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Otro afortunado

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Good stories. Both of them recovered with time alone. It seemed they took no supplements, drugs, exercise or diet.

It took one of them 6 years and the other 3 years.

I’ve seen a success story somewhere else of a guy who took saw palmetto and recovered after 11 years I think it might have been in a YouTube comment.


Seems to me, that one underapreciated reoccuring part of several recovery stories is walking every day for longer periods of time.


Can anyone direct me to any recoveries where they included penile sensitivity as one of the things they recovered from? I can tolerate low libido, if only I could find some fuckin stories of people restoring penile sensitivity.

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Maybe this comment will be like what you’re hoping for:

I also recovered from that and I’ve been on a carnivore diet for a year and a half. Sensitivity is 100%, erections also but sex drive is still lower than normal. End result: my wife is horny more often than I am but she gets me in the mood and every one is happy.

I saw a big change in sensitivity 6 months in the diet (which is zero carbs by the way) when I started taking vitamin A. Could be a coincidence but the timing was spot on. Vitamin A has made others worst, I don’t know what to make of it.

I have yet to hear from someone that got worst from the carnivore diet, aside from the adjustment period which is from a week to a month.


I’m going to pick some calcium magnesium butyrate up , by the looks of it you seem confident that it has been an important step in helping you manage your symtoms. How has butyrate helped you , did help het your digestion on track , help with Candida , help with mental side effects . And have the benefits sustained with supplementation longer than 6 weeks?

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Thanks Colombian.

Time is always a factor. This story tells about taking cold swim or cold shower. This shocks the body and puts it in survival mode, much the same as fasting or intermittent fasting, caloric restriction or ketogenic diet, sauna (too cold or too hot does the trick) and out of breath cardio: like running until you’re out of breath. It all triggers our cell’s survival mode and the body heals itself. It removes epigenetic markers and untie the DNA around the histone if it’s too tight enabling proper gene expression. This is not my opinion, it’s Doctor David Sinclair’s opinion, a leading expert and researcher at Harvard university who attributes aging to epigenetic damages causing cells to become senescent (old, dysfunctional and zombie like.)

Research it if you want, dismiss the claim if you won’t bother to do the research, that’s all fine to me, however I believe the things listed above would all be beneficial to pfs sufferers and as a bonus, they also prolong life.


Did you ever get tired of eating the same meat products over and over again?

I don’t get tired because I’m 17 months into this diet. After 6 months, the body gets fat adapted, which means I can eat carbs in small amounts and I still burn fat, which is my main calorie source. I can go to restaurants and eat normal dishes, as long as they’re more on the meat / low carbs veggies side rather than the starchy side. A bowl of white rice, with the same glycemic index as table sugar, is equivalent to eating cake or sweets and is bad for me. A large plate of spaghetti wouldn’t do either. But thin crust pizza, with lots of toppings is fine as long as I don’t eat too many slices (I’ll eat more of the chicken wings that’s often sold in pizza parlors). If I indulge too much, I can always go to the gym and burn the carbs off.

I found that by taking 250mg of Tryptophan and 3 tbsp of rolled oat, soaked in as little water as possible and just before bedtime, I get mush better sleep at night. That’s 9-10 gr of low glycemic net carbs, less than the brain needs everyday. Along with the few extra carbs in the veggies, I’m below 20 gr.
The brain needs 30 gr a day so I get the extra 10 gr by turning 20 gr of protein into glucose. Taking these carbs before sleep completely stopped my carbs cravings. I guess my body was craving those 30 gr of carbs a day the brain needs. (it takes 60 gr of protein to compensate for having zero carbs, plus 80 gr to prevent muscle loss. To gain muscle, 100-120 gr over what the brain needs is adequate. Beef is 54% protein)

I must point out I’ve been doing meditation daily for almost 4 months and it’s made me more mindful of my thoughts. As much as I can. I don’t let my mind think negative thoughts, justified or not. As a result, no more depression or anxiety, plus I’m happy and more kind and generous to the people around. I believe this helps recovery.

Insomnia being my last symptom, I’m doing pretty good. With some luck, I will post my story here some day !

I wish you all the best !

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From how many months have you recovered ED and libido? Did you use any supplements too?

ED around 3 months in the diet and exercise program, libido 6-9 months and still slightly low but adequate.

I cycle Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed (which works the best for me) and Pine Pollen.

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Hello I just bought this one:

I liked it because seems good quality and doesnt have calcium in it.

Dear all and Dear Ozeph,

First of all, I wish you all an happy new year ( If I can still use the word happy…)

Then Ozeph, thank you to open this subject : Indeed this is the only one i read. From my point of you, it is really a nightmare to see so many topics, so many protocols,so many sections…
(even this summarize becomes hard to follow)

Could I ask you something for the beginning of this year ? Could you make another summarize with the old recovery stories and new ones if they exist ? I know this is not an easy thing but I pretty sure that many followers share the same idea as me.

Thank you. I’m happy you find it useful.

I’m not very active on this forum. Anyone can do a new Thread and copy the link. I’ve asked the admin to clean this thread to no avail.

In my opinion, a new thread would get loaded with non-success story comments just the same.

For now, that’s what we have. If you’re willing to do the work, you can copy the relevant posts.

I wish you the best !

At the present time, I can not manage the recovery thread (hope I will be abble in few times). So, hope someone will :slight_smile:
And your idea to open a non sucess story is also interesting and , in a scientifif approach, necessary (even if I’m really afraid that this non sucess story thread can have a negative impact, it will be necessary)

Are you still cycling the tribulus, horny goat weed and pine pollen? And how are you cycling them if you still are