Is sodium butyrate an aromatase inhibitor?

Hey, I have did a little research on this supplement but I can’t get any concrete definitive answers. Does anyone know if Sodium Butyrate is an Aromatase Inhibitor?

Here we reported that sodium butyrate profoundly decreased MCM- or Bt2cAMP + PDA-induced promoter I.3/II-specific aromatase mRNA

Our studies demonstrated that, although butyrate exhibited a protective role in CRC development, this compound may reduce aromatase activity and the production of E1 in colon cancer cells.

Sodium butyrate reduces the level of aromatase mRNA arising from cancer-induced promoter region

My life is over not only do I have Severe Post Finasteride Syndrome but I also have Aromatase inhibitor induced musculoskeletal syndrome. Is it any wonder I’m in so much pain that I can’t walk? Why I’m having severe pains in my fingers, toes, jaw, teeth, hips, back, neck and ankles? I have no other choice but to commit suicide in this state this isn’t a life. I haven’t left bed in over 2 months now. I seriously cannot believe this is happening to me, this is what being desperate does do you, it makes you think irrationally and then buy into other bullshit anecdotal experiences and recommendations. I don’t even know how I’m going to explain this to my family

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Hey, I’m sorry you’re going through what you are.

Did your symptoms get worse after you took sodium butyrate?

Edit: ok, I read your other posts about sodium butyrate. I’m sorry again to hear about this.
Were you showing any signs of improvement before you took sodium butyrate? Or were you slowly getting worse before you took it?

I was improving albeit very slowly but still had severe depression.

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Was there anything that compelled you to take sodium butyrate?
If I’m on a good streak, I try to refrain from doing anything that might impede my progress.

I first seen Ozeph recommend it then seen a video of that guy that said it helped with cognitive issues and then on the Androgen deprivation paper as potential therapeutics so that’s why I tried it. You know what I wish I hadn’t got when all this happened to me? No internet!


Ah, I see.

I sometimes wonder if experimenting really did help the people that vouch for them or if it was really just time doing its thing.

I will say that you’re probably on the right track if you’re not experimenting anymore.
How long has it been since you took sodium butyrate?

I read something by a moderator here that sodium butyrate can be very bad. Devastatingly bad. I would be very careful. I took a small amount before reading the warnings and noted that I felt “flatter” than previously. I do not believe lasting harm occurred because the amount I took was minimal and I immediately stopped it once I noted the undesired side effect. I am currently doing well in terms of emotion and sense of wellbeing.

Can you show me where you seen that it was bad @pete? I never seen it posted here only anecdotal accounts of it being beneficial.

Transcriptional silencing of estrogen target genes in response to deacetylase inhibition by VPA and TSA has been reported (Reid et al. 2005), and consistent with the finding that butyrate and SAHA drastically reduced total and phosphorylated ER levels, we have demonstrated that they also abolish E2-dependent transcription of the ER target genes,

I’m not on any right track I am on my death bed.

I also have alopecia losing 500 plus hairs a day.

Carpel tunnel syndrome
trigger finger
Neuropathy of lower limbs

I posted this elsewhere but I hope it helps those poor souls with very low estrogen syndrome:

"I’ve normal Testosterone level but very low E2. I think fixing the gut will raise E2 because I did so much research on factors that affect E2 level in the body. The factors are:

  1. Low Testosterone. This isn’t the case for many men and it wasn’t my case either.

  2. Aromatase enzyme deficiency. This could be genetic and also when using Aromatase Inhibitors. I did several AIs and some made my E2 literally ZERO and libido non-existent. But I returned to normal after sometime, fortunately.

  3. Low DHEA-s. This is my case (low DHEA-s) because taking 25mg DHEA for two weeks increased my E2 from 11 pg/ml to 28 pg/ml. Check DHEA-s level.

  4. Anti-estrogen supplements/foods. I made a full list of them. They include high dose zinc, fat soluble vitamins A D E K, green tea extracts, high olive oil consumption, melatonin, high B1 & B2 vitamins, etc.

  5. High fiber diet. Too much fiber binds to E2 in the gut and is excreted from the body with stools.


  1. Low gut bacteria that recycles deactivated E2 back into blood stream. There’s a group of bacteria called Estrolbolome.

" The estrobolome is a collection of bacteria in the gut which is capable of metabolising and modulating the body’s circulating estrogen. It is the bacteria in the gut, and the estrobolome , that affects estrogen levels, which in turn can impact weight, libido and mood."

This bacteria make an enzyme called Beta-glucuronidase which deconjugates E2 in the gut. There are scientific citations (I can share them) stating that the most important memeber of this bacterial group is E. Coli (yep there’s a friendly E. Coli too). I suspect you have severe gut dysbiosis and thus very low Beta-glucuronidase activity.


I think tribulus hurted me like butirrate hurted you.
I don’t know if tribulus is an AI

O think like you. I’ve read here to take tribulus, and cycle it. Cycling substances is the worst think to do.

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I cannot recall where I saw it.
If anyone attempts anything it may be wise to start with a very small dose. Carefully log the results of how you feel. Write it down in a notebook. It may all go badly wrong very quickly. An Italian doctor has already written about the negative impacts of supplements. I’m not a doctor.

@Papasmurf fuck mate the hair loss!!!
This disease is insane

@doomed80 what can we take to correct the gut problems, I’ve tried pro biotics without any success

If anyone can show me were it was noted that sodium butyrate was bad on this forum let me know. I just checked the androgen deprivation paper why have they taken out SB from the list of potential therapeutics and then replaced sodium butyrate as a 5alpha reductase inhibitor? It’s almost like they used my experienced to log down on the paper.

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I have Post Finasteride Syndrome and Post aromatase syndrome lad this is a death sentence. I have never been in so much pain in my life


When you have PFS losing hair could be a good sign.