Sonic's raw food/juice/fasting

hello everyone again.

as @Greek suggested in my previous post about the Mayr cure ( The Mayr cure: an austrian detox method ), i made a log on my efforts to get well through raw food/juice/fasting.
This is more like a diary, daily updated, hopefully.

Currently i’m not on the Mayr cure, i found another doctor in Italy who would help me more gently because i’m too slim, i still take antidepressants and cause this won’t stress too much my parents (i live with them).
Here’s the doctor’s site:

The day before starting this treatment (which i’m going to explain), i was going to kill myself: i had a terrible argue with my parents who want to be sure that this is not going to kill me. And they are not even sure i have this pfs.
My mother wanted to take me to a mental hospital…
I hope that was just the last test that life is giving me, things are just too hard for a human being.

Now, the treatment.
Before fasting (which, i suppose, is going to be an intermittent fasting) the doctor put me on a 70% raw food diet for 5 days. At the end of the five days i’m going to call him and tell what’s happened: he wants to know how my body reacts before fasting.

So, what am i doing? The following and in this precise order:

  • breakfast: herbal tea (detox, which contains things like hartichokes, milk thistle… if you want to know exactly, i’ll find out), fruit shake or fruit, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts ecc. Note that i’m eating starting from the most liquid thing to the most solid thing. Why? I don’t know and i feel so tired of asking and searching and testing and shit that i didn’t even ask. :slight_smile:
  • lunch: fruit, salad, cooked vegetables.
  • dinner: fruit, salad, cooked vegetables and a cooked dish, whatever i prefer.

I’m gonna write at the end of the day or the day after. I’m at my second day and i’m gonna write about yesterday, the first day.

day 1
i did not commit suicide, i talked to Greek instead. :slight_smile:
i had my breakfast and lunch as i wrote, in that order. In the afternoon i drank some pomegranate juice and my detox tea, dunnow if i did wrong since the doctor told me “no snacks!”.
In the evening i went to visit a friend (obviuosly had an anxiety attack, since i cannot sit in a room with more than 1/2 persons) and i was terribly hungry, i felt faint! I used to eat many times in a day, this is harder.
I asked him to take me home where i had my lunch (the cooked dish was fish, a fish named mackerel).
In the first day i noticed this:

  • diarrhea (3 times circa)
  • flatulence that smelled like rotten eggs

Also, i started applying sweet almond oil and argan oil (and vitamin e gel and a glycolic acid gel) on my skin: i have severe dry skin.


day 2
woke up very very ungry.
After breakfast (tisane, fruit, walnuts) i thought i was going to faint but, surprise surprise, i was very energetic and i walked for miles in the countryside.
But after 1.30 hour of walking, i was hungry as hell and that beautiful mood + energy disappeared after lunch.
Today i had no diarrhea, nor bad flatulences.


Wishing you all the best @Go_Faster_Sonic in your dietary plan. I’m rooting for you - and that’s not an intentional vegetable pun :nerd_face:


thank you Scotsman, today is harder than yesterday, it’s like after six months i’m having new symptoms: fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain… dunnow if is the diet, the pfs or what else… is a big mess.
I’m at the 3rd day, let’s see how it goes.

i just understand the pun… is this the famous english humour? :smiley:

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The fatigue could be related to a change in diet.

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day 3
i know this should go in the symptoms list but i noticed that the area under the jaw is somehow bigger, don’t know if the problem is in the skin or in the lymph nodes… hope can be reversed…

by the way, when i woke up i felt very very tired, my muscles were in pain and it was difficult to move my harms and hands.
After my breakfast i went for a walk but i was so weak that i returned home pretty soon.
I noticed that i don’t want to drink my detox herbal tea: when my body says no, there’s something wrong in what i’m taking… my herbal contains hartichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, birch, melissa.

after lunch i tried to “sleep”: of course it did not happen but i could feel the comfort (in the south of italy we use to nap). I remained on the bed for hours, feeling like a bear in lethargy and it felt good! I still remember when i was going crazy and i could not rest, my legs moved, i had convulsions. Somehow i feel that what i need now is exactly this, lethargy. Not taking food, just rest.
Indeed later i went for another walk but i felt sleepy (and sill with muscle pain).
My anxiety seems to be lower than before. Hope it continues this way.

i made the poop only two times and not 5/6 as i used to. the smell is ok.

Somehow i feel i’m on something, hope not to be wrong.


When I read milk thistle it raised a bit of a red flag.

If you do a search of the forum a lot has been written about milk thistle including concerns that it can cause added harm. Awor was further disabled through it.

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Dunnow, i see that there’s a lot of concern about almost everything cause we are scared, and i understand it.
some guys told me to avoid tomatoes… every food in a certain amount is anti-dht, but there’s not a post-tomatoes-syndrome, or a post-green tea-syndrome.
by the way, thank you, maybe is as you say, maybe my body refuse that detox tisane because of milk thistle? dunnow, some guys here report good results on milk thistle.

and now a little update: i slept. for only 30 minutes but it was natural, i did not take sleep drugs. hope this is a sign that i’m on the right way.


Very good @Go_Faster_Sonic.
A natural sleep without drugs is amazing!

30 minutes. hope to repeat the experience.

Is green tea bad for us? I would like to start drinking green tea as it gives me energy but don’t want to risk worsening my condition.

i read a research. green tea is a 5 alpha rd inhibitor, but at huge quantities.

I read something that said in low doses it could be good for us but as Sonic says, in very high doses it could be bad.

If I was offered some today, I’d reject it as I’d want to do more research.

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Too late I drank some :slight_smile: didn’t die either. To be honest, I totally appreciate all the caution that we exhibit, and I understand how fragile we are, but this thing consumes me enough. It sucks that I have to worry about drinking some tea.

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:slight_smile: glad you didn’t die.


day 4
something good happend, don’t know if is associated with the diet or if i was just lucky but, i usually wake up after the effect of the trazodone drug ends (6 hours), i try to sleep again but i can’t: this time, incredibly, i slept for almost 20/30 minutes of a natural sleep.
It was refreshing though very short and i woke up happy and hoping for the best to come.
In the afternoon i went for a walk in the countryside, visiting my stray dog friend Giotto and i felt so weak i had to come back home soon to have dinner.
In the evening i had to see friends but i refused since, as i just wrote in another topic, Going out with friends is a pain.

my poop is more regular now, only three times and not 6, no diarrhea.

so, what’s new? i slept for 20/30 minutes.
mood: still shit.

day 5
woke up with very very bad fatigue but muscle and joint pain seems gone.
every morning i have such a bad anxiety that seems almos depression.
don’t know what the doctor wants to find out but i feel so tired that even cleaning my room was hard. this morning, again, i tried to sleep after the sleep drug effect was gone and i succeeded, for almost 10/15 minutes and i also had dreams.
i’m gonna try to sleep without drugs tonight but i don’t think is going to work.

poop for 4 times.

tomorrow morning i’m gonna call the doctor and tell him about these five days.
i’ll let you know.

The digestion must be getting better with 4 bowel movements i suspect this is good. Also, you’re probably feeling extremely fatigued because you’re liver is going to work right now and also since you’re not really absorbing water you can’t feel hydrated.

This is my theory, i’m curious to see what the next days are like, i tried to document my brother’s situation via recording or writing it down but its hard to do it consistently with him.

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dunnow, the old me used to make poop once in a day, twice when went veg.
i see that your brother has trobule because of isotretinoin. was it topical or systemic?

day 6
Called the doctor. He told me that he expected this reaction (weakness, muscle pain, diarrhea), so i assumed that is a good sign. I need to do this for other 20 days and i also have to add home made juices.

muscle and joint pain seem to be gone.
i already lost 2 kg.
still very bad and debilitating anxiety.
Sleep: when i try to sleep, i feel i’m almost there, i’m gonna lose consciousness and in that precise moment i wake up again and i have to take trazodone. Hope is a good sign because, before, even this little thing was impossible.
i even notice that i don’t have that flu-like feeling, hope it continues this way :slight_smile:

side note
when i quitted fin, i started putting a lotion on my head since i still have many hairs and i’m not self confident enough to let go.
i’m gonna make some research to understand if this can harm me more.
looking at what i know now, is not harmful but my health is compromised, so i don’t know…
my dermatologist says that only acts locally but… who trust dermatologists now?
and i even discovered that i didn’t need propecia since my problem might be related to inflammation and excessive sebum production.

wrong diagnosis and wrong doctors can lead to death.