Short vs long term damage (asking opinions)

Hey guys, do you believe that since pfs or pas can happen after only very few doses, that the ability to reverse is more so possible in comparison to things like diabetes which is a result of long term build up of damages? I feel like the answer can be so simple once it’s all figured out, no other diseases happen this instantaneously?

I think that because some people have enjoyed quick and complete reversal of symptoms, albeit temporary, you can assume that once we understand what’s happening and have developed a therapy, we’ll be able to almost instantly change our conditions.

I myself just had a week of essentially zero symptoms, driven by catching a cold. This has been experienced by others here too, for some reason a cold will reverse symptoms.


You’re on here quite a bit and I’m skeptical when people say this, but hearing you say it makes me believe it. Does this derail the whole what we think is causing the problem and gear it back towards immune even thought we left that behind?

I don’t know about the science of it but my experience is that I got my first cold since developing this and felt almost completely normal for a week.

I should say I haven’t polled everyone and don’t know if a cold will do the same for everyone (I know there was a forum poll that was 50/50 on the question of have people even had a cold since PFS).

I’ve seen other people talking about colds, I’m just getting super frustrated with my symptoms I’m just on the forums trying whatever treatments people say (within limits obvs) and it’s so draining

I think I read somewhere during a cold the body upregulates 5AR. So it would probably stop working anyway after some time just like when you take a new supplement.

So is our answer simply upregulate 5AR Sufficiently??

No doesnt work. The AR is the root issue, not 5AR. If we raise 5AR the AR will shutdown even more.

So … we try and upregulate AR in general ? :frowning:

Well things like tribulus do work for some guys (increases AR density). But some crash so its also not really a good option.

Currently there are no things available that could fix our issue/AR. We can only try to work on our symptoms with supplements, but it won’t cure people.

I agree, it’s hard work. Do you experience any fluctuation in your symptoms?

Re: your trying treatments,
I am personally trying to encourage people to document their experiences properly with supplements and so on.

If you do try something, can you make a topic about it here, please? Record what you’re taking precisely, the dose, frequency, the symptoms you have and anything else you’re taking and then check in daily to let us know what your experience is.

It is immensely frustrating to see people make drive-by posts which say " I am taking a bit of X, some Y and a little Z. That fixes me up" or similar and there is no mention of dose, frequency or symptoms. If we can get the info recorded properly, we might be able to put certain things together or work out why some things have a positive effect. Once we know that, we might be able to pinpoint what we need to do to alleviate symptoms. Even if you are unsuccessful, posting what didn’t work is important so we can build evidence on what is worth looking at and what isn’t.

If everyone does this we could maybe make life better while we wait for the science to work out a real solution.

I’m waiting for some pine pollen, which I will apply directly to my scrotum and prostate area by infusing some into pharmaceutical grade DMSO and putting the mix in an empty roll on bottle (or I’ll use my fingers. I’m not too fancy)

Pine pollen is an adaptogen for the prostate, and contains testosterone (just like Jiaogulan is an adaptogen for the brain). I believe it’s possible it can regulates the AR although I have no ground for that belief. I’m using DMSO in order for the pollen to avoid the stomach’s acids and enzymes.

Adaptogens have the ability to increase what is insufficient, and decreased was is too abundant.

I’m also going to take L-Carnitine supplement which augment the AR density when combined with muscle building exercises.

I will also take L-Valine to increase brain-groin connection and get more sensitivity to my genitals.

And I’ll take some more stuff to create Nitric acid for boners and some stuff to regulate the dopamine and GABA (A) receptors so I get horny.

As usual, I will make a new thread on Amino acids for sexual symptoms and keep you posted.
(by the way, so far so good about Amino Acid For neurological symptoms)

The experience was also positive on The use of Collagen for decreasing food allergies. I can now eat carbs.


“And I’ll take some more stuff to create Nitric acid for boners and some stuff to regulate the dopamine and GABA (A) receptors so I get horny”

What kind of stuff do you have in mind, Ozeph?

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Dumb question but what exactly does that mean^ aren’t I the poster

L-Arginine, L-Orthinine and L-Citruline to get rid of ammonia that can cause ED and insomnia The trio also creates nitric acid which is a vasodilator, good for erections and body building, and finally it creates growth hormones which promotes better sleep and help fix the body. Those three don’t act much on the brain or AR. I think they’re safer than other aminos for pfs sufferers but it’s just my opinion and I’m not a doctor.

DLPA and LTyrosine to create the precursors that regulates the dopamine receptors, L-Dopa to act on those receptors and increase sex drive, L-Taurine to regulate the GABA (A) receptors in absence of Allopregnanolone. Pregananolone, which is Allo’s precursor in order to give a potentially active 5ar something to work on. Cafeine (in the morning) and high saturated fat diet to promote 5ar and DHT, GABA to work on the GABA (A) receptors, DHEA to boost hormone levels, reduce Cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase sex drive. L-Valine to increase genital sensitivity.
Now those aminos acts on the brain and I’m already experimenting with some on my Amino Acid For neurological symptoms. I don’t suggest people take those as they can offset your brain chemistry.

As I said, I’m waiting for L-Cartinitine Tartrate to increase AR density and Pine Pollen to balance the prostate, get some Testosterone and potentially help the AR to work properly (it’s a theory at this point. I’ll do more research on this) so I won’t get started right away.

I’m also waiting on L-Choline which, along with L-Cartinitine will better manage my saturated fat diet.

But, I haven’t balanced the aminos I’m taking for neurological effects so it’s premature to launch another experiment. It’s all very delicate and I’m playing with fire.

There’s also no guaranty I’ll end up with any positive results. If the AR gene expression is screwed at the base by gene methylation, all of this will amount to nothing. (And there’s no way I’m taking de-methylation drugs until there’s a clear protocol established by scientists and doctors. We all know we can trust doctors right ? They wouldn’t prescribe us something that could screw our entire life just for, for example, the prevention of hair loss !)

Please do yourself a favor and don’t follow on my steps. I think at this phase, just observing is good enough if you’re interested in seeing what the results are.


Thanks for your answer, Ozeph! I hope you can achieve good results.

Has any of this stuff plus the stuff mentioned in your reply to Brazil01 actually helped? If so, were the gains consistent?

Tell me Greek did your penile sensivity return to fully normal in that period. Im researching about nerve damage with some science students.

Do you get that hypersensitive and burning ( a very nice burning feeling, healthy nerves) glans after ejaculation? That hypersensivity, which if you touch your glans again after orgasm you almost feel like you have to “pee” a very tingly and sharp nerve impulse. Do you remember that?

Do you remember how was the sensivity of urinating? Especially inside the urethra? That warm, electricity around erect penis and a good buzzing pressure on testicles?

Also how was your orgasm intensity, build- up and the PC muscle contractions during ejaculation? All felt very healthy, pre- pfs like?

Scientists and doctors told me that the prostate inflammation and the nerve damage it causes in the long term is serious. And they all say that it is nearly impossible to heal the sensivity and nerves within just a few days. However i too heard many reports claimed this, a general caricature :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“Bro i was 100% back on that day, it was insane, sensivity etc. all returned when i took that X substance!”

I need to go very intimate in detail, to exactly learn the feelings and which nerve is capable of healing. It is long to explain but those questions have serious background. So please adress those details if you remember and wanna help.

I do believe those reports, i think nerve healing can be fast. Or at least in our case. But the fact that we have that nerve damage is true. Prostate issues, are the main ones.

Thanks :nerd_face:

Nope… But the diet I’m on and the so called epigenetic tricks I’ve done did yield consistent gain.

That post was over 2 years ago so I have enough perspective to say that. What I’m currently doing is documented on: Tricks to repair the Epigenome and Ozeph Carnivore/Ketogenic Regimen

I have only one symptom left: Insomnia, and it’s under control. I live very close to a normal life aside from a stringent diet and taking meds and supplements to sleep.

Is there any aspect of your protocol that you credit most of your recovery to?