Have you tried the CDnuts protocol?

Does anyone have made good progress in improving symptoms just with a diet change like raw food diet, paleo diet, carnivore diet…?

During the winter break when I have some days off I’m gonna to try a one week fast. I’m very curious about.

I do believe the recovery of CDnuts.
Most people who think his a fraud have never tried to follow his pathway with fasting, super clean diet and lifestyle change.

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Me. I’m on a 70% raw diet. The remaining part is paleo. Important: my diet is also sequential. We are supposed to eat food in a certain order which is not what, at least me, i’ve been taught. So to say, fruit should be eaten first (cause is almost pre-digested), than salad. So is a sequential/paleo diet. I explained all before in other threads, maybe in my recovery thread.
I also do intermittent fasting and no fap. But i’m still ill, i need to do a full detox with fasting or juice feast, otherwise iall’ these changes won’t work much.

Please let’s stay focused on the threads subject, i want to discuss only with guys who are on / have tried the protocol, not about speculations. I’m gonna flag and ask to remove comments about CD itself. There are proper thread where to discuss that on this forum. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Guys, about the excercise part… Some questions.

  1. are you able to do handstand pushups? It’s years i’m trying to do that…
  2. does anybody else on this forum noticed a certain ease in getting hurt when excercising and in general?

Are you aware of any fitness/bodybuilding forum?

Thanks for the fast response.
My diet is very similar to yours. I’m following the paleo diet for almost 3 years but I wasn’t very clean at the beginning but now I give much more attention what I eat.
All fruits and vegetables I eat only raw. Same for fish like salmon. Red meat I try to cook it rare or medium rare on a very low temperature.

My next step is to look more into prolonged water fasting. I think 5-7 days should be possible for me.

I would write more specific details about my diet but my English skills aren’t that strong enough.

This is very interesting to me, since we seem to share similar diets.
My biggest issue now is this: by eating this diet, i’m very skinny. And if i’m skinny, how am i supposed to gain enough weight to fast? Lately i’ve noticed that some foods help me gaining weight, such as sweet potatoes and tuna but let’s face it, can i really eat everyday those things?
What about you? Does your diet keep you thin?

Why not supplement calorie heavy food that you can drink for 4-8 weeks alongside what you currently eat. Perhaps a tub of whipping cream, lard or a block of butter melted into many hot drinks each day. The hard part about eating calories is you get full really fast.

If you can’t drink the calories for one reason or another maybe make lots of pork scratchings to snack on in the day. 100 grams of homemade pork scratchings gives you 500 cals.

I think no matter how you try to increase calories, planning and having accountability is important.

I’m struggling with the same issues like you Sonic. Since I’ve started this diet I’ve become even more skinny. But my body was always in my life more skinny than athletic or muscular.
Higher amount of calories doesn’t do anything to gain weight in my case.
I usually do some weight training two times a week to achieve a little bit muscle gain.

For me it’s not surprising because the paleo diet is also viewed as a diet to lose weight. Just have a look at fitness forums.
But with this diet I feel far better than most other diets I’ve tested to combat my symptoms.
I will try a weekly fast despite my weight loss concerns. I can well imagine that fasting can rebuild the bowel into a new, improved state so that it would be easier to deal with the annoying symptoms afterwards.

Funny, we do really look alike.
I fast on sunday. On saturday evening i use to eat foods that help me gaining weight, like sweet potatoes or chestnuts or tuna, so i can do a 24 hours fast.
The real tip is this, and my natural hygien doctor gave it to me. Since our bodies go naturally in detox mode in the night, starting around 4 an and finishing at 12 am, and since our digestion work at full power in the evening, you betta support this natural process. What i do is to have a dinner on the evening before the fast and to skip breakfast and lunch the day after. So these are 24 hours. But this is taking too long, and he agrees. Indeed he wanted me to do nlp, neurolinguistic programming as well.
Talking again about fasting, i talked about our issue to cd nuts and he answered the same, that this is not his protocol and that if i cannot fast, i’d better do juice feast. I remember he answered this…
Now i wonder if a juice feast with no organic fruit and vegetables would work as well… you know, those things cost…

Uh, maybe i forgot to ask you… are you avoiding masturbation? I remember that after 5 months i felt very good. I even found a post on the no fap community that said something interesting… it was not related to post finasteride syndrom but to general health and is pretty interesting to me, not only because i had very good improvements after 150 days of no fap, but even because mentions a relation between no masturbation, testosterone and the gut and healing in general. Testosterone and gut issues are our problems as well, in a way or another…

Here’s the text:
"All Guys i am telling you,u are frequently masturbate for last some years when u r masturbate your body outs most impotent materials;this materials makes your hair (black),your skin,digestive track clear & powerful::::: we r divide treatment in 3 parts :–
1). 150 days to nofap to recover your digestive track & give your body’s nutrition’s. then (NOFAP)
2). 120 days to your body parts turn into normal & healthy human-being.
3). 150 after turn into normal being your body healing automatic it’s self ( no need extra medicines ) ( REQUIRE HEALTHY FOOD )


150+120+150+90=510 DAYS (NOFAP)



Posted by a certain username named “draxer”

No, I don’t avoid masturbation. Ususally I fap once every 2-3 weeks…in my opinion it’s not that much.
I did some experiments with nofap last year but I’ve never achieved a breakthrough regarding to a better wellbeing or relieving of my symptoms. After 30 days I get extremely horny and it will disrupt my sleep quality. My longest duration with nofap were about 70 days.
At the moment I’m more willing to do some tests with my diet. In this forum were some users like cdnuts or chi who had successfully recovered from all long term side effects with a super clean diet but it takes ages to see improvements.

Btw…I’ve checked my testo-levels several times but the results were always quite good despite low libido and ED.

Do you have sex if you are avoiding masturbation?

I feel a lot better avoiding masturbation, i have increase in vitality, toletance to nuts and olive oil (weak 5ar inhibitors), better mood…
I don’t have sex in this reality, i have it in that other reality: dreams. But i am more ambitious than this, i want to do the semen retention thing, no more orgasms. Seems to be a lot beneficial.

What kind of adjustments are you gonna make in your diet? Are you already eating in a sequential way as i do? Do you eat fully organic?

I’m really trying to avoid these forums to try and live my life normally while I do this protocol, but I see lots of discussion here so gonna do a small rundown of what I’ve done.

Fasting: I recently completed a 3 1/2 day water fast, felt quite good during it, wasn’t difficult at all. A bit of trouble with sleep during it. Going to go for a week long fast in December.

Herbs: I’ve ordered more herbs from lost empire, I tried out their pine pollen and so far in the 2 days I’ve taken it it’s made me better on those days, so I’m going all in with the protocol in that regard. This brings my herb total to 10, up from 4, once everything comes in. I am completely and utterly ignoring all fear mongering against herbs on this forum, because tribulus is not the reason your dick is shrunk, it’s the Finasteride.

I did not use CDnuts’s affiliate links but I honestly don’t have anything against CDnuts. He’s a business major anyways, correct? This is just simply a small passive income for him. But honestly, I don’t think there’s nearly enough money to be made from affiliate links (half of which are dead) to justify running a forum and replying to people as frequently as he does now, despite being nearly 8 years post recovery. There has to be some sort of genuine dedication coming from him. But regardless, I’ve yet to speak a word to him, and feel no reason to go beyond lurking the forum.

Everything else about my routine is the same as recommended by CDnuts on his wordpress site. The paleo diet, exercise, cold showers, meditation, sun exposure, and I’m currently on day 5 nofap, going to go for a month. It’s a kitchen sink protocol, really. Throw everything in, and pray that after a few months you’re recovered. Before the fast, doing the protocol, I was seeing improvements, but struggling with caffeine heavily, it just wasn’t working for me. Too much ups-and-downs. Now caffeine is out of my system, and I have a crap ton of herbs coming in the mail soon. I’m going balls deep into the protocol.


hi there! thank you for sharing.
Just a little reminder: i made this thread to discuss the protocol itself and even to share our attempts and eventually create a reciprocal updates while attempting or doing the full protocol. I’m not interested in discussing about cd nuts, i’m interested in the protocol.

Now, how and when did you start the protocol? Did you do the fast before jumping in the nofap/cold shower/diet/excercise/herbs regimen? Or did you first made those changes and then did the 3 1/2 day water fast?

Your regimen with avoiding masturbation sounds very promising.
I think I’ll give a new try with stopping masturbation for a while…I’m already excited with the results :slight_smile:

Usually eat fruits, salads and veggies at first and after that I go for the meats. Yes it’s similiar to your way of eating. I try to eat as organic as possible. But sometimes I have to cheat a little bit because I can’t afford to eating organic meat daily.

I’m testing now the paleo AIP diet with carbbackloading. It’s more an experiment for myself. In the month of December I’m gonna to start a 5 days water fast in addition.

Are you gonna fast by yourself or under medical supervision?

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I’m gonna fast by myself. If I don’t feel well during the fast I will stopp it immediately.

how did you prepare yourself to the fast? did you read a book or something? also, keep us update.

I’ve just seen some recommendations on youtube about fasting. Honestly I won’t prepare specifically for my fast. Probably I’m gonna to reduce my meat amount a few days before my fast.
It’s more an experiment for myself if I will achieve some improvements. I will definitely share my results after the fast.