Activation of the Androgen Receptor by Butyrate

Ligand-independent Activation of the Androgen Receptor by the Differentiation Agent Butyrate in Human Prostate Cancer Cells

Butyrate can protect the brain and enhance plasticity in neurological disease models

** Butyrate and Dietary Soluble Fiber Improve Neuroinflammation Associated With Aging in Mice**

Butyrate, a metabolite of intestinal bacteria, enhances sleep

I figured id just plop this here. This isnt to highlight butyrate, but an example of what bacterial metabolites might be capable of.

Butyric acid regulates progesterone and estradiol secretion via cAMP signaling pathway in porcine granulosa cells


Butyric acid alters the secretion of progesterone and estradiol in granulosa cells.

Butyric acid effects the mRNA expression of GPR41/43 in porcine granulosa cells.

Butyric acid adjusts the steroidogenic genes expression via cAMP signaling pathway.

Present findings for the first time demonstrated that BA could regulate the P4 and E2 hormone synthesis in PGCs via the cAMP signaling pathway.

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This one is real interesting, suppression of testosterone by the scfa acetate, similar in effect to AR blockade or anti-androgen.

Sodium acetate and androgen receptor blockade improve gestational androgen excess-induced deteriorated glucose homeostasis and antioxidant defenses in rats: roles of adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase activities,Sodium%20acetate%20and%20androgen%20receptor%20blockade%20improve%20gestational%20androgen%20excess,J%20Nutr%20Biochem.

all these effects were ameliorated by either sodium acetate or flutamide treatment. The study demonstrates that suppression of testosterone by SCFA or AR blockade protects against glucose deregulation and poor fetal outcome by improvement of anti-oxidant defenses and replenishment of hepatic oxidative capacity through suppression of ADA/XO pathway. Hence, utility of SCFA should be encouraged for prevention of glucose dysmetabolism and poor fetal outcome.

Keywords: Androgen receptor; Gestational testosterone; Gut microbiota metabolites; Hepatic anti-oxidant; SCFA.


So sodium acetate would be harmful for us?

Question is: Would butyrate do the same?

Sodium Butyrate caused a severe worsening in at least one member


I believe all of the scfas have the potential to be toxic, especially if taken in isolation or at a higher dosage.
Butyrate is also in vomit to put it in perspective and has putrid properties.

I’m gonna try to eat butter (good source of butyrate) organic or grass feed, already salted or with salt I put on it (sodium) , on daily basis with progressive intake amount loading.

Si basicaly sodium butyrate but from foods.

I’ll keep you updated

OK so I took a lot of butter in a sandwich + salt (from chips and butter) yesterday, masturbation last night was nice, erection was way harder sometimes like it was before pfs.

U know, not diamond but not the “70%” max that quickly fades we usualy get after pfs.

And during the night (slept only 4 hours last night, can’t sleep again after I went to pee, another strange thing as I usually sleep 8-9 hours a night) I got a good erection that lasted some times when I got up to pee (usually its gone the time I sit on the bed, this time.

Today, i ate again butter in a sandwich + chips + croissants (made from butter If I remember well).

And guess what?
Tonight was the best erection I had since 10 months while masturbating.

I mean, It went up with some soft touches even before launching sexual content. When I touched it normally + vidéo it went 100% like pre fin.

No trouble maintening it for 10mn , even with no permanent constant stimulation. And when I ejaculated, my dick stayed hard (70-80%) for like 1 mn. Wtf??

Guys something is happening. This is the first time I have improvements in 10 months, not even one fuckin supplements made something for erection even once.
Not even arginine, citruline. And all this from butter?? Wtf.

4 days ago I took a very low dose tribulus (another brand but already took it early 2020, tribulus fruits too, did nothing good or bad. I took butter without knowing shit about Butyrate ect at the same time.

Got brain fog, fatigue and anxiety 2 jours later that lasted a few days. Got a good nocturnal erection too that night. I thought it was tribulus, but It must be buter as I didnt take anything again since 4 days

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