Severe crash in severe agony

Woke up a few days ago and my entire body is in agony every single joint is aching from my shins, ankles, jaw, neck, knees, fingers can’t stand up straight without it feeling like all the disks in my back have just ruptured, it’s like my entire ligaments and skeletal frame can’t support the weight of my own body, my jaw feels like it’s wired shut can’t even talk without it causing tremendous pain. I have severe hypermobility, I really hope this isn’t permanent as I am just barely getting through the day with this unbearing hyperacusis and tinnitus.


Stay strong brother.

Mate your s strong strong lad. Hang in there you know it will drop off a bit. It always feels permanent

You’re in my thoughts @Papasmurf, please stay strong.

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Fucking unbelievable. Worse than nazi camps!

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Man, I’m sorry to hear. I hope that you recover soon. I remember being in agony as my body was destroying my bones and muscles in the initial months of PFS. It was hell.

Not sure if you are religious, but I will pray for you.

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Sad to hear brother.
I felt these unbearable pains and tinnitus for months.

At the moments of the flare ups its horrendous and it seems never ending. However try to stay hopeful even though at the moment you cant see it, things can and will get better.

I sincerely hope you return to your baseline soon man. You’ll be in all of our thoughts in the meantime.

Massive amounts of increased anxiety heart is beating right through my chest, can’t sleep now up 36hr, I’ve never seen my face look like this a slight change in temperature my face is going bright red it’s like every last bit of subcutaneous fat has now disappeared just a complete breakdown of collagen synthesis as my bodies connective tissue is completely eroding away skin also has this weird texture, gums are itchy and every time I eat it feels like my teeth are just going to shatter. I’m in big trouble here guys!


Oh my man! That so bad(((

I am sorry to hear you are in such a pain.

I would recommend Wim Hoff method. It is good for relaxation.
Stay strong Brother. maybe eating meat would help body absorb nutrients that it is missing.

Mate its just horendeous. How the fuck is this going on unchecked!!!. Where are the news channels. We are doing nothing…

I take magnesium to help my nerves

Brother, how much fin did you use? Is it correct you also did one single dose?

Im praying for you that you’ll bounce back from this hellhole.

:frowning: this disease is just so cruel, sorry to hear that this is happening to you, was there anything that bought it on?

I agree with what others have said times like these you just have to be strong and realise that it won’t be this bad forever. Good luck dude.

Same here. Be strong. Maybe you could see a rheumathologist, no way you can talk about PFS, but just explain your symptoms. Tried and drugs were no help, but it can be different for you.

Can’t move guys I’ve never felt pain like this in my entire life my whole joints are clicking and popping even the bones in my fingers hurt. Does anyone know if sodium butyrate increases testosterone? The anxiety has also increased to unparalleled levels heart rate is constantly elevated.


Hi, Papasmurf.

Do you have osteoarthritis?

I think so damn those recommending butyrate thinking they have Post Finasteride Syndrome worked out. I think it must have raised testosterone too high and the little androgen receptors I have that actually work have clearly got overwhelmed and shut down now my entire skeletal frame is collapsing, my body can’t support its own weight all I’m hearing is “click, pop!” the tendons and ligaments feel as though they have disintegrated completely even my teeth and jaw are excruciating. My pain level right now is sitting at about a 9 for the first time since I have got PFS I started looking up ways to commit suicide. My life is over


I know you are in hell mate but suicide is not the answer. :heartbeat: I hope and pray it settles down a bit as I know supps etc make you worse. Your with me in my thoughts daily.