The Mayr cure: an austrian detox method

Hi guys,

looking for a doctor who could help me fasting, or juice feasting or whatever, i found a doctor in my country who use an old technique, invented by an austrian doctor - - which consists mainly in:

  • First 3-10 days: fasting phase
  • From 2 to 4 weeks: attenuated fasting, only breakfast and lunch, consisting of bread and milk, are allowed. In case of milk intolerances, it can be replaced with yogurt or 0.5 l of vegetable broth.
  • A few weeks: gradual return to normal feeding. Especially cellulose-poor foods are consumed, and fruits and vegetables are also slowly included.
  • Definitive diet: studied according to the patient’s condition and lifestyle.

the article that i post says that “With the support of a Mayr doctor you can solve digestive problems, bad absorption, constipation, endocrine dysfunction and autoimmune diseases.”

source (is italian, sorry):

Interesting, are you going to do it? What does the doctor do for you while fasting or do they just get involved when the “definitive diet” moment comes? How do they discern what the diet should be?

just talked to the doctor. she said that, in our case, the mayr cure is not enough, we need a profound cleanse. guys, the cd nuts way is the way. let’s no look further than this.

You’re referencing the world famous Mayr clinic alongside cd nuts someone with no medical background who makes money from PFS, that’s some stretch it’s made my eyes water.


If the doctor said you need a profound cleanse, did she say what she thought that would entail?

Would she be prepared to help?

well, at the beginning she said that, since she has never seen a guys with pfs, she doesn’t know if she can guarantee a result.
she would make me drink broth, and for 10-13 days. i don’t think is enough.

i also found another doctor, in italy, who has seen other guys with pfs. he would put me on raw food for a while, since i’m on antidepressants…

What’s the deal with raw food then, if you eat a mainly raw diet but then eat… A pizza for example, does that put you back to square one?

Would a month of raw food but a once a week slip give you the benefit of two weeks of raw only, for example?

I’m largely eating a raw diet at the moment. But without really thinking about it so some things will have been cooked/processed. Today I would say I’m at 80-90%. If I don’t let myself think about it, it’s like I’m totally normal.

For me, eating broth every meal for a month would be unpleasant but I’d do it, obviously.

Can you ask her what the broth needs to have in it? Would broth + Raw food be ok?

ahah ok, i’ll ask her.
now i’m very interested in your raw food thing.
when did you start?

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About a month ago. It’s been totally unintentional though, I’ve just been eating a lot of salad and fruit and I made a decision to eat less bread and sugar. Things that are generally supposed to be healthy.

Five pieces of fruit for breakfast (2 bananas, 2 citrus, 1 Apple) or salad with a couple of (cooked, obviously) eggs and maybe some bacon/advocado, very occasionally toast.

Lunch, salad maybe with protein (chicken or salmon)

Dinner, pretty much the same.

It’s meant I eat a tonne of spinach.

So as you can see, I’m mostly eating raw foods - even if they’re accompanied in part by something cooked - I’d say 75% of my intake is raw.

I’m eating soup right now though (talking about broth made me think about it!)

I’m not saying that this works or doesn’t work for me (I don’t know how I’d feel if I’d had a pizza for breakfast), but I’ve just started logging everything I eat, how I feel, how I slept which supplements I’ve taken. I’ve literally been doing this for a couple of days after a terrible night of close to zero sleep.

It seems sensible to me. if I have some good or bad days, I can start to reference things. They may or may not be connected to diet or sleep but trying to work things out makes me feel less hopeless and more in control of things. You can easily record things with an app on your phone. If everyone did it, we could make a list of good / bad experiences with food. It’s possible that some things would be universally good or at least cause no bad reactions.

I wasn’t planning on mentioning this but it would be helpful if everyone did it. Perhaps we should start a new topic for this idea if it hasn’t been done already.

wait, i don’t understand if you made improvements or not by going raw…

Sorry if it seemed like I’d improved as a result of raw eating. I was taking what your doctor had said and was thinking out loud. I was also saying that it’s not difficult and if the doctor is suggesting it, you could easily give it a try.

Morning guys/girls/gays
if everything goes fine, i’m gonna start a fast this week.
i found a doctor who could help me in a thermal center.
She never heard about the syndrome before but when i talked to her and when i sent her all the studies and theory, included the theory exposed (see my threads), she understood it all and said the it does make sense.
I’d like to fast at home but my parents don’t want to see me fasting, said it’s too much for them, so i’m going away for a while.
Since i’m on antidepressants i won’t do a water fast but something similar: broth, herbal teas, juices.
She would start with a 10 days fast and then we will decide how to continue.
Of course i told her that 10 days won’t be enough, looking at other’s experiences, so she answered “ok, let’s start and see what happens”.
I even told her that the refeeding is also critical, since many of you, when start eating again, crash again.
Now, for those who have already fasted, any advice?

No advice, but good luck Sonic! Well done finding that doctor. Keep a log of how your days on the fast go, maybe do it in a topic here, I’m sure lots would be interested in your progress.

This could be great!

I did a ten day water fast which doesn’t seem to have had any lasting benefits though of course It’s impossible to say definitively. I fasted out of necessity as in the very beginning of my suffering of this syndrome, I couldn’t eat without intense, cognition-disabling brain pressure.

My advice to you would be to be cautious about what herbal teas you imbibe. I’ve seen it peppered around a few forums that certain teas can inhibit dht or are mild 5ari. It’s difficult to find an online comprehensive list of foods which are 5ari. On the subject of teas, this page: does feature claims which are at least backed with referenced studies. From that page, on teas:

This study on animals found that green tea catechins have 5ar inhibiting effects. The study says exactly this – green tea catechins are 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and inhibited flank organ growth. However, (-)-epicatechin and (-)-epigallocatechin, which are not 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, also inhibited flank organ growth.(-)-epigallo-catechin-3-gallate also inhibited DHT-dependent growth of flank organs.

In another animal study, theaflavins found in black tea lowered DHT levels by 72% and 5ar levels by 89%. Theaflavin-3,3′-digallate and penta-O-galloyl-beta-D-glucose inhibit rat liver microsomal 5alpha-reductase activity. They significantly reduced androgen-responsive LNCaP prostate cancer cell growth, suppressed expression of the AR and lowered androgen-induced prostate-specific antigen secretion and fatty acid synthase protein level.

This study confirms – green tea contains potential DHT-blocking nutrients. Within tea leaves are two compounds, epicatechin-3-gallate, and epigallo-catechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which have been shown to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase activity.

So depriving your body of solid foods while drinking potentially 5ari teas doesn’t sound like the best route to me.

@Tzinkman I just sent a message to someone about this sort of thing. I’ve just started thinking about compiling a list of 5ARI foods and supplements for users here to avoid. If you find any more, can you bookmark them so we can maybe create a community resource that could help us to reduce the chance of taking something harmful to recovery. Green tea is a good one to flag - lots of people view it as a health product.

Axolotl kindly told me of a few foods which might best be avoided. Tomatoes and tomato juices, coconut oil and blueberries are 5ari foods which I now avoid. Even from the website I linked in my previous post, you can see that there are many foods, substances which should probably be avoided.

mushrooms inhibit 5ar as well to a great degree

Yes, the Reishi mushroom, particularly. I don’t think I’ve encountered that one so will have to make a mental note.

my parents just changed their mind, i think they only wanted to keep me quiet. my mom says that i’m crazy and that all this doesn’t exist. what a situation. i usually talk about solutions, i’m not whiny, but guys, if my parents don’t trust me… i feel so bad.