Calcium / Magnesium Butyrate - 2 months

Hello Everyone,

For the last couple of months I have been taking Calcium / Magnesium Butyrate, 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening before bed. I was also taking 500MG of Vitamin C twice daily. Here are my observations that I tracked on a spreadsheet.

Sleep - Helped me fall asleep quicker longer and much deeper, I don’t get up spontaneously in the middle of the night anymore. Sleep improvement has persisted.

Blood Pressure / Heart rate - Took morning and evening readings and it remained unaffected. Normal range 106/67 /64

Bowel Movements - Much easier than before.

Temperature - Increase in morning temp by at lease 1 degree. Before the butyrate I would wake up with 95 point something degree, after it was consistently at the high end of 96. Also noticed alot fewer instances of cold hands.

Brain Fog - The first morning after brain fog was non existent. So much so that I started eagerly reading and understanding a book that has been on my night stand for ages. Unfortunately that initial massive reduction didn’t last more that a couple of days, but overall after the 2 months, day to day brain fog has improved significantly. I would guess 30 - 50% reduction in brain fog.

Libido - Zero improvement. I can still get aroused, erect and complete the job with manual effort. But the lust factor is still not there.

Emotions / Motivation - Slight improvement but mostly blunted. Motivation remained very low until the last couple of weeks. I was able to knock out a huge part of a todo list that has been building up for a long time. Seem to be going in the right direction but slow progress.

Flaccid weight - See an improvement here, looks and feels heavier most of the time and better color? perhaps better circulation who knows…

It has been about 3 weeks since I ran out of these butyrate pills and the improvements remain. I have ordered another 250 bottle and will report again. Brand used is BodyBio.


Sounds like great improvements. How has your diet been during this period?

Diet has been very low carb for the last couple of years. Beef, Chicken, Sea Salt, Ghee, Cucumber, mixed greens Salad, Sardines, red apples. No sugars, pasta, bread or grains.

Thank you for trying, have you also tried Sodium butyrate and BHB?

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I will be adding that next to my next session, I have the BHB but still waiting on the Butryate. Want to take it at the same time.

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Did you notice any improvements ?

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@ll_amp_Prosper – what kind of BHB do you have?

Seems like there’s at least one person who had terrible effects from sodium butyrate – Is sodium butyrate an aromatase inhibitor?

How’re you doing these days? I’m trying a similar thing myself. Did one bottle of Ca/Mg butyrate and am trying sodium butyrate right now. Would love to hear from you.