The Mayr cure: an austrian detox method


Oh no.

Can you have them speak to the doctor?

I assume the doctor is accredited?


yes it is. is just that for them, having a son who doesn’t eat is out of this world.
and the fact that a result is not guaranteed, out of this universe.


That is a terrible situation.

Can you show them studies so they can see evidence of others with your condition?


Hey sonic I had this issue a week or two ago i actually made a post in desperation on my thread as nobody would listen to me, i felt like they where going along with it. But after reaching out to my auntie and seeing a PFS doctor who listened to me i was able to get eveyone on my side, just try reach out to people you trust, people who will believe you no matter what and try to get a good doctor who listens, it helped me immensely in being believed.


this afternoon i will see a doctor who will help me fasting. he has a soft approach: 5 days fasting and then raw food and then again…
if i don’t see improvements in one month, i’ll do something stronger with the doctor, the one i mentioned in this mayr cure post.


80-90 percent eating raw diet? Do you still feel this way ?


I now feel like diet plays very little part in my condition so would not recommend a diet plan other than to avoid 5AR inhibiting foods.


Is there a list of those foods on the forum somewhere? A decently comprehensive list


No, we should make one. I have thought about it. Some hairloss websites recommend some foods that will help keep your hair. Don’t eat those ever would be my recommendation.


Thanks man, off topic but do you think the SAGE medication will be good for us ? I’m just hanging onto hope


I’m going to send you a pm tomorrow.


Thank you sounds good