Sonic's raw food/juice/fasting


Sounding good, Sonic, well done.


Thanks for documenting, i’m looking forward to reading more or if you want to connect let me know :slight_smile: good on you for sticking to it.


you mean pm? no prob.


day 7, part 1
i usually update at the end of the day or the day after but i decided to update now because something strange and maybe good happened.
as i announced yesterday, i tried to sleep without sleep drugs. i went to bed pretty late, by 00.30 and tried to sleep up to 03.00, when i decided to do something else like playing videogames. around 04.00 i tried again to sleep.
well, don’t remember exactly when i felt asleep or if i really felt asleep, since i can’t remember any dream, but i opened my eyes around 06.30. if this really happened, i slept for more than 2 hours for sure. i woke up very confused, my head was spinning.

now i don’t know what to do and any advice is welcome.
as we all now, sleeping is important to recover but, in our situation, avoiding drugs is important too.
should i keep on forcing myself to sleep naturally, risking to sleep only 2 hours per day and hoping that i’m in a healing mode and that i’ll sleep more, or should i keep on taking my sleep drugs?

btw, this morning i woke very hungry and while i had breakfast i had a stomach ache. the doctor says that from now on, i have to introduce food very slowly.

see ya


day 7, part 2
in the afternoon my body/brain had one of those terrible flashbacks of when i was on finasteride and had suicidal ideation: i was in bed, i almost slept and i was happy for that but, just when i woke up, that old friend: suicidal ideation.
i took a cold shower, talked to someone and that helped. a lot.
i suppose that not taking trazodone it was a bad idea, maube i have to slowly reduce the dosage.
anyway is interesting how, not taking trazodone before bedtime, in the afternoon i can almost sleep while, taking the drug, i can’t.

in the night i took 19 drops of trazodone.


day 8
as the doctor suggested, i started juicing before every meal.
by the way, more important than this, when the effect of trazodone ended, i woke up, as expected but, surprise, i was able to fall asleep again and then again. maybe something is getting better with sleep, hope these are good signs.
in the afternoon i could not sleep at all but i felt my brain knocking at the dreamland’s doors: maybe, if i did not take trazodone, i could sleep.

good news about digestion: poopped only 2 times and the stools were ok, i mean, in line with this raw food, almost vegan regimen. so, no diarrhea, no running in the bath 6 times per day.
to be fair, is even true that i’m doing absolutely nothing, and i’m just avoiding every form of stress (if only i could avoid my own mind).

talking about my mind, i still have bad anxiety and a little depression. i was walking in the countryside when i started considering suicide. but i’m here.

maybe my left leg is healing too: since i crashed was tense, i had hard times walking. now i noticed that, when i’m in bed, is not that tense. hope that what i feel is true, sometimes i’m afraid to confuse hope with reality.

i stopped the hair lotion for a week, just to see if things improve.

to make things harder, now i have this kind of allergy that alway afflicts me between august and september.
my scalp is itchy and red and breathing is hard: i wonder if i’m right when i suppose that my shedding is due to inflammation and not dht…
if this is true, fixing the allergy, i should fix hairs too…
when i’m in the countryside i’m ok, no allergy… what could this be?
someone thinks that pfs is an autoimmune disorder, maybe i took pfs cause i’m more susceptible to autoimmune disease…

this night i’m gonna take 15 drops of trazodone, hope will be all right…

see ya.


day 9
one step forward, on step behind.
today i woke up pretty energetic and in a good mod. anxiety seemed to be lowered and in the afternoon my mind was clearer. also, my left leg moved better. all this till… i ate some pork meat in the evening!
after i ate pork i had an anxiety attack and my leg became tense again, it was like a mini crash!

am i going crazy? am i hypocondriac or what? btw, i wrote a separate post about the connection between food, histamine and our condition. if pfs is an autoimmune disorder, should we avoid food rich in instamine?

so, no improvements to register for today, guys. just when i thought things were going a lot better… :frowning_man:
except for the intestine, now working a loooooot better. my poop is good, and i make poop only once per day, two at the maximum.
mood: garbage

uh, tomorrow i’m gonna talk to the doctor about the pork meat / histamine thing.



day 10
nothing to declare



This post is now at least twenty characters.


cause there are no imrpovements


Guys, in your opinion, how long should i wait for, before deciding that this is not working?


here’s a story of another guy healed with raw food but this requires too much time… 1 year…
i’m gonna talk about this with the doctor…


day 11
i had a stepback… again insomnia, again the poop 4 times in a day, again the diarrhea, the left leg…
what happened? i called the doctor, i explained the sitation and maybe is related to the fact that, to have more energy, i’m eating more… and i even introduced the juices…
so, the more i eat, the worse i feel…
i’m gonna eat less and see what happens and in the meanwhile i keep on reducing my psychodrugs…
and i’ll even try intermittent fasting, starting tomorrow or sunday (but the doctor doesn’t know…)

this week i did not apply my hair lotion and my anxiety seems to be lower… or maybe is due to the raw food thing… at the end of the week i’ll restart the lotion and see.

i feel like i’m doing the wrong thing, if i want to recover soon, i need something deeper than raw food.
i’ll wait for one month from the beginning of this protocol and if i don’t see improvements, i’ll switch to the fasting.

see ya


day 12
no progress apart from the intestine: I only pooped once.


Keep updating us Sonic! This is good


day 13
no progress apart from the intestine: I only pooped once.


I wonder if the liver is over worked right now or trying to adapt to the changes. Might need to get a little worse before better?


for me, going to bathroom only 1 or 2 times per day, is normality.
i wonder why the initial benefits (sleep) disappeared…


day 14
no progress apart from the intestine: I only pooped once. again.


Any change in meals? How do you feel on supplements?