What's the verdict on sodium butyrate, calcium butyrate, and magnesium butyrate?

I’m trying to assess which butyrate supplement could be a reasonably safe option for PFSers.

I’ve seen one user had horrible experiences with sodium butyrate (@Papasmurf). And in the famed “PFS paper”, sodium butyrate is described as having anti-androgenic properties.

There are also some that have used sodium butyrate with success, like @MOONCHILD, but over time he seemed to have switched to calcium/magnesium butyrate. There are others that have used cal/mag butyrate and seen benefits. Here and here. (@noniman / @Lostinaustin)

Does mag/cal-butyrate have similar effects on the AR as sodium butyrate? Any links to research papers or personal experiences would be appreciated.

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A while ago now I wanted to try daily use of Ghee, it’s ingrediants include (Ethyl Butyrate 0.01%). I thought it has helped some people, fat helps with hormone production and they say it tastes nice.

I hated the taste and much preferred butter or olive oil, especially after it ruined the taste of my steak. I had to stop using this disgusting fat or supplement if some other way.

My solution was to add the ghee to hot water in a cup, once fully melted and cool enough to drink, I’d down it as fast as possible, followed by something to get rid of disgusting taste.

I’d notice within the hour sudden worsening of all symptoms and full on diarrhoea. The worse of the negative symptoms passed within the day and the symptoms were completely back to baseline within a few days

I’m convinced this horrible experience was because of the large quantities of liquid fat, without solid food. If I was to try it again, I would have multiple small Ghee/water drinks alongside solid food or would butyrate supplement directly without the oil.

I now have calcium/magnesium butyrate and only took it for a few weeks alongside food. I didn’t notice any change at all, but probably didn’t take take it long enough.

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I first started (cal/mag)using and noticed improvements all around. I was quite impressed , then those improvements dwindled a bit. So I took a break then started again and noticed some more improvements.
I’m trying to find a good dose. I recommend taking prebiotics and fiber with it. People on another forum said intermittent fasting helps too
I also found a study on reddit saying supplemental butyrate can kill off bacteria that produces butyrate but I think proved this isn’t a fact at least for me, cause when I stopped I could still tell by the way my poops smelled that butyrate was still working .
I think it has been very beneficial at times and not so much at others. Cycling might be key.
Haven’t tried sodium butyrate. I can’t see it being any different.

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Wondering the same thing about mag/cal being safer

I think that milder cases may benefit from the use of some substances, but the most serious ones only risk increasing the damage, up to the point of unbelievable. If your problems are just ED and low libido, maybe a little depression, then you can try, but if you have more serious symptoms, like loss of muscle pump after training, dry skin, shrinking, etc … it may be dangerous. I speak from experience. I ruined my life with tribulus terrestris, now I have dyskinesia, loss of connective tissue, dementia and motor coordination problems. Be very careful, please.


I was taking sodium butyrate a few weeks ago. I took 4 or 5 capsules. Libido was bigger and it’s still bigger though not like I was taking butyrate. I took another capsule today. We’ll see what happens next.

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