanherbs is referred to as a company with an “Odd Affiliate Program” … OI&f=false

We can only assume its but a similar affiliate program to the profitable lostempireherbs program, and remember cdsnuts protocol started with cdnuts promoting supermanherbs products long time ago! IT IS NOT A RECENT THING!

[Size=4]Lostempireherbs and supermanherbs - Testimonials[/size]

Don’t believe me? Lets look at some claims and testimonials to see how bad this place is:
If you want to live longer, you need to buy these herbs:

Do you have BPH and prostate cancer? Then buy their herbs!!

What can I say, lets shutdown all laboratories and research facilities now, and let CDNUTS and his affiliates handle the worlds problems!!! It actually seems like its what he wants. I guess its can only be convenient for a person selling supplements to bash on research behind done that will invalidate his protocol and loose his share!

[Size=4]Other infomercial looking websites posted by cdsnuts[/size]

A couple more shady infomercial websites posted by CDNUTS:

Mike Mahler – - Yet another website selling all sorts of things, from DVDs, to kettlebells, supplements, and which has an affiliate program. I guess this was not such an advantageous affiliate program.

Raw School - - couldnt find an explicit affiliate program, but does sell sets of CDs for 280+USD

Paleo Diet - - Sells all sort of books . At the end of the page we have a widget we could use to earn comissions on this, “Commission received if you click, then put an item in cart and buy”

[Size=4]CDSNUTS - a professional seller ?[/size]

Turns out cdsnuts is actually a professional seller of insurances at least since 2007, which makes it even more suspicious when looking at those infomercial websites and his posts, both of which push agressively for sales.

And a personal website for an insurance and annuities selling company…further proving cdnuts is a seller in real life and can work his way into successfully selling you things:

Likely, cdsnuts recruits people for his cdnuts protocol / program for pfs, not based on the fact that people’s ATTITUDE will make them recover, but because their attitude is the MOST LIKELY to also give him money by buying into all his program. Not 75% of it, not 90% ofit, 100% is what is required from you if you join cdsnuts regimen!

[Size=4]CDSNUTS never did a testosterone exam - he claims [/size]

When PFS hits you the first thing you do is go to the doctor and he orders a testosterone exam right?

Well, Not if you’re cdsnuts. If you are CDSNUTS you will not do such exams, and still you will freely give out hormonal and health related advice to the PFS community!
I’ve never had my T level tested since coming off propecia.
apr 2010, viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3600&p=21948&hilit=since#p21948
However he claims to have tested such minor thing as vitamin D, which just doesnt make any sense:

But for someone who never tested testosterone, he does seem to talk a lot about it, as if he knew when it gets up or down…Its just his assumption nothing more!

This got me wondering, did he never really tested this hormone? Would anyone with pfs never do a blood exam to testosterone?? I call BS on that!!!
Would it be possible that there is ONE PERSON on this website that never tested testosterone but still talks a lot about it, and used bodybuilding pro-hormones and supplements…That would be odd… Here’s something else I found.

[Size=4]CDSNUTS never did a testosterone exam - but CDSNUTS’ is on HRT on bodybuilding forum! [/size]

But by far, the strangest “coincidence” in this story, as if the above were not enough, is that there was a poster also called cdsnuts in 2010, in bodybuilding forums, with a very similar photo as cdsnuts uses, with a disease with some similar symptoms to PFS (hypogonadism).

#1 Post

#2 Post

So the person in those forums, also called cdsnuts, coincidentelly:
– Had hypogonadism, which shares many symptoms with pfs, which supposedly cdsnuts has

  • Was “boosting his low testosterone levels”, just like the cdsnuts on PFS forums was trying to do, except was doing it through HRT
  • was 32 years old in april 2010 as cdsnuts (more on this later)
  • Clearly knew his testosterone levels…as everyone with PFS or hypogonadism should

So you tell me, is this a coincidence? Or is it more likely that this is actually the same person and the cdnuts that was on PFS forums? Cdnuts claims never to have been on TRT in his life:

Odly enough, cdsnuts did recover quite fast from whatever he had, since he joined in late 2008. During his 1st year he claimed to be 80-90%, with some references of becoming an animal in the gym (always referring his favorite website at the time):

How could it possibly be the same person? Well, for one:

  • the symptoms match
  • the disease overlaps with pfs
  • both cdnuts claims their main symptoms were depression, erectyle dysfunction and lack of libido.
  • both cdnuts have an interesting in health and fitness
  • it doesnt make sense someone with pfs has never tested or never was asked to test his testosterone levels, yet he did other less relevant tests such as vitamin D
  • they use similar photos
  • everywhere cdsnuts seems to have registered on the web, he used the same handle: cdsnuts.
    - and finally, their ages match perfectly as they were both 32 years old in 2010!

cdsnuts was likely around 30 when he got PFS (if he did). He joined PHelp in 2008, so that would make him around 30 in 2008, and around 32 years old in 2010, when the previous posts were made, which is exactly the SAME AGE as the person who posted.

So make whatever you want of this data but for me it is obvious the cdsnuts in t-nation and elitefitness - and who were on HRT for life, as per their own words - are the same cdsnuts you and I “know” in PFS forums. The implications of this are that:

  • Cdsnuts knowingly had hypogonadism, not PFS, maybe from finasteride, maybe not, as referred, he made a mistake using gear.
  • Cdsnuts was on HRT at least until 2010, but since now i cant believe anything what he says, nothing guarantees me he’s not on HRT anymore and using his herbs to raise T
  • Cdsnuts knew very well his testosterone levels, which would make perfect sense given how he talks about testosterone sometimes.
  • Above all, cdsnuts lied to the community and you cant trust anything he has said, which further makes me believe he is here only for the money, since the very beggining!

[b][u]So thats it guys, all things point to CDSNUTS ( AKA “see these nuts”) being a fraud.

Now you have the same info I have, and you can make an INFORMED CHOICE before buying his affiliate products.
I seriously hope you dont buy into his affiliate products, save the money, buy it from elsewhere if you’d like, cheaper, but dont give the money to this guy or his affiliates!!

Let’s just not feed this kind of behaviours in 2018, no one should be taking financial advantage of PFS sufferers. Anyone who does it is a tool![/u][/b]

[Size=4] New summary (new arguments included, thanks to XPs excellent research): [/size]

[Size=4] [i] Cdnuts is a fraud. To be more specific he is a health scammer. A health scammer has a typical modus operandi: He looks for a (rare) disease whose mechanisms are not known yet. A health scammer will then falsely claim that he suffered and recovered from this disease and that he knows how to cure it. He will built an expensive protocol around that claim that is meant to fraudulently enrich himself. The health scammer will engage in high pressure selling tactics and forbid any questioning of his story or protocol. If he is not careful his different online personas will reveal that he is not only a fraud but also lying about every detail of his made up story.

That cdnuts is such a health scammer reaches the category beyond reasonable doubt. Here is why:

  1. Cdnuts claims that he can cure every (!!!) PFS victim, despite the foundation and scientists stating that there is no (known) cure. Anecdotal evidence also strongly suggests that there is no (known) cure: Of all registered members on only 0.7% have posted a recovery story in the recovery section. If a person claims that he can cure everyone it is a telltale sign that he is a health scammer.

  2. Cdnuts wants you to buy 21 (!!!) different herbs for no possible reason other than to enrich himself. No genuine homebrewer would suggest buying 21 herbs and even the company that sells the herbs has confirmed via email that they believe the amount is totally unnecessary. A protocol with an absurd number of supplements, that no reasonable person would suggest even if he believed in supplementation, is another telltale sign that we are dealing with a health scammer.

  3. Cdnuts earns money by you clicking on lucrative affiliate marketing links on his website that redirect you to has confirmed via email that cdnuts is their affiliate earning a hefty 30% lifetime commission.

  4. His website,, sounds like the typical online health scam. He has set up his website to ensure that you click on an affiliate marketing link for each herb separately to guarantee maximum income.

  5. Cdnuts did not disclose that he is the affiliate of Not disclosing this fact is another telltale sign that we are dealing with a health scammer.

  6. The upfront costs of his herb protocol exceeds 1000 dollars.

  7. Cdnuts has posted links to scammy sounding websites looking to sell you stuff since registering on back in 2008! This strongly suggest that he never had PFS and instead was looking to profit off of this community. Ask yourself the following question: What legitimate sufferer would post links to online health scams like (supposedly) testosterone raising penis rings?

  8. Cdnuts lied, when he claimed on that he was recovering from PFS naturally back in 2008/2009 as he was active on a fitness forum during the same time period, where he wrote that he was on a “lifetime” Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Less sophisticated health scammers will fail to hide their differing online personas.

  9. Cdnuts claimed on the same fitness forum that he was hypogondal in his early twenties and thus suffering from symptoms like low libido, depression and fatique. He has stated on that he consumed finasteride from age 25 to age 29, i.e. his late twenties. If we are to believe cdnuts statements, he was hypogondal long before he ever consumed even one propecia pill! Taking these statements at face value, how can cdnuts possibly know that he suffered from PFS after discontinuing the drug at 29? After all it could be his hypogondal state rearing its ugly head again.

  10. I believe however, that it is irrational to take cdnuts statements on these forums at face value: Much more likely is that he invents stories and protocols to push his supplements to different target groups. It is highly likely that he was neither hypogondal in his early twenties nor suffering from PFS after discontinuing the drug when he was 29. A health scammer often has multiple fake stories to increase the number of supplements he can sell.

  11. Cdnuts is engaging in high pressure selling tactics on his PFS subsection: He claims that all people asking him sceptical questions are negative and can thus never recover. Any questioning of his statements is forbidden, if you do it “you are your own worst enemy” (quoting cdnuts directly here). This is typical for health scammers and is a tactic to prevent the fraud to be uncovered. Also the health scammer doesnt want to waste energy on convincing sceptics to buy his supplements. Instead he wants to sell to the gullible and make sure that sceptics dont get in the way. Thus ensuring that sceptics leave the community by attacking and or banning them is essential.

  12. Cdnuts never acknowledges the foundation. This would cut against his guru status. This is again typical for health scammers.

  13. Cdnuts is a professional salesman that also sells insurance.

  14. Cdnuts never answered my legitimate questions I asked on his forum: … tions.html[/i] [/size]

[Size=4]PROOF: [/size]

For 1. claiming that he can cure everyone:

This post is a sticky thread over at … sting.html

At the end of that sticky thread he links to his generic website:

Underlined part of the quote links to

This post is also a sticky thread over at … sking.html

A typical post of him claiming he hacked PFS: … -me-2.html

For claiming that you need to buy 21 herbs (+ one example of high pressure selling tactics):

As you saw above at the end of the sticky thread where he claims everyone can recover via his protocol he requests that people start their recovery journey at his website. Here is what he states on this website (under the tab "Testerone Boosting supplement rotation):

Source: … -rotation/

Notice how this sounds like the typical health scam or the infomercial of a fraudster. The language, the nonsense but financially lucrative bro science everything fits.

He also likes to push the 21 herbs line directly on his PFS forum, when talking with PFS victims:

Interaction with PFS victim 1: … art-2.html

Interaction with PFS victim 2: … ol-18.html

Interaction with PFS victim 3:

Context: Bizzbee isnt reacting well to a few of the 21 herbs. Thus cdnuts demands that he buy all of the herbs that he isnt reacting badly to which are 17.

Cdnuts replies: … elz-2.html

Notice the high pressure selling tactics in the above quote: “You guys are your own worst enemies”, “You do what you do and get what you get”, “You are limiting yourself for no reason”. These high pressure selling tactics are employed by cdnuts in most interactions with his victims. This again shows you that he is a scammer.

There are of course more examples of him pushing the 21 herbs but this should suffice.

For him pushing health scam websites on since 2008/2009, when he registered on that forum:

Posted back in May 2009 (!) : … 310#p13310

Posted back in Oct. 2009 (!): … 663#p15663

Posted back in July 2010 (!) : … =20#p24654

And this takes the cake: CDNUTS WANTS YOU TO PAINT YOUR TESTICLES (Posted in 2013): … 1&start=80

The website he linked to is: He linked to many other scammy websites as well of course. Boost your low is a health scam website, selling penis rings, testicle painting equipment, herbs and other stuff! That he would link to such a high pressure scammy salesmen website is prove that he was a fraud right from the start and never suffered from PFS!

For cdnuts claiming on a fitness forum that he was hypogondal since his early twenties, claiming on that he started with propecia at 25 and that he is recovering from PFS naturally.

Cdnuts was hypogondal in his early twenties and insisted on HRT (t-nation post from 2010!): … e/146785/7

Cdnuts claims to have taken propecia from 25-29: … d&start=40

Claims on to be recovering naturally despite stating on t-nation that he is on lifelong HRT and wants to push his Testosterone up to 700: … nce#p15646

What does this tell us? As stated above, if we take cdnuts statements at face value, it is impossible for him to know that he was actually suffering from PFS after discontinuing propecia at age 29, since he was hypogondal naturally in his early 20s. Since those two diseases have very similar symptoms and since he was hypogondal long before he ever took propecia, his supposed PFS could just have been his hypogondal nature rearing its ugly head again. Again: It is impossible for cdnuts to know that he suffered from PFS because he was naturally hypogondal before ever taking propecia and also because he recovered very quickly. All of this is when we take his statements at face value.

As I said above it is irrational to to take cdnuts statements at face value. It is much more likely that he makes up stories to go along with the supplements he is trying to sell to different target groups. Thus on one forum he is hypogondal and on the next he is suffering from PFS. He never had PFS!!

For Cdnuts being a professional salesmen, also selling insurance products.

He started with this back in 2007 and still sells insurance to this date: … stem.3235/

I used tongkat ali and didn’t notice any difference, how does it work for you?

Thanks for this. This is a very good summary of what is happening here, everyone should read it.


We have to mention also the impossible recoveries sounding very familiar to the one of cdnuts.
They mention that you have to fight and that you have to take supplements, to sleep and to think positive. That would be all.
They also want you to go on another website to see all those recoveries.
I am not quite sure who is behind all this. But I guess dividing the community gives less power and importance to it.
I would like to read from people who recovered by time but haven’t returned to that website.

Fasting and raw diet or intermittent fasting for while. Try it. It is free.

I have never seen a community that has been so willingly duped by fraudsters and psychopaths. That half of this community is idiolizing health scammers like cdnuts is pathetic.

CDNUTS is ruthlessly taking advantage of peoples deep wish to recover. The believe of some people in cdnuts is like the believe religious people have when it comes to god. No matter how absurd the theory or how obvious the scam, people just WANT to believe. They are willing to throw over board the scientific method and the enlightenment period in the process. I.e., fishy anecdotal evidence is enough. We dont need real research or evidence. If you cant disprove that it does not work, it works! If you want to recover you will. It is very similar to the mindset of some religious maniacs. Humans apparently have the propensity to believe blindly if it makes them feel good.

I would recommend watching richard dawkins documentary “enemies of reason” or the (uncut) interviews he did in that context. Here is one highly relevant one:

Cdsnuts is a fraud. But if you think alternative medicine cannot help the body heal, you need to go through the medical history. It is the modern medicine which brought us here in most cases.
I am not speaking about homeopathic medicine.

I think we all have understood that cd is profiting from suffering people in an absolute immoral manner.
Now, anyway, I would like as well to see some suggestions from your point of view in order to get better. We cannot wait for the studies as they do not suggest anything to do in order to get better. If you can prove the opposite, I am very open minded.

Supporting the foundation is one good way. Consider knowing the root doesn’t mean we have the cure. It is years away. Just few people have understood that simple point. If someone believes the studies are the only way to heal or get the cure, he wants to believe. Because he is desperate.

If you don’t check the different protocols, the studies behind them, it is difficult to get better. Pfs is not a disease, it is an amount of different diseases and problems.

Generally said, you need to check blood, stool, Urin for different parameters. And you will find diseases which you can treat. Unless you haven’t done it, you won’t get better. That’s simple.

So, what are your steps towards healing? Any tests done? Any treatments beside supporting the foundation?

Also the new mail re the newspaper article mentioning fin issues in Germany is only fighting on a symptomatic level as we don’t get a f…ing cure.

We will have taken a big step forward when the different roots of all that are clear and some labs want to develop a cure after going publicly.

Generally the modern only symptom related. No cure. Ask your doc for any diseases you have if and when you are cured. Guess what his answer is? I don’t know, we can treat the symptoms like your pain with painkillers. If you was cured you wouldn’t need to go to the doc. When does the doc earn money (or the big Pharma?) You know the answer.

This should be required viewing for all PFS sufferers:

Just go for those links:

You will find more of them. For sure.
Of course, these success stories are all not real and fakes…

On chris beat cancer (lol) have a read on how chris REALLY beat cancer (dot) com

Here’s a good anecdotal of these charlatans:

She was fined 300.000£ for lying.

In what context?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say and I doubt I’m the only one. Cdnuts has probably done more for men than either of those two just by promoting dht with his websites.

Though he was just passing along or plagarizing all of that nutritional info it helps promote masculinity in men which is something that is concrete and useful unlike the solutions or lack thereof that those thinkers offer with their tv appearances and books. His websites have probably made him some money but not even 1% of the millions of that hyped scientist and that new-age guru.

I’m not defending him but there are bigger scams all around us. Whether he had pfs and found a cure I don’t know, and I’m not getting in the way of your investigation and all power to you! It will at least save future fin victims time. The less energy they spend on chasing a false trail the sooner all of us get a resolution

Just to clarify: I accidently posted a youtube link where the documentary starts in the middle (because thats where I paused the video). You all should watch it from the start.

Just go for rife machine and his history. And the suppressing by FDA/AMA.

Take a look online how many people were treated by chemo and died and what the average “cure percentage” is. Ridiculous.

You need to do real research. Once again, I know people being cured with alternative medicine, you don’t. And those people had all possible standard treatment which destroys the immun system. This one is the most important dealing with cancer. Guess what: the immunotherapy in the standard medicine is uprising. You should go for chemotherapy treatment and the causes of death this treatment allows.

I thing it would be a good thing to inform you comprehensively about the causes of cancer (which are seldom genetically caused) and all possible treatments. When you have done, we can discuss together again, no problem.

Did you know that the Hamer Method (sounds strange to me anyway) is used in Israel? They are real leaders in treating cancer. Did you know they wanted to stop WLAN in preliminary schools?

Have fun going online and educating yourself a bit about that subject.

Here is a link for the study believer (we believed in the M. study as well, you remember, and took fin.)
Enough said regarding some studies… … 36-6555(0400222-5/abstract

As I have the advantage to also read in german, french and italian, I suggest to read the following

gesundheitlicheaufklaerung.d … otherapien

There are tons of them.

Anyway, it is not about c. Everyone will freely decide what treatment he will have, whether it is standard or alternative way.

You cannot heal the body with drugs - every doc knows that and will answer you that if you ask him.
Are you practicing medicine?

Anyway, cdsnuts protocol is a generally good one for all. But you don’t need all this herbs and cannot treat some pfs symptoms, we know that as some tried so.

The most important thing is for me that most people don’t know that some herbs in some quantities have synergetic effects and need to be taken regularly for at least two to three weeks to start working.
I was a competitive athlete and took a mix of certain herbs in a certain percentage (important) to regenerate, to increase testo, fsh and so on. I was horny as hell on them and had even bigger ejaculate volume and power. (I got it from a pharmacist who is supplying professional athletes).

I have the receipt/ingredients list…