Post-Pork Meat-Syndrome (i'm kidding): are we more susceptible to histamine?

Hi guys,
maybe i’m wrong but… as i’m following my detox protocol - Sonic’s raw food/juice/fasting - this evening i ate my cooked dish (doctor prescribed me one cook dish, in the evening) and it was pork meat.
today i was doing well with anxiety till i ate pork: i started again feeling anxiety and my skin became itchy again.
i looked into this forum and found out that another guy, @cljoe, had this problem.

i looked in the internet and i suppose that the problem is related not just to pork but to histamine rich food, such as cured meat

are we more susceptible to histamine?

Hi, i have the same feeling that after eating porc i am feeling worse. My antibodies for porc where low so my doc told me that i have no problem with it, but i also think that it’s the histamine since porc meat has a lot of histamine.
I took anti histamine drops from my son (he has severe food alergies and need this in his first aid kit) and i feel faster better with them. When you are sensitive to histamine you also have very often mental problems like brain fog and headaches or neck pain/stiffness…

But avoiding histamine is very difficult.

i think i have the same problems with nuts…
by the way i just took an anti histamine to see what happens…

I ate pork for dinner and barely slept that night.

Worth noting, maybe.

So to come back on the histamine track, i am now trying to avoid histamine as much as possible. But this is very difficult to handle. I also found out that people who have high histamine often also have high adrenaline. Adrenaline is the natural antagonist of histamine, so the body produces a lot of adrenaline to get rid of the histamine.
For me my last bloodwork revealed very high adrenaline and high noradrenaline. This can explain my high stress/anxiety problems, even gut problems are associated with high adrenaline. I will try to get a bloodwork to check histamine level in my body.

i’m reading a book about fasting. i really think that by fasting we could get rid of our allergies and sensitivities as well.

Hey @zodiacs, did you get the bloodwork done? Would an antihistamine help you?

Hi @Greek unfortunately no, my doc told me that there is no reliable bloodtest to test histamine problems.
I am now on my 2 month diet without gluten, egg and dairy products. I think that slowly i have some improvements but i am still careful with statments. For sure my head pain and neck stifness are nearly gone. Unfortunately the high stress/anxiety is still a problem, but solwly more managable, so i give it another 2 months.

Thanks for the reply, I hope you’re feeling much better soon.

@zodiacs, the anxiety/stress thing is because of the adrenals. ask your doctor how to fix the adrenals.

@Go_Faster_Sonic is there a way to check the proper funktion of the adrenals? ACTH test?

I ate pork last night. A bad night’s sleep followed. I’m going to take it off the menu.

It’s strange as I eat bacon very often without issue.

See? I told ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does pork affect you differently to bacon?

That’s an open question to anyone reading.

i never ate bacon. I avoid pork. i only eat organic beef and wild fishes. and organic chicken.