Differential Gene Expression in Post-Finasteride Syndrome Patients - Dr. Khera - Baylor


The Baylor epigenetic Abstract is online.


So this is the famous “Baylor Study” the community has been waiting for?

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1400 genes over expressed and 2400 under expressed…

This is the abstract…need details…

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I just logged in through the university where I work to download the entire pdf but it says they don’t sub to the content so I guess somebody’s gonna have to pay for it

It doesn’t sound like good news.

I’ll wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime and possibly explain it to us, but from what I understand we can probably say goodbye to the perspective of a one-fits-all “therapy”.

Sounds bad to me even if it were a few hundred genes it would be harder to find a therapeutic target but I’m not that knowledgeable and what I can see of it is says cannot establish causality…

3.800 total genes with significantly altered expression.

Don’t humans have just 25-30.000?

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I believe you are correct but they are saying they don’t have test of the subjects “before” they took finasteride to compare…

What do u need then? 100 people and run this complete gene expression analysis on them all…Then give them all finasteride and see how many developers pfs and then run the same test on the all to compare again? My guess is about 8 to 10 people will develop the disease out of 100.

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I’m no expert by any means, but what are the chances we had all these alteration even before taking Fin?

Doesn’t sound very realistic.

You’re telling me…no difference in trinucletide repeats or serum levels between them…

Sounds like the entire symptomolgy depends on which and how many genes are altered.

…meaning? Is it good news?

I would think so but most have known that blood levels of hormones were not a factor much.

I’d love to know more about the variance in gene over/underexpression among patients.

Treatment with Accutane read similar. Hard to believe its already been two years since I posted this.

All significantly changed genes after 8 weeks isotretinoin therapy

I remember this post,
“I suspect Baylor will find something similar. It will then be a question of ‘where to from here?”

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Yep…funny thing is I also took Accutane almost 30 years ago but not for long and had blood test monitoring…

I didn’t have problems nor the first time on finasteride I guess it went back to normal.

Wait a second …

So the alteration in gene expression doesn’t necessarily lead to the development of symptoms, right?

That’s where the epigenetic theory comes in…why won’t it go back to normal?

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Regardless of genes expression going back to normal or not …

I mean, from what @guitarman01 posted it doesn’t seem like a gene alteration necessarily leads to symptoms.

It would depend on which ones…

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Why is the rest of the information hidden behind a paywall?