Sonic's raw food/juice/fasting


no change in meals. it’s getting so boring that i dream of eating pizza.
which supplements?


day 15
no progress.
pooped twice, so within good limits. my stools are not ok, look like marbles.
anxiety: less than before, but still present.
insomnia: present.
left leg: still tense.

i reintroduced my lotion after a week, just to see how it goes.
my dovtor prescribed me an antihistaminic because of my cough and itchy scalp, so i’m taking this as well.
i suppose that by fasting i can erase my allergies as well, i read a study about it.

so, too many variables: i’m reducing the antidepressants, i take again 20 drops of trazodone since the sleep improves disappeared, an antihistaminc, the lotion…

i just bought a book about fasting, if you want a copy, pm me.


Are you trying any physical therapy for your tense leg? Maybe get a massage.


no, is a cns problem.


day 16
no progress.
pooped three times.


day 17
no progress apart from the fact that this afternoon i almost slept.
pooped two times.


day 18
no progress apart from the fact that this afternoon i almost slept.
pooped three times.
today my head is spinning, don’t know why…
maybe because of this diet? maybe due to the fact that i’m reducing the antidepressants?


day 19
no progress.
pooped only once.


day 20
no progress.
pooped only once. at least, it seems that my bowel movements are coming back to normal.
I made a chart, a poop chart, which clearly shows how, between highs and lows, the evacuations diminish.
I noticed that I got used to this diet, I do not have bigger energy drops.


Yes at least the bowel movements are starting to normalize thats good. Keep the poop chart going. Also no energy drops is good too. How bout appetite increase? Keep with the updates sonic!


Sometimes i think that my bowel movements are getting better just cause i’m eating less… This doctor told to avoid snacks…
My energy drops stopped because now my body is used to the new regimen.
Appetite is good. Since this new diet is not carb related, i stopped craving for carbs, sugars and with those terrible energy drops (due to glucose drops) but this, in my opinion, has nothing to do with pfs, is something that everyone experiences.
now, i don’t know if i’ll continue with this regimen. Maybe i’ll stop it and fast.
I’m gonna ask the doctor some questions. If someone here has other questions that i can ask to him, write them all :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, i like that you keep the log for everyone.


day 21
no progress apart from the intestine: pooped twice.
i noticed that the more i eat, the more i poop, but this is obvious :slight_smile:
the second time, stools were ok but there was a liquid part. Also, somehow i did not digest the seeds i ate for breakfast… weird… never had problems eating seeds…
this evening i ate a potatoes pizza: anxiety and bad mood later…
Btw i discovered the reason why the doctor makes me eat in this order (fruit, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, a cooked dish): the fruit ferments and prevents the digestion of other things.
And yet, in an interview he explains this: The correct diet is frugivorous, the same that we share with the anthropoid monkeys. But it is difficult to practice. The scheme of the sequential diet is a simple compromise: fruit, consumed as the first food, satisfies the need for instinctive food. Fruit is our elective food, the one that best nourishes our cells, with the lowest energy expenditure for digestion. Even raw vegetables have the same function.
Then follows, in this scheme, the cooked vegetables, which helps us in the transition, in the passage, between the plate of fruit and raw vegetables and the cooked dish. Finally, the dish cooked: for Cocca is the dish to which we are linked under the emotional and cultural profile, is linked to our memories, is the dish that we used to cook the grandmother as children. With the kitchen we meet our emotional needs related to food, our logical part: “We eat it because we are convinced that that flow will make us feel good and because it is good”. These are subjective criteria with which we judge food, what we like and what we think is good for us.

What do you guys think? In my opinion, i’m doing the wrong thing… I mean, i wanted to fast, and now i’m eating sequential diet, the same diet he promotes for everyone…

Other news: maybe, we’d better avoiding molds, maybe i’ll find out more in the next days.

so, summing up:

  • pooped twice
  • anxiety after potato pizza


For the particular protocol we follow, no carbs, no wheat/gluten, no sugars, no processed foods.

What we were told was that in attempting to heal the liver and the gut, you want to provide foods that help it digest. Conversely if you overload the liver/gut/gallbladder then you might not be making it worse slowly. Typically we were told that if stools are discolored/hard or abnormal its usually a sign of lack in bile production. The bile is what helps make your stools look normal.

So i think because everyone is different, within the viable foods to eat (veggies/fruits) there are some that will digest better for some than others. I believe anyone who has a PFS or Isotretinoin side effect had something change with the way they digest food. Also I do believe that history of antibiotics vs no history of antibiotics comes into play.

All I can say is that we have to continue to stick to the strict diet and monitor the results and changes.

We’re going to be attempting patchakarma detox which essentially is what we’re doing but a full time concentration on it for a period of time.


this is interesting. could you tell me exactly what the protocol you are following consists of?


Hi sonic, I messaged you, feel free to message me back.



I’m making massive researches about diets. This is controversial, everyone supports his own thesis on what we should eat and everyone here knows that cd nuts is for paleo diet.

are we so sure that paleo diet is the best? in terms of quality, is a good choice, especially for us but… did you know that cavemen ate tubers?! so, why should we avoid tubers?
did you know that genetically we are similar to chimpanzees? chimpanzees are frugivores!
many changes happened during paleolithic and so the diet! when we talk about meat, was that meat cooked? what’s really paleo? raw meat? so what about raw beans? what if a cavemen found beans? here, in italy, we use to eat raw fava beans, in a particular season: is this paleo?
and we also need to find out what happens, following a paleo in the long term…

i’m very curious to find out if a true mediterranean diet can be good for us…

currently, i’m more like a frugivore, as my doctor likes…


from wikipedia
Large-seeded legumes were part of the human diet long before the Neolithic Revolution, as evident from archaeobotanical finds from the Mousterian layers ofKebara Cave, in Israel.[123] There is evidence suggesting that Paleolithic societies were gathering wild cereals for food use at least as early as 30,000 years ago.[124] However, seeds—such as grains and beans—were rarely eaten and never in large quantities on a daily basis.[125]


this is funny but still unclear…
grass fed butter is paleo? is cheese paleo?


day 22
pooped once.
my left leg today is almost ok.
apart from this terrible anxiety, my mood is ok.
i’m gonna assign a score to each symptom and then make a chart of it, to monitor the progress of healing in relation to various changes.

tinnitus: 0
tinnitus button: 3
suicidal ideation: 0
depression: 0
anxiety: 7
social phobia: 8
insomnia: 10
memory loss: 6
stumbling over words: 0
slurring of speech: 0
laziness/lack of motivation: 6
loss of personality: 7
cod: 6
disconnection feeling: 9

stiffness of the left leg: 5
tremors: 0
groin: 4
poop: 1
lipoatrophy: 10 (proceeds)
wrinkles: 10 (proceeds)
graying hairs: 10 (proceeds)
dry skin & other skin disorders: 10 (proceeds)
fatigue: 0
joint pain: 0
poop pellets: 9
flu-like symptoms: 0