Calcium Magnesium Butyrate

I can recommend Calcium/Magnesium Butyrate as a daily supplement.

I’ve noticed improved nocturnal erections since taking it. Pelvic floor is feeling better. Bowel movements are easier.
Also the head of my penis has turned a healthy/shiny purple colour. I have not seen that for over 2 years.

Butyrate may help with preventing cancer.
Taking a 5AR inhibitor such as propecia/proscar increases the risk of developing High-Grade Prostate Cancer: … 208701.htm
Butyrate is an amazing molecule. From cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, to irritable bowel, it is proving to be a powerhouse.

Butyrate is a four carbon chain fatty acid that the intestinal tract uses as food. It is generated from the colon bacteria in conjunction with fiber products. If you don’t have enough healthy bacteria and fiber in your intestinal tract, then the chances are good that you won’t make enough butyrate.

Butyrate has also been shown to slow the beginning of cancer, in fact inducing what we call differentiation (making cells that were previously behaving like cancer cells – rapidly dividing, become normal again). In one study some 20 years ago animals with chemically induced tumors in the colon had reduction in the size and number of their tumors when they were treated with butyric acid enemas twice daily for eight weeks.

More recent research suggests that Butyrate quells the storm of cytokines that causes inflammation in the brain leading to scarring and cell death. By doing so, it is thought that chronic degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, ALS, and others may be slowed or even reversed. In fact, preliminary evidence suggests this is so when this nutrient is given in conjunction with others.

There are different kinds of butyrate. Some butyrates are attached to sodium, others to calcium and magnesium. Most people need calcium and magnesium so calmag butyrate is a reasonably safe option.

Butyrate also helps clean the liver, the gall bladder, and biliary tree in the liver. It also helps clean the bowel, helps control ammonia, and removes unwanted “renegade fats”.

In the case of cancer, Butyrate is what is known as a Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor. Fancy term, but the bottom line is it regulates cell division indirectly by regulating histones. Histones are the main proteins of chromatin which in turn regulate how DNA is copied. There are at least five of them and they change the shape of the DNA and make it either accessible or not. This in turn depends in part on butyrate as butyrate inhibits one of the enzymes responsible for modifying the Histones. That enzyme causes the histones to change shape and in turn allows the DNA to open up to be read by other proteins which in turn convert those instructions from the DNA to new proteins and other things. Regulating this process is what you want if you are trying to stop cancer.

In general 500 to 2000mg of butyrate is a reasonable amount for an adult, but some people take more. One should always take butyrate in conjunction with healthy fatty acids like Udo’s oil or Elyte Oil. These oils have a mixture of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids the body needs to replenish the cell’s membranes and make them work properly.[/b]

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How much cal-mag butyrate were you taking per day? how long before you felt a difference? also, a few members here complain of testicular retraction when needing to take a dump? did you experience this before cal-mag butyrate, and if so, was it less severe/gone afterwards?

Any benefits of taking butyrate seem to have worn off.
It definitely did help me for a few weeks though.

The same thing happened with cortisol…
I had a great boost for a few weeks with cortisol, then the effects wore off. Sorry man i don’t have better news.

noniman - As you are likely aware, Sodium BUTYRATE (or Cal-Mag Butyrate) is a similar compound to GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate) or “Xyrem” which has been reported as a potential cure for pfs. Xyrem is essentially the is the Sodium salt version of GHB.

From your post it seems like you used Cal-Mag Butyrate, whereas I would be more inclined to use the Sodium Butyrate alternative. I know someone who has taken that in combination with Arteminisin, Udo’s 3-6-9 blend Omega oil and Co-Q-10 and has seen a significant remission of their cancer.

If I had to try Butyrate as a therapy, I would be inclined to try:

  1. Sodium Butyrate…600mg
  2. Artiminisin…100mg
  3. Udo’s Choice 3-6-9 Omega Oil
  4. Co-Q-10…200mg

Butyrate works much better in this combination.

Below are some of the reviews from on Artiminisin.
This review is from: Doctor’s Best Best Artemisinin (100 Mg), Vegetable Capsules, 90-Count (Health and Beauty)

My wife suffered from colon cancer stage 4, that metastisized into the liver, causing her to have two major cancer surgeries in 16 months. After a year of healthy eating, IR light treatments, and daily artemisinin, she is cancer free over a year later. It was discovered to be a cancer fighter at the University of Washington in recent years, the Chinese have been using artemisinin for centuries, worth a look into if you have cancer.

5.0 out of 5 stars Nasal Carcinoma, October 26, 2012


Marquis - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Nutricology Artemisinin, Vegicaps, 300-Count (Health and Beauty)

I bought Artemisinin along with Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs (90 capsules) about two months ago. My Siberian Husky, Vavara was diagnosed in April with Nasal Carcinoma, but too late for Surgery, chemo ineffective and Radiation therapy not available for dogs in Thailand at this time.
The fact that Vavara is still alive today when all the vets following her case say she should be dead, is a testament to the effectiveness these two products.

If your dog has cancer I cannot recommend Artemisinin and Apocaps strongly enough

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE IT!, April 14, 2011


Laura York “thecancerassassin” (Portland, OR) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Allergy Research Group - Artemisinin 90 Caps - 90 (Health and Beauty)

I have stage IV cancer and the artemisinin reacts with the iron rich cancer cells oxidizing the iron effectively killing the cancer cell. I take 6 caps every day per doctors instructions and consider it vital to my health.

5.0 out of 5 stars Anti-cancer properties, December 19, 2012


Popeye - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: BodyBio/E-Lyte - Sodium Butyrate 600 mg 100 caps (Health and Beauty)

  1.   The Sodium Butyrate has strong anti-cancer properties. The Sodium Butyrate is the sodium salt of butyric acid, which is a short-chain fatty acid. It's a natural byproduct of the fermentation of dietary fibers in your large intestine. It is anti-carcinogenic. The Sodium Butyrate increases the anti-carcinogenic effect of Artemizinin 10 times, according to laboratory tests. Should always be given at the same time with Artemizinin.
  2. I gave the Sodium Butyrate together with the Artemizinin to my father in his fight with bladder cancer. After only 12 days of “Sodium Butyrate & Artemizinin” therapy, many dead tumors begun to be expelled with his urine. It was extremely effective.
  3. The Artemizinin dose was 400 mg (4 pills) 4 times daily (daily total = 1600 mg), and the Sodium Butyrate dose was 2400 mg (4 pills) 4 times daily (daily total = 9600 mg). Also the Artemizinin has to be given together with some fat, because it is not soluble in water. He used 2 t.s. flax oil to dissolve the Artemizinin capsule content, then drank the mixture. The therapy time was 14 days non-stop, then 3 days off (break), then repeated for several months for total tumor destruction.
  4. The above combo selectively attacks the carcinogenic cells only. Do not combine the Artemizinin with any anti-oxidants, because the anti-oxidants will neutralize the effect of the above therapy.
  5. Highly recommended for anti-cancer therapy.

Anyone else try Cal Mag Butyrate or Sodium Butyrate?

Is there a specific or “best” brand of this product to take? I’m willing to try it.

BodyBio is a good brand for Sodium Butyrate. It comes in 600mg capsules which is good if you don’t want to take a lot of pills. For Artemisinin, “Doctor’s Best” is a fairly good brand.

Is there anyone on this forum (except moonchild) that has taken butyrate or bhb and is getting better/cured???

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Would love an answer to this lol.
I think @Ozeph has used these both? He’s also an advocate for generating Butyrate naturally through ketogenic diet I think.
Ozeph, are you fully cured and do you believe in this BHB/butyrate combo?

Well, butyrate is good but we get so little from supplements. With a ketogenic diet, you get like 70-80 times more. There’s no comparison.

Also careful with calcium. Many of us has glutamine complex toxicity. We make too much glutamate and not enough GABA. It gives anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, muscle twitches or spasms and surely does more than I can list.
Point is, high glutamate creates oxidative stress and makes calcium more likely to kill brain cells. The antidote: magnesium. So I suggest being careful on calcium (I take none) but supplementing with magnesium.

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glutamine complex toxicity? Can you comment more on that? I got this supplement for leaky gut with things like licorice root, marshmallow root, etc and the main ingredient is like 2000-3000mg of glutamine.
Also, any thoughts on BHB supplementation?
And is that imbalance in making glutmate and GABA proven? A lot of people talk about pfs being autoimmune mediated but that sounds more like a neurosteroid production issue…

It was here: Androgen-driven COVID-19 pandemic and the Post-Finasteride Syndrome and there was another link to the original story but I can’t find it.

It stuck with me because I obviously have a glutamate imbalance and I’m low on GABA, hence my persistent insomnia. I sure can’t take glutamine before sleep…

BHB supplements are either BHB salts or BHB esters. The first contains lots of electrolytes, which can be a plus if you don’t have enough, or give you diarrhea if you have too much, the second is very (like very very) expensive and taste like gazoline. I tried both. Either ones gives you some calories, like 30 or 100 but 75 gr of ketogenic diet produced BHB will give you close to 700 calories. No comparison.

IMO just make bullet proof coffee with palm oil or MCT oil (especially C8 but the C10/C8 mix is somewhat milder on the stomach) and you’ll get plenty of BHB. palm oil is 52% C12 and just 4% C8 and C10. I find it much easier to take than the C10/C8 mix, which is to BHB the equivalent to what is drinking pure glucose to carbs: you get a big sudden rush that doesn’t last. I think isolating C10 and C8 from coconut and palm oil is as unnatural as refining natural sugar into pure sucrose.

I greatly diminished my ghee intake and replaced most of it with palm oil and I get better ketosis (aka more BHB)

Ok, I found it:

Well that’s…terrifying.
If this is legit, then why are people still talking about autoimmune etiology for pfs?

I don’t see why it’s terrifying. Once we know what we actually have we can then make efforts in the right direction instead of randomly trying different things.

From what I read and understand, epigenetic modifications were made to our AR receptors to make them more sensitive in the presence of an androgen suppressing drug. It seems logical, there’s less androgen so the Androgen Receptors become more sensitive to compensate. Then we stop the drug and we get more androgen with hypersensitive AR and that messes up our system. I still don’t understand if the AR stay hypersensitive or if the sudden rise of androgen after stopping the drug forces the epigenome to silence the AR. Do we have hypersensitive AR or silenced ones ? Maybe @axolotl or @awor would have an answer to that ?
Either ways, the results are the same, from what I understand. The AR have to be properly set in the middle normal range and hypersensitive or silenced ones have the same detrimental effects.

I also read in that PDF that a scientist were comparing the results to aging, a comparison I also made with my humble and simple observations (we have some of the symptoms of old men).
Aging is caused by accumulated epigenetic changes to the point of making cells dysfunctional according to Harvard scientist Dr. David Sinclair, who studies epigenetic.

So I came to the conclusion that hypersensitive or silenced, our AR have epigenetic damage to them so I’m suggesting using longevity, epigenetic repair tricks, most of which suggested by Dr. Sinclair, as a way to repair the epigenome of our AR.
It might not be the Holy Grail but at least, it’s a direction. I believe it’s in the right direction but I can be wrong.

After doing some research, it was confirmed that the ketogenic carnivore diet I was following does indeed contribute to repair the epigenome and I found additional tricks that produce sirtuins proteins and help repair the epigenome.

As for the autoimmune idea, from what I understand it is one of the effects the disease has on us, as well as modifications to our guts biome. (hence a carnivore diet that limits food allergies and some attention to fix the guts biome)


2 years later I got it more clear I think. The AR are over expressed. The sudden rush of androgen after stopping androgen suppression therapy (fin) makes it so that the AR are expressed too much compared to androgen levels. When AR and androgen are not balanced, too much has the same effect as not enough (or worst effects).

I’m now testing the theory. I read somewhere that we have poly glutamine complex toxicity. Glutamate is part of that complex and makes me have insomnia. However, I’ve bought some NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) which is a glutamate inhibitor and GABA protagonist. So I can calm myself down and sleep better (It took lots of testing, it seems I need very small daily doses. Like 30mg. Careful if you try. Try minute amounts first).
And I have Tribulus Terrestris that raises my androgen levels. Whenever I take a pill of Tribulus, I get 2 bad nights of sleep. I do this to send a signal to my body that AR are over expressed, to tune them down using Tricks to repair the Epigenome

So far so good, i keep improving but at a much much lower pace than I did at first. Anyway, I started losing hair on the top on my head. That means 5ar is coming back slowly. It also means my DHT is going to rise gradually and if I keep doing the tricks, everyday a little more, my body will get the signal that DHT is rising and hopefully create less over expressed AR. I’m doing body building as well and new muscle means new AR. I’ll keep posting but I’m getting closer to having a full holistic approach on how to get better over the course of many years. Four to six years judging from the Success Stories Compilation.

There are successes faster or slower than that. It’s not written in stone.

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so it’s like we have a hypersensitivity to androgens? I thought such a thing in days, 100 ui of hcg were enough to have very very strong androgenic effects, like a fire inside, followed by anxiety and insomnia.

Yes. Hypersensitivity to androgen triggering glutamine complex toxicity. High glutamate, which is the excitatory neurotransmitter, and low GABA which is the calming one. It’s the same product changing back and forth from Glutamate to GABA depending if we need to be active or sleep.

Lack of GABA can result in panic attack, anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitches, and speaking a lot.

I found that NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) in low doses prevent excessive glutamate formation, and promotes GABA. It kinda work (at 30mg) but I haven’t found the complete protocole yet. Still experimenting.

When I take androgen herbs (Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed etc…) I get morning wood that last for hours accompanied by high glutamate and insomnia. I get both effect: hypersensitivity to androgen and excess glutamate , which leads to oxydative stress, depletes glutathione which is a strong antioxydant made from NAC and therefore the body also depletes NAC to produces more glutathione. With less NAC to counter glutamate and promote GABA, it’s a vicious circle.

NAC made me experience things I haven’t since I crashed: being calm, not speaking much, yawning and being exhausted at the end of the day (I’m usually always lit up) and sleeping well, although I’m still waking up in the morning (always with a morning wood on, or in the process). I fall assleep again and sleep well in between wake ups.

I’m experiencing first hand the direct relation between androgen and insomnia. I took 550mg of Tribulus 5 days ago and it took me that long to recover. Nonetheless, I still believe I need to signal my body that AR are over-expressed, to tuned them down. I will try with much lower doses of Tribulus. But I will wait and see how my 5ar is coming back by looking at my hair loss. I may not have to take much androgen herbs, maybe just 5ar increasing will make DHT higher and DHT is the most androgenic substance.

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I agree with you on this, I am experiencing the same androgen toxicity sensations.

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